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Discovery Assessment Session

Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session and Assessment

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Are you tired of dating Partners who disappoint you? Can’t figure out why you keep attracting Toxic, Abusive People? I know how frustrating and painful this can be!

 What research showed was the first step in creating the life you desire and having the love you deserve is to overcome unconscious, unhealed past negative and fear-based messages, thoughts, and behavioral patterns we learned as children.

I was stunned! But indeed, to create our dream future in life and love, we have to take the crucial steps to identify, understand, and forgive any past “normalized” Childhood Traumas, which can be consciously or unconsciously, impacting us now as an adult. At the same time, we need to acquire the Positive Mindset for Success in all Life areas to correct any sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, as well as handle any challenges, by living with full Conscious Awareness. 

Research also shows that to be successful in attracting and keeping an emotionally healthy partner, we need to master a full psychological, spiritual, and emotional component to dating and relationships; the essential, winning combination to sustaining long-term peaceful, loving, and cherished relationship

In your Life & Love Transformation Assessment Session, we will work together on identifying the root causes of any self-sabotaging patterns of thoughts or behavior to understand why you may have attracted a toxic personality type or end up in repetitive, painful relationships. Then together, we’ll create a plan to overcome these past thoughts and patterns, which begins your healing journey and personal transformation.

The time to take action is NOW. Because, honestly, how much longer can you endure your Toxic Relationship? OR – How many more lonely, sleepless nights will you be worrying about how to meet an Emotionally Healthy Partner leading to marriage or an exclusive relationship? For a limited time, and for one easy investment of only $47 (about the cost of 2 glasses of wine in NYC), in one hour you’ll learn more then you would have in 7 years of therapy! Afterward, we’ll toast to a beginning a brand new Fabulous Life for You! 

a $500 value! Only $47 for a limited time!