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Counseling ONLINE is NOW Available with Riana Milne MA, LMHC!

For Singles and Couples ages 16 +

Individual Laser Coaching Sessions
Individual Laser Coaching Sessions

Riana Milne is NOW offering Counseling Psychotherapy sessions, Online ONLY, for Fla. residents. Riana is an LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) for over 22 years in her company Therapy by the Sea LLC. She also holds a CAP – Cert. Addictions Professional and a CCTP – Cert Clinical Trauma Professional. She holds many other credentials that she uses in her Coaching practice, at Lessons in Life & Love Coaching LLC.

INSURANCES Currently Accepting (more should be arriving soon); Please Book Your Appointment Here for a 1-Hour time Slot:

  1. Aetna
  2. Cigna
  3. United Behavioral Health
  4. Oxford
  5. Oscar

Many people want to know the differences between Counseling & Coaching. 

Please read the differences below to see which option fits you best.

  1. Coaching is more educational and rooted in growth, motivational techniques and skill building to create your future life. Counseling is for those who need time to process and receive emotional healing; but is not considered educational and used for exact skill building.
  2. Coaching has the goal to move to a higher level of functioning through the educational process using a program/system which includes a 90 or 150 pg. workbook. It’s for those serious in wanting to change their quality of life right now. Counseling has goals for more self-understanding.
  3. Coaching focuses on “The Now” and creating the future that you want by taking real actions with your Coach advising you. (In my Coaching programs we do process your past Childhood & Love Trauma first). In Counseling, we focus on feelings and past events.
  4. Coaching focuses on solving problems and taking action for the goals you set. Counseling helps explore the root of the problems.
  5. Coaching focuses on Conscious decisions and changing negative patterns and beliefs, Counseling helps bring the unconscious feelings to conscious awareness.
  6. Coaching helps you to grow by learning new skills, to make better and effective choices, goals to become specific actions to create the life you desire, and to have the love you deserve. Counseling resolves pain, and helps you to let go of old patterns.
  7. A Coach is directive, solution-focused, instills action and motivates you to reach your desired goals. A Counselor is nurturing and listens to you expressing your concerns and feelings.
  8. A Certified Coach can practice globally, over the phone, an app, virtually, or in person. We can text and email our clients, and my VIP Coaching Clients have this type of access to me and have 7-days a week and 12-hour day support. A Counseling client must reside in my state of Florida, and their support is limited to their Counseling session only. Only recently (due to Covid) can I see my clients online; and this is the only service for Counseling clients I offer at this time.
  9. My Coaching VIP Clients have the ability to text, call, and email me 7 days a week (depending on the VIP level of program), thus getting immediate help when they need it. They have a 1-hour session. Counseling clients cannot text, email me or phone me for advise outside of their weekly session. Their time with me is 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for mandatory notes and chart work.
  10. Insurance – Due to the level of support I give my Coaching Clients, I do not accept insurances for Coaching. For Counseling, many self-pay if I am out of network, and I give them a bill to submit to their insurance company. 
  11. I Accept various Insurances for Counseling for Tele-Health Services – currently I have United Behavioral Health, Oxford, and Oscar. Others are soon to come. If you are with another company, and have OTN – Out of Network Counseling Benefits, please let my billing group know ahead of time. You will need to self-pay and submit a bill that I give you to get reimbursed (called a “Super Bill”). Start by setting your appointment Here >
  12. Counseling requires a Mental Health Diagnosis that will be part of your Health History. This is problematic if you are a Police officer, Celebrity, serve in the Military in any form, and for other people who need their Mental and Personal Health records kept – Private & Personal (which is the case with my Coaching Clients). If that is your situation, I highly suggest you invest in Coaching and not do a counseling modality.
  13. Payments: Coaching Clients pay me up front and get a Scholarship for paying for their 4 or 6-month program all at once. This is a complete Tax deduction. Payment plans are available, and so is a funding source. Counseling will also be paid upfront, in full, for a Self-pay client, and at the end of the session I will email them a billing form they need to email off to their Insurance company to get reimbursed a portion of the fees. If you are an insurance client (one that I accept), you pay your Co-pay through the system I provide, one-day prior to meeting with me. If it is not paid, your session will be cancelled, and there is a $50 Cancellation fee that will be charged.

If you still have questions regarding if Coaching or Counseling is best for you, and what programs are available, please use the Contact Me form for questions and appointments. I take Counseling Clients Mon 10-4 and Fridays 10-1pm EST.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1) How soon can I start Counseling? If you are a Self-Pay Client and do not need Billing for Insurance Companies, you can start immediately. Many Celebrities, Hi-level Executives, Police & Military Officers use this because they prefer NOT to have a Diagnosis Code for Mental Health as part of their global Medical History. Their chart and information is kept completely private. It will take longer for Insurance clients because we have to get you approved for Tele-health sessions and complete more paperwork that is required as part of your medical records with Insurance Companies.

