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Funding for Coaching

Funding for Coaching

Want and NEED Coaching but
don't have the funds handy?

Yes, You CAN get the Coaching You Desire!

Here are the benefits of funding and why we added this as a service for you:

  • Easy terms to pass! Have at least a 620-credit score; and earn $35,000 a year for two years.
  • Low affordable monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalty – can pay off your Funding off at anytime
  • 1st payment is not due for 30 days after we begin your program
  • Soft pull to apply for Funding
  • Personal Support from Eaze Funding to get you into the best terms for you!
  • You will still get the Fast Action, Paid-in-Full Bonuses AND have an easy payment plan  

To apply, click on:

For USA Customers >

For Canadian Customers >

It’s a simple application that takes a quick 5-7 minutes. I will do it with you to make sure you don’t have any questions. The best part is you can fund the entire program amount! And you can add a bit more ($500 for any buffer of extra cash you may need).

So for the amount, put down the program price in USD and it will automatically convert it to CAD if you are from Canada, and tell you the amount you’ll need! 

Once applied, you will see several lenders say you are approved; but don’t go directly to them. Instead you will set an appointment with a funding specialist to help you choose your best terms. They will contact you from Eaze Funding to let you know you have been approved, then set your appointment to go over everything – Easy!

Oh! And one other thing!  We get asked all the time – “If I have a spouse or a loved one, can I have them cosign for me?”  That’s a great question! 

A co-signer isn’t necessary! Just have your spouse or loved one apply for funding directly through the same link.  Let us know their name as we’re able to track their status and will let our consulting group know they’re funding on your behalf.  

Simple to Apply - get an answer in
10 minutes!

Some Common Questions:

It depends on your credit; but this Funding accepts a credit score as low as 620 – 650. If you are higher than that, your rate goes down. Also, all you need to earn is $35,000 a year! You would need to be employed for 2 years, or if self-employed, show two years of tax returns.

It’s also a soft pull on your credit when you apply; which means it won’t hurt your credit for applying.   

And the best part is there’s no prepayment penalty. 

This means at any point; you can pay this off and the only rate you pay is on those initial funding installments until it’s paid off! 

You will see the value in funding your program with a low affordable monthly payment and getting started and having the ability to pay this off at any point with no prepayment penalty, and only paying monthly rates over 2-5 years (depending on the Coaching program amount and terms), until it’s paid off.  

The reason we offer the funding as a service is so you can get started with a low affordable monthly solution and get the results you came to me to get.   

But the best part is with this funding, there’s no prepayment penalty!  That means you can pay this off early at any time and the only rate you pay is on those first few funding installments until it’s paid off.   Does that make sense?  Great! So be sure to book with the funding specialist and move forward with the best offer they give you from their multiple sources.

Once you get passed in 2-3 days, you will see various offers, but once you have your Eaze Consultation explaining everything to you, you’ll get your funds in 3-5 business days after that, and then you’ll make your payment to Riana for your program through a simple Quickbooks ACH form and then sign your Coaching agreement. You’re all set! Riana is paid in full immediately through the Funding you got, so you still get ALL the Fast-action Bonuses! Yay!

No worries! We do have other Coaching options. Because you have put down a small deposit, you have locked yourself into the Discounted Fast Action Rates on all programs I offer; as well as held your spot at the lowest Discovery session rates. If you don’t get funding, I will reconnect you with other options. You still win!

And remember, Coaching with Riana is Fully TAX DEDUCTIBLE in these two countries!

There’s never been a better time to get the Coaching program you have wanted – and needed – for a while – and it just got even easier to say YES! to your Healing, Life & Love Relationship Transformation, your Personal & Business Goals, and Dreams! Let us know if you have any questions and let’s get your funding! Send all questions to me directly at: or call me on my Coaching line below. In Light & Love, Riana Ph: 201-281-7887

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