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lessons in life and love

Lessons in Life & Love Podcast

Learn to have conscious, loving and respectful relationships! This educational podcast is for Successful Singles or Couples who Struggle in Life & Love and can’t figure out why. Overcome anxiety, a fear-based negative mindset, perfectionaism, a lack of trust, codependency and emotional triggers due to past Unhealed and Unconscious Childhood or Abusive Love Trauma – to Create the Life you Desire & to Have the Love You Deserve! 

I’m Coach Riana Milne, a Certified Life & Love Coach and Cert. Clinical Trauma Professional. I’m a #1 best selling author and have taught Personal Life Transformation for over 40 years to women, men, adolescents, students, couples, and business professionals of all ages. This 30-minute to 1-hour podcast is posted on Fridays. Season one (shows 1-38) is primarily foundational education, Season Two & Three haveLa 30-minute format that features live coaching with volunteers of all ages with real issues, guest experts, and other new educational topics to help you succeed in all Life areas; including Love.                                        Need help, want to suggest a topic, or be on the show as a guest expert? Contact me now