Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach – Riana Milne | Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve!

If you’re feeling scared, lonely, depressed, and anxiously unsure of your life path or direction; this is for you…

We call go through Life Transitions and challenges, the important thing is that you learn to handle them with confidence, focus and empowerment. Learn “The Mindset for Success” tools that you will use the rest of your life!

It’s Time to Create the Life You Desire & Learn to Have the Love You Deserve!

I’ll show You How. 

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your friends are all excited about college … and you’re secretly envious and freaking out. You have no idea what you want to do in life, as a matter of fact “the future” just scares you to death.
  • This isn’t where you thought you’d be in life at this point. You thought by now you’d be happily going off to college – but, the thought of spending your parents money, or getting school loans for a future your unsure of – just depresses you and you feel paralyzed in what to do.
  • OR – 
  • You thought for sure once you graduated from College you would have a safe and secure future and be excited for the next step. Your now on your parents couch, or in your old bedroom decorated with highschool trophies, but feeling like an imposter; not like a winner at this point.
  • Speaking of joy … yours has been noticeably absent for quite a while. You’re bored with life, with yourself, and your job. If you have one, you feel it’s beneath you, and certainly not worthy of a college degree and all the money you spent. You hate to admit it, but you’re wondering if you might be a bit depressed. You try to keep a brave face but inside, your terrified of the future, as you keep searching for jobs.
  • OR – 
  • Your older now, you have a job that you can be satisfied with, but you are still at your parent’s house. You can find dates, sure—with all the wrong people! You can see the train wreck coming a mile away, but you consistently find yourself choosing the same type of person, and the trains just keep on coming. The relationships lead to dead-end stop, and you become a train wreck. You are feeling used, and hate it.
  • Your dating experience is severely undermining your confidence, self-esteem, and even body image. You’re finding yourself falling back on that “What’s wrong with me?” mindset, and you really can’t figure out “what you’re doing “wrong.” You are hoping to meet someone soon for a serious relationship leading to marriage and a family, but just don’t feel confident on knowing what to do.

   Let’s stop these anxious feelings about yourself and your world, and start your Personal Life & Love Transformation Journey today!

I’ve been in your shoes. I remember going through many of these scary experiences in my teens and twenties. That is when I seriously starting studying “The Mindset for Success’ and it helped me soar in life! I started teaching these concepts in my early twenties, and this Mindset started me on my path to success!

You see, in my generation, you married early – what a huge mistake! I married and 21 and had two little girls at 24 and 25. My husband worked 7 days a week and I had no help, and felt my talents that I did so well in college, were going to waste. I decided to open up a Model & Talent Agency and School at the age of 26 with only my first months rent, and within 6 months, my School won The International Model & Talent School of the Year at a huge, International competition. I started with 4 students in my first class, and within the year had 24 students and a waiting list for each term – and I LOVE what I did.

Where did I get this sense of confidence to “just create something from my dreams? I too have suffered from a few Childhood Emotional Traumas. As a very skinny young girl with big glasses, I was bullied until I entered into the modeling field at age 13. I grew up alongside two brothers I adored, but they were my mom’s “Golden Children,” and she was not one to compliment or say the words, “I Love You”, leaving me to often feel “not good enough.” My mother was tough, critical and pushed us to succeed; and my Dad (the loving emotional one) was rarely home due to his work; which involved a lot of travel and was necessary to support our family. They later divorced. I rarely heard compliments or was told, “I’m proud of You.” I needed to learn to do this for myself.

I started studying psychology as a teen, and went on to read philosophy and learn the Mindset for Success Mentors after one of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver when we were 16. It abruptly changed my life and I decided to take this pain of loss to make it my passion about living my life to the fullest and creating dreams I wanted to come true. And that is how my life has turned out. As a young woman I divorced my toxic husband and decided I could make it on my own and raise my daughters to be successful women – and they certainly have become that and more.

Now, my story isn’t unique. I am just sharing it to tell you I understand both Childhood and Love Trauma, because I have been there. And I was determined to get to the bottom of it, since NO ONE had the answers on how to help me heal from the years of torture my Ex had put me through when I sought Counseling years ago. I was a single mom in my mid-twenties with an excellent career. I had bought 2 homes (one I totally remodeled for my modeling school) by the age of 30, and my girls were thriving. What gave me the guts to succeed with no help? The Mindset for Success!

