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With over 40 years of speaking at universities, conferences, school in-service days, as a guest for podcasts, radio/tv shows, and various summits; I would be honored to speak at your event too.

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC, speaking about how to Heal the Trauma of 911 and other situations, I teach women, men, students, and couples of all ages how to overcome past unhealed and unconscious Childhood or Love Relationship Trauma, that leads to fear, anxiety, depression, addiction and emotional triggers that emerge later in life; impacting their level of Success in Life, Love Partnerships, Interpersonal Relationships, or Business.

I also give motivational and inspirational speeches to college graduates and employees during difficult company challenges to help the work environment improve. I will tailor my speech to your individual and corporate needs. I teach how to develop a Conscious Mindset for Success, how to Increase Self Confidence and Balance in all Life areas, and winning communication skills. 

I can help you, your employees, or school or university students to Create the Life They Desire & to Have the Love and Business Relationships Everyone Deserves. 

Ask me for my Speaker’s One Sheet in the Topic of Your Choice.

Most Requested Topics

Personal Transformation and Relationships

I offer seminars based on my various Coaching programs and #1 Bestselling books for Singles & Couples.

  • Why 9 out of 10 People Struggle in Life & Love – and How to Have the Love You Deserve
  • From Toxic to Terrific: How Couples can Create an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Sustainable Relationship
  • How Singles can Attract an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Partner
  • Having a Positive and Conscious Mindset for Success in both Life & Love
  • Stopping the Anger – Positive Parent – Child Relationships


I offer training seminars for Companies and Civic groups that are individually customized for each Organization and

Emphasize Corporate Relationships

  • Better Communication and Work Relationships within the Corporation
  • From Workplace Stress to Success
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Creating your own Business with just a Dream


I offer various Seminars for both Professional Educators & Administrators, as well as Assemblies for Students of all ages

  • Success Strategies for Parents & Teachers
  • Emotional Intelligence and Fostering Success within the Emotionally Challenged Student
  • Positive Parenting Approaches for Raising Successful Kids
  • Suicide Prevention – What your Staff Needs to Know
  • For the Elementary (K-6) staff, Learn to Successfully Create a School-wide, Anti-bullying program called, “Stand Up! for Friendship”
  • What’s Next Graduate? How to Reach your Goals & Dreams
  • Corporate Image and Etiquette – Preparing the Grad for the Corporate World
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