Relationship Rescue for Couples

Online Home Study + Personal Coaching with Riana


Are You Tired of Feeling Alone in Your Relationship?



Are You Ready for a Love Relationship Where You Feel Safe, Respected,

Heard, and Cherished?


You Don’t Have to Stay Trapped in Toxic Cycles of Pain – including Walking on Eggshells. Together, Learn the Communication & Relationship Skills to Move Beyond Past Relationship Pain & Trauma and Create a Love Relationship that is Better Than Ever!

Imagine having the love relationship you’ve always wanted – and the life you are passionate about! It’s possible and I’ll show you why you have been stuck in Toxic Painful Emotional Behavioral Cycles and how you can Break Free from past Unconcious Emotional Triggers and Consciously Create the Life You Both Desire & Love Relationship You Both Deserve!






In this Online Self-Study + Personal Coaching Program, You’ll discover:

  • How experiences from your past – even from your childhood – have been shaping your romantic relationships in ways that you didn’t expect and probably don’t want!
  • The leading cause of 60% of marriages and exclusive relationships ending – and what you can do so you’re not part of the statistic!
  • The hidden factors that create the frustration in your relationship (hint: this is why you and your partner fight!)
  • How to eliminate (for good) your negative, unconscious thoughts and destructive, defeating toxic behavior patterns so you can have an emotionally healthy, evolved, and conscious relationship.
  • The key to ending any toxic cycles you’re stuck in so that you can have a fabulous love relationship AND live a positive, passionate life full of success! And more!



Benefits for Both of You:


✅ Stop dysfunctional childhood patterns that sabotage your relationship
✅ Stop boredom, stress, resentment, anger, and disappointments
✅ Stop any toxic behaviors that hurt your partner and relationship
✅ Get your sexual needs met by creating a more passionate and affectionate love life
✅ Use positive communication skills and Therapeutic breaks to feel heard, loved and respected
✅ Consciously make positive choices that affect you and your partner
✅ Learn to communicate your needs, requirements, and desires to your partner
✅ Feel supported, secure and cherished by your partner
✅ Improve all your Life areas for more energy, life balance, and relationship confidence


And this Program works for any Exclusive Relationship – whether you have been together for a short while, you’re engaged, married, living together, straight or LGBT. And it works for ALL ages!                         

Go here now to Sign up for a 1-Hr, Couples Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session to meet Riana and discuss your concerns. Learn what the root of the problems are, and what the Next Best Move would be. (This is a 1-Hour meeting arranged on ZOOM to meet with the BOTH of You; a One-Time, Introductory offer of ONLY $147; a $1000 value!).




About Riana Milne

Riana is a Certified, Global Life & Love Coach, a Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, a Mindfulness Coach, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with over 20 years of experience working with clients from ages 5 – 75.