And you can learn this too!

My research on how the events of Childhood shaped our experiences as Adults was new, never before discovered or even taught in my Masters in Psychology. There are huge impacts on our adult lives when unconscious trauma is unhealed – especially when it comes to our feelings about our self worth, our confidence levels, our success in business and even our intimate relationships. And that research led me to my understanding of how Adverse Childhood Events and early, past Dating or Relationship Trauma re-emerge as subconscious Emotional Triggers throughout our lives; especially with a Partner we love. Without healing this, it leads to poor mate selection and even to sabotaging a great relationship. 

It is best you learn these skills to be Successful in BOTH Life and Love, so you don’t waste time working for years in a job that you hate and is going no where; and go on to marry a Partner that is toxic, which could set you back financially and emotionally for years!

Since 90% of all adults  have experience some of the Top 10 Childhood Traumas or an adverse childhood events, it is likely your feelings are directly related to these issues. Don’t worry – You CAN Heal from past Childhood Trauma, and get the clarity and confidence you need to move forward to Create the Life You Desire & to Have the Love You Deserve. Start today – there is no time to waste! You’ll be so glad you did; as you will use these skills FOREVER.


Our Subconscious Chooses and Attracts Partners for us that Reinforce What We Have Experienced as Children or Teens.

Understanding and healing from the common Top Ten Childhood Traumas that SO many people suffer from, stops the painful feelings of anxeity, depression, and fear-based thinking that keeps many stuck in life. It also ends the cycle of toxic, codependent or addictive love, and broken emotionally abusive relationships.

The combination of reserach-based education and Coaching for insight leads to creating an amazing life that you will love as well as learning to attract a loving relationship that is emotionally healthy, consciously evolved, supportive, fulfilling and sustainable over time.

Today, I’m determined to help those who are suffering in life and love so that they can turn their lives around to be fearless, confident, and have a positive mindset for success in ALL life areas – as well as teach the exact skills needed to attract an emotionally healthy partner into their life. 

                                                 This program will Help You to Create the Life You Desire & to Have the Love You Deserve!  

Amiee B. (18) – Riana’s Life Coaching program helped me not only discover my personal interests and goals but also encouraged me to dream big and shoot for the stars because with the right mindset, as I learned, nothing can hold you back! This program Changed My Life!

Aimee’s Mom (50s):  Riana worked with my daughter and completely turned her life around. I have watched Amiee become more peaceful and confident as she embarks into her college and plans for her future career. Riana far exceeded my expectations!! I wholeheartedly recommend Riana, she is highly professional, caring and insightful. If you’ve considered hiring a life coach, she is awesome, just do it, you won’t regret it! 
Dan (26) When I first met Riana I was in a very low place in my life. I was coming out of a bad relationship, I was in a new relationship I wasn’t happy with, I wasn’t happy with my job and I was filled with anxiety and depression. I had met with therapists and psychiatrists to try to deal with the depression, but nothing was working. Riana helped me take a natural approach to healing myself from within, using her system and my anxiety and depression started to get better. She inspired me to believe in myself and gave me a lot of great career advice. I have started my own business, I know what to look for in a good partner and my entire outlook on life changed. Riana turned my life around and helped me to achieve my true potential!     

Christina S(24) – Since doing the Life & Love Transformation Coaching Program I have totally turned my life around. I am now extremely focused and doing very well in both work and school and have detached myself from toxic relationships because I know what signs to look for so that it doesn’t happen again. Riana and this program has helped me see life and relationships for more than what they seem on the surface; I have a new-found confidence and self-esteem I need to be out dating and enjoy the process. 

The Life & Love Training Academy

I’ve carefully designed this online training platform to give you everything you need to identify and release any and all traumas you’ve experienced in your life. When you do, you’ll become more in touch with your emotions, letting go of your fear-based negative mindset and traumatic responses with ease.

Moreover, you’ll reconnect with yourself, becoming clear on exactly who you are and what you want to happen for your life and from a love relationship, so you can attract your perfect partner, and go from single to exclusive (without repeating any mistakes from the past!).

