Life, Love Trauma Recovery & Mindset Coach – Riana Milne | Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve!

  • Only Riana sees your client chart
  • No insurance companies involved
  • Riana was a Model & Talent Agent and was in the Entertainment business herself over 30 years
  • She worked professionally with many singers, models, actors, sport celebrities/athletes,  agents & managers, and Business & Fashion icons – so she understands the Entertainment business and the extra pressures that exists when it comes to your Personal Life
  • She taught “The Mindset for Success” and treated Performance Anxiety to those who reached great success in the Entertainment industry
  • No Assistants see your emails or texts – you have a private, VIP direct connection to Riana
  • Worksheets and charts are completely private
  • Full Text & Email access to Riana
  • Only private virtual sessions
  • Riana can help you globally, despite where your career takes you
  • For singles or couples, straight or LGBTQ clients ages 16 – 76
  • If you are doing Coaching as a Couple, you don’t have to be in the same session space and will have individual as well as couple sessions scheduled

Get the combination of a Certified Global Life & Love Trauma Recovery Coach, Cert. Mindfulness Coach, Cert. Clinical Trauma Professional, Lic. Mental Health Counselor, Lic. Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, prior Model & Talent Agent & School Director who put her clients on the charts, and someone who also worked with some of the top celebrities in fashion, singing, modeling and acting, in professional sports, and was also personally in “the industry” as a model for many years.

No one in the Professional Coaching Industry has this level of Counseling-Coaching-Talent Industry Experience of over 40 years and in this specialized combination to help you!

Riana “Get’s It” and will help you overcome any emotional pain, performance anxiety, societal judgements, addiction, poor decisions that have hurt you personally and your career, toxic relationships, and anything else you are struggling with. Don’t try to do this alone…she’s here for you.

                   Use the CONTACT FORM on this website,                                                             or call Riana directly at 201-281-7887.


These are just a few topics that can be covered in your Coaching – Over 20 years, Riana has helped with many situations and she is confident she can help you with yours.

  • Imposter Syndrome – Dealing with Fame
  • Healing from Love Trauma & Abusive Relationships
  • Healing from Unconscious Childhood Trauma
  • Dealing with Difficult Parents, Managers, Agents, or Sibling Relationships
  • Toxic Couples in the Public eye
  • Overcoming a Public Mistake to “Come Back”
  • Working with Performance Anxiety
  • Staying Sober – post Treatment Coaching program
  • Relationship Repetition Syndrome/Codependency
  • Healing from a Narcissist who publicly embarrassed you
  • Breaking Free of Love Addiction or an Abusive Partner
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Perfectionism & Public Perception
  • Getting Your Mojo back after a few tough years
  • Overcoming Fearful, Negative Obsessive Thoughts to learn The Positive, Energizing Mindset for Success in All Life areas

……and more

You must contact Riana to privately work with her. Call her directly at 201-281-7887 or, please fill out the Contact Me Form and tell Riana as much as you can about your concerns. Riana looks forward to hearing from you and seeing how she can help you best.