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Meet Coach Riana Milne

MA, Cert. Global Life & Love Coach, Childhood & Love Trauma Specialist

Are you ready to receive Lessons in Life & Love™? Certified Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, #1 Bestselling Author and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 20 years; Riana Milne focuses on increasing a Client’s personal growth and self-esteem while improving their holistic health for mind, body, and spirit.

As a Certified Mindfulness Coach, and known as “The Life & Love Transformation Expert,” Riana specializes in helping women and men of all ages get through the impact of past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma and difficult transitions leading them to overall Life Transformation and Successful Love relationships.

Riana takes an active Coaching role with her Client as they explore together the Unconscious influences that past Childhood, Dating and Relationship Traumas has on their lives today. She helps Singles overcome a Toxic or abusive dating relationship and teaches them the EXACT Skills they need to attract Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Partners. She teaches exclusive or married couples to transform their relationships from Toxic to Terrific!

Do you struggle attracting healthy relationships?

Childhood Trauma is one of the main causes of broken relationships. Healing Your past is the key to your future.


❌ Research Shows Nearly 90% of Adults have Experienced 9 of the 10 noted Childhood Traumas Which Sabotages us as Adults in Life, Love & Business. The Good News is This Can Be Fixed!

❌ Nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner in their lifetime

❌ There is a common link between domestic violence and child abuse. Among victims of child abuse, 40% report domestic violence in the home

❌ Research From Kaiser - Permante shows that Unhealed Adverse Childhood Events Lead to major health issues starting as young as Age 30.

Join Riana LIVE: From Surviving to Thriving - Success in Life & Love - for Single Women

A Live, 6-Hour, Complementary Virtual Workshop for Single Women who want to Learn the Mindset & Skills for Success in Both Life & Love. Cert. Global Life & Love Coach & Trauma Expert, Riana Milne, will teach you how to go from Surviving to Thriving to Create the Life You Desire & to Have the Love You Deserve! (a $6000+ value!). Some of the TOPICS FEATURED:

(1) Assessing Where you are Now & Understanding where Fear-based Thinking or Limitations originate

(2) Transforming from Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success - Having an Abundance Mindset for Success in all Life areas

(3) The Mindset & Skills for Success in Love - Healing from past Traumatic Toxic Partners to Being Confident with the Dating process


Riana Milne #1 Bestselling Author

Get your Free Lessons in Life & Love™ – book Chapters from Riana’s #1 BESTSELLER: LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love you Deserve; and the 5-star rated sister book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success; as well as Riana’s Newsletter.

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"I would be so honored to work along with you to Create the Life You Desire & to Have the Love Relationship You Deserve!"

In Light & Love, Riana

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Relationships are the source of most of our happiness or misery. They can be frustrating, toxic and challenging, or peaceful, loving, passionate, fun and blissful. This app provides convenient, educational, inspiring, and cutting-edge articles, podcasts, and videos that are portable and convenient. Great information and support for Singles & Couples - from Life & Love Coach Riana Milne - it's like having your own Personal "Life & Love Transformation Expert" in your pocket.

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