We start with identifying and changing any areas of your life you want improved as well as discuss your goals and dreams for your future. In Part One we discuss (if needed) your Career goals and dreams, building a resume kit, how to interview to win your dream job, and more. Once you complete Part One of the program, you will have become Consiously aware and feel like a Successful Single before you start dating! Then, with the Dating Skills you learn in Part Two, you’ll be able to “Date with Intention” so that you can begin to Attract an Emotionally Healthy Partner into your life.

This is a very personalized program when you enroll in the Silver, Platinum or Diamond program. We discuss your exact needs based on your concerns and the goals  you set for your future desired life.

Below is what you'll learn from this Transformative virtual Life & Love Training Academy:

Intensive, Research-based Self-study or Group DTM Training:


Module 1: Awake to Awareness: Assessing & Moving Beyond Pain, Childhood Traumas, and/or Subconscious Behavioral Triggers

In this module, you’ll begin by doing over 20 assessments to clearly define your concerns, where they originated from and what areas of life need improvement. You’ll also define the concerns you currently have about your overall life, career and current or future love relationship and identify the changes you want to make. You’ll begin the process of creating change by uderstanding your childhood to identify any and all traumas, then start using the Mindset for Success to help heal those areas. 

You’ll learn:

  • Which (if any) forms of Childhood or Relationship trauma or abuse you’ve experienced in your past.
  • How this trauma may have impacted you and how it may still be impacting you in your present life.
  • To identify your emotions and move beyond any emotional abuse, anxiety or depression by using full Conscious awareness and the Mindset for Success tools and strategies.
  • Your personality profile and self-esteem scale will act as a starting point for growth and Personal Transformatioin journey.
  • And much more.


Module 2: Personal Transformation: Reaching Personal Success with Focused & Consistent Goal Setting in All Life Areas

In this module, we’ll look at creating balance in all your life areas. It begins with creating desired goals and a new life vision, which will provide you with even more motivation for change focusing on Mindset and overall emotional health. We will devise a goal-setting plan for growth and a Positive outlook in your world!

You’ll discover:

  • How to create your personal ‘Wheel of Life,’ so that you can experience satisfaction in ALL life areas.
  • Exact ways to increase your confidence, and lessen the stress levels in your life so you can reach your goals and dreams.
  • Why goal setting is integral to your personal growth and success, and of course, HOW to set realistic, achievable goals.
  • The 7 D’s for Focused, Personal Success, so that you can enjoy life’s journey no matter how you might be challenged (yes, even during the difficult times you can be pro-active, not reactive).
  • Career exploration; defining where you are and getting you to where you want to be; if needed, interview skills and Resume Kits are covered
  • And tons more.


Module 3: Conscious & Spiritual Mindfulness: Increase Self-Esteem, Confidence, Balance and Positivity for Happiness & Passion in Life

Get ready for breakthroughs! In this module, we’ll cover why some level of Spirituality is essential for feeling your best. Then, we focus on mindfulness, beginning with how to replace your “Fear-based negative thinking” with positive proactive thoughts, which is KEY to creating happiness.

You’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish the good from the bad in life’s lessons, so you can find your purpose in life (and maybe a powerful Plan B).
  • Four Essential Questions to ask yourself when it comes to choices and actions, and when to ask them in order to empower all your relationships.
  • How to create balance in your life and your relationships, PLUS the six areas to regularly monitor to keep your life balanced.
  • How to use the Law of Attraction along with the Mindset for Success so it works in your favor in all life areas.
  • Learn Divine Meditation to calm anxiety, depression and more so that you can experience increased overall well-being and a sense of calm
  • And lots more


Module 4: Dating & Having the Love You Deserve: Defining & Attracting Your Ideal Life Partner

In this module, you’ll dive deep into yourself and your subconscious beliefs about love relationships. You’ll figure out exactly what you want in an ideal partner, and create distinctions that will allow you to differentiate between love and obsession … so you can move beyond lust or chemistry-based attractions to choose real attachment. Some of you may have experienced toxic Love, and some may have never dated. We will address your needs.

You’ll discover:

  • Five Truths of Conscious Dating, so you can set yourself up to attract an emotionally healthy, evolved partner (and not another toxic, co-dependent relationship!).
  • How to avoid the 14 Dating Traps (and the specific issues you’ll face with online dating), so that you can carefully find your perfect mate.
  • How to identify your relationship history and patterns, so you’re no longer doomed to repeat them unconsciously.
  • PLUS, I share the best offline ways to flirt and date – and great places to find a Partner – no computer needed!
  • And of course, much more.


Module 5: Success in Life & Love: Establishing an Emotionally-Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Relationship

Here you’ll learn the rules of effective communication, so you can clearly communicate your needs, wants, and desires to your potential mate. You’ll learn to maintain your boundaires, learn to say “No” and keep your boundaries as well as communicate through any issues with confidence while eliminating any communication barriers. No more “guessing” if you’re even speaking the same language.

You’ll learn:

  • To craft a Conscious Dating Plan so you can confidently take steps toward realistically finding “The One”
  • Where to find your perfect mate, and How to attract him or her now!
  • The best ways to cultivate your relationship skills and attitudes, so you can BE the Partner you want to attract.
  • Understand the various stages of relationships so you aren’t led down a dark, empty road.
  • Know the Red Flags checklist to watch behavioral patterns over time with your new Partner to ensure they are Emotionally Healthy after the initial “meeting & courting phase.”
  • And so much more.


Plus, You Get These Amazing Bonuses Worth Over $3,000:

Bonus 1: Conscious Dating Red Flags Checklist
You want to make sure that you’re spending your time dating the right person… but it can be really hard to be objective about a new relationship! This checklist will help you identify any possible red flags in your relationship so you can decide if you’re talking yourself into a relationship or if it’s the real deal.
(Value $500)

Bonus 2: 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask on a First Date to Know if They’re a Keeper
You want to have an emotionally healthy, evolved relationship – which means you don’t want to waste your time dating a dud! These 10 essential questions aren’t “icebreakers” – they’re designed to help you know if the date in front of you is emotionally healthy and a great partner, as well as if their core values are aligned with yours – from Date 1 – so you know immediately if this date is “a one and done” or if you feel confident to move on to a second date.
(Value $500)

Bonus 3: Private Life & Love Transformation Strategy Session with Riana                                                                                                                                                  In this 60-minute virtual Introductory Strategy session, we’ll talk about what’s holding you back from having the love relationship you want. Then, I’ll give you a customized plan for navigating the Dating to Mating Program, so you’ll know EXACTLY what to focus on in the course! (for those who have not had this session already with Riana). If you have had this session recently, I will meet with you after you complete Module One.  (Value $1,000)

Bonus 4: Private Graduation Session                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Once you graduate, as a Congratulations gift, you will meet with me for a 1-hour Bonus Coaching session to review any personal questions you have from the course and review your goals and plan for dating Post-graduation. (Value $1,000)


In Short, You’ll have Everything You Need to Free Yourself from the Traumas that have Impacted You your Entire Life

 When you enroll in The Life & Love Transformation – Dating to Mating for Singles, you receive:

  • Immediate access to five paced-out training modules, and their accompanying bonus training videos. There is a module every 2 weeks so that you are sure to practice the new skills you learn in each module. This is a comfortable pace and will be done over 4 months of time.
  • A downloadable 90-page Life & Love Transformation Notebook contains exercises created from over many years of my research I conducted while helping people with Childhood Trauma improve their Life & Love Relationships. This workbook takes everything you learn in the course even deeper, helping you break bad habits while learning all about emotionally-healthy, evolved, conscious love relationships, and how to create them for yourself.
  • Audio instruction for EACH workbook chapter and course module; so you get the most out of the work you do completing them.
  • (Dating to Mating Group only): 7 LIVE weekly, 90-minute Q&A Video Coaching Group Calls with me

By now, you may feeling - "I'm Ready to Create the Life I Desire & Have the Love I Deserve! What's the investment?”

The various Life & Love Transformation Coaching Programs:

1) The Mastery program: Dating to Mating Life & Love Transformation Self-Study

I designed this 4-month Self-study training to give you everything you need to identify and release any and all the traumas you’ve experienced in your life. When you do, you’ll become more in touch with your emotions, letting go of your negative mindset, anxious or depressive thoughts and fears, and emotional triggered responses with ease. Moreover, you’ll reconnect with yourself, becoming clear on exactly who you are and what you want in life, and from a love relationship, so you can attract your perfect partner, and go from single to committed (without repeating mistakes from the past!). We start with identifying and changing any areas of your life you want improved. Follow the directions closely to be able to feel like a Successful Single before you start dating! Then, you’ll be able to “Date with Confident Intention” so that you can attract an emotionally healthy partner into your life. This is the perfect starter course for those who don’t feel they need personal, individual or group coaching support at this time. They want to “get their feet wet” and at least get started in learning this valuable information that will change their life, and the way they Love. (Riana reccommends that if you need personal career guidance to enroll in a Silver, Platinum or Diamond program vs. the Mastery Self-study program)  This has a total value of over $5000 including Bonuses

Mastery Program:  Only $1,997. when you invest in full; Payment Plan: $997 down, then 3 auto-payments of $397 every 21 days; a total of $2188. (save $191 with full-pay of $1997)

2) Dating to Mating (DTM) Group for Singles: 7, 90-minute group classes on zoom

This 4-month Group Coaching program houses it’s educational program on the LifeandLoveTraining and offers a small, family-like group that meets bi-weekly. Some people choose groups for the benefits of learning from each other, and having an accountability partner to meet and work with when the group class is over. Wonderful long-termn relationships have been formed over the years in this group. Group is held twice a year with demand. Signup with Riana for the wait-list for the next group class. Class is usually held on a Monday or Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm ET. (Riana recommends this for those 25 and older who have experienced toxic relationships and are focused more on the topic of Emotionally Healthy Love vs. Career education.) *(Dates, day and time sublject to change). It has a total value of over $5,000, including bonuses; and it’s just $2,997.

Dating to Mating Group Program: Only $2,997 when you Invest in full; Payment Plan: $997 down, then 4 auto-payments of $545; a total of $3177. (save $180 with full-pay of $2997).

The Following 3 Programs require the Life & Love Discovery Session with Riana to determine the best fit.
Sign up HERE for a Life & Love Discovery Session.

3) Silver Mastery Hybrid program: Five, 1-hour private Coaching sessions with Riana + the Mastery Self-study 

This 4-month Coaching program is also housed in the and you will receive the Self-study program PLUS – 5 Private, 1-on-1 Coaching sessions with Riana, one per module, or you may be flexible when you receive them according to which module will be most beneficial to you. You and Riana will make this decision together after your Bonus Introductory session. When you finish, you receive the Graduation Bonus session as well.

4) Platinum 1-on-1 VIP program: Nine,1-hour Private Coaching sessions + Unlimited emails

This a 4-month program and includes Unlimited emails, and 9, 1-on-1 Private Coaching sessions. You also have a 45 minutes each month of “Help now” phone sessions when something comes up. Other benefits include: your dating profile written with you, image consultation, 1-month follow up session to check on your progress and more. All Fast-action Scholarships & Bonuses will be reviewed to you during your Discovery Session. Because there is very limited space to work privately with Riana, you must apply and meet with her for a Life & Love Transformation session to see if you are a good fit for this program.

5) Diamond 1-on-1 VIP program: Twenty,1-hour private Coaching sessions + Unlimited Texts + Unlimited emails + 150-pg manual + 1-hour/month emergency sessions

This a 6-month very High-service VIP program and includes full Text access to Riana, along with Unlimited emails, and 20, 1-on-1 sessions. Because there is very limited numbers Riana can work with in this high-service model, you must apply and meet with Riana for a Life & Love Transformation session to see if you are a good fit for this top-level program.

There are various payment plans that vary per program. Please email Riana for the details on the program you desire. Or, talk to our very friendly Funding Company who will pay for your Coaching up front, and enter into a private payment plan with you –

 Apply with a Quick meeting request HERE.

NOW, are you ready to begin your Coaching Journey, or do you still have a few questions?

You can also email Riana at – or use the CONTACT ME form on this site. Also, see the questions list below to see if your answer is there. I’ve included a few of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you decide which one of The “Dating to Mating” Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles – is the best fit for you.

Yes, Riana! I’m ready to feel amazing about myself and my life! I am also ready to learn about How to attract an emotionally healthy, conscious Love Relationship so that I am sure not to make a mistake in choosing an Emotionally Healthy Partner. I am ready to have a Life I feel passionate about! I understand that for my investment in the Mastery Self-study or DTM Group, I receive:
  • Instant access to the five training modules and their accompanying bonus videos
  • Instant access to the downloadable Life & Love Transformation Notebook Exercises (close to 100 of them!)
  • Audio instruction for EACH workbook chapter
  • For Mastery Self-Study: Two Bonus sessions, in Module One and at Conclusion of the program
  • For DTM Group: LIVE weekly 90-minute Q&A Video Coaching Group Calls with Riana; plus Graduation Attendance Bonus
Plus, I receive these fabulous Bonuses Worth over $3000!
  • Conscious Dating Red Flags Checklist
  • 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask on a First Date to Know if They’re a Keeper
  • Private 1-hour Coaching Session with Riana to plan for your individual program  (Mastery clients only)
  • Graduation Group Attendance Bonus session for DTM Students and Graduation Bonus for Mastery students 
Mastery Self-Study program: Full pay only $1997; plus $3000 in Bonuses! Dating-to-Mating Group program: Full pay only $2997; plus $3000 in Bonuses!

Investment Plans:

1) Mastery Self-Study Program: $997 down, then 3 auto-payments of $397 every 21 days; a total of $2188. (save $191 with full-pay of $1997)

2) Dating to Mating Group Program: $997 down, then 4 auto-payments of $545; a total of $3177. (save $180 with full-pay of $2997).

3) Diamond, Platinum and Silver level payment plans will be discussed upon your Interview session with Riana.

Like I always say:  You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand!

If you’re like 90% of the population, events from your past have been impacting your life, success levels & love relationships (or lack of them) in ways that you don’t consciously understand. It’s time to discover and release those traumas for good, so you can have the love and joy you want and deserve!

It all starts here, with the Life Transition, Dating to Mating program!

In Light & Love, Riana

P.S. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” YES, all programs are totally worth the advertised investment; I have helped thousands of clients over 20 years, just like you to become more empowered, confident, love themselves and find the JOY that we are all here to experience in our lives.

Don’t stay stuck and frustrated by delaying this decision. You are worth it! Are you really ready to change your Life? Remember, the younger you start the happier you will be, as these skills you will use Forever in your Life.

Trust the answer that comes, and move forward! Say YES to Yourself like so many who have, and to Have the Life You Desire & the Love You Deserve!

Let’s Do this!

Also know that you’re protected by a 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee from day of payment. If you fully participate in doing all the exercises up to Orientation and/or Module One; attend the Coaching classes offered up to and including from the 15-day purchase period, (and not go into any other Modules or download anymore educational lessons beyond Module One) and take the necccessary actions on each worksheet as the process suggests, and still cannot create new—big or small—results (and you’ll send me the completed course assignments, stating the new action you’ve taken, and the results produced), I will send you a refund; less Administration & Tech costs of $150; or apply your full investment into other types of Coaching you may desire after we discuss various options available to you.

 Daniel S. (24) – At the start of this program I was a mess. I was doing badly in school, at work, in my love life, and it just felt as if nothing could go right for the longest time. I was depressed for months about myself. My confidence was at an all-time low and things just needed to change in my life. That’s when I started this program. This program helped me in so many areas of my life. Riana helped me identify the things in my life that truly make me happy and gave me exercises that helped me make those things a habit in my life. I have a speech impediment, so for the majority of my life I was extremely self-conscious about my stutter.

But Riana was able to help get over the anxiety and self-doubt that my stutter gave me through this program and the exercises she had me doing. Riana has helped get my life in order and on track! I’m more focused in my goals and know how to achieve them. I’m more confident in myself and don’t worry about what other people think regarding to my stutter. This program truly is a life changing experience; I even met the girl of my dreams! Thank you, Riana! (VIP Platinum Client)

Jerry (30) Riana has helped many people, myself included, discover who they are and find their inner strength. She has a natural gift for helping people become more self-aware and better equipped to deal with life’s naturally occurring obstacles. I would recommend Riana to anyone looking for guidance in their everyday lives.

Tiffany (20s) Riana is a truly genuine soul who has taught me to see life in a new light. Through coaching, listening, sharing and reading I have learned a new appreciation for not only what I have, but also the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead! Riana has many gifts, but her passion of helping people has touched me personally and changed my life forever!