To discuss your concerns, level of service needed, and to get a Monday or Friday appt. please use The CONTACT ME FORM in this website.

2) What Insurances will You take for Counseling? At this time I will take only those who cover Telehealth — Currently I have IN-Network status with Aetna, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, Oxford, and Oscar. Others should be available soon. You can have other insurances but you will need to Self-Pay upfront and submit a Super Bill for reimbursement if you have OTN – Out of Network Benefits. Please inform my billing company of this status when you sign up to meet with me Here >

3) If the Insurance Company does not pay my full bill, and I submitted a Self-Pay bill for reimbursement, what happens? Keep a log for yourself of what you have to pay yourself, and use it as a Tax deduction each year under Medical Expenses.

4) How many Counseling sessions should I have? Healing and change takes time for you; and because counseling requires more time, billing and chart work for me, the Therapist, I require a minimum of Six Sessions. I am very invested in seeing emotional healing for my clients, which I know takes time.

5) Can I start with Counseling and go on to a Coaching Program? YES. Many of my original Therapy clients chose to do this…once their emotions were handled with Counseling, they really wanted the extra Solution-Focused education and skills that comes with both my Life and Dating OR Relationship Coaching.

6) How do I sign up for Counseling with You? Go to this LINK to CONTACT ME to tell me your concerns, ask your questions, and tell me times available for your first appt. Mondays through Thursdays, 10-4:40 or 5 pm EST.

I will then sign you up inside a Counseling Portal in a HIPPA compliant format and collect payment, issue you your Intake forms, and create your Super Bill for you to submit to your Insurance Company for Out-of-Network reimbursements. I use for Billing intake and for you make your appointment Here > The correspondence you have with me with be through this site.  It is the top of the line and the most simple to use for my clients, which I thought was most important to do the required paperwork, start your sessions, make your Co-pay or Self-Pay investment, and schedule in your session time. When I see your suggested appointment time, I will confirm or suggest an alternative time; and you will get a link to join me the day of your session.

7) When can I make appointments? Times vary each week because I am quite busy with my Coaching clients, marketing, and interviews for podcasts and summits. However, I am trying to schedule ALL Counseling Sessions on Mondays through Thursdays, 10:30 -4:30 or 5 pm EST please select a time and I will confirm it. If you csannot find a time, I can try to set an individual appt according to my schedule that particular week. Because seeing me is easy with Online Counselling, many schedule their lunch break for a Counseling session time. I will do my best to see you ASAP.

8) What if I’m not sure if Counseling OR Coaching sessions are best? I then have you complete the simple 5-6 Coaching Assessments and meet with you for 90 minutes to assess your concerns and suggest what modality (counseling or coaching) would work best for you. We can move on from there. You get that at 

If you are a Couple, you will each need to do a Private Life & Love Discovery Session with me, so I can assess each partner’s concerns in private.

Questions? Email me at – by using the CONTACT ME FORM 


What are your Counseling Fees?
These vary according to the Service You Need

Insurance Clients:

90791: 1st Counseling SessionInitial Interview for Diagnosis Evaluation with Paperwork; takes 1 total hour

Total Self-Pay Private Client: $300 per 50-Minute (1-hour) Session; due 1 day prior to session; No Diagnostic code or Medical Chart submission for Insurance companies needed; ensures your complete privacy.

Sessions 2 through 6 + – These prices vary due to level of Service. Check with your Insurance company what they will reimburse you for the below services if You are Self-Pay and going “Out of Network”

Code: 90832 – Fast Individual session, 16-30 minutes

Code: 90834 – Individual Counseling; total of 45 minutes

** Code: 90837 Individual Counseling; total of 60 minutes (this Session is the most common; please choose this when you book with me the 1st time. If a family or Couples session, please see below.)

Code 90846 – Family or Couples Therapy without 2nd party/client present; total of 50 minutes

Code 90847 – Family or Couples Counseling with Client present; total of 50 minute

If you are Paying Out of Network and want a bill for your insurance companies, for the first session ($300) and moving forward, I will use the billing codes you see below on your Super Bill and charge the following Session rates to you. Payment is due up front. The reimbursement from your company is not guaranteed by me, and the amount you receive would vary according to your plan. Please call your insurance ahead of time to clarify.

If you are Self-Pay and paying Out of Network, the charges are below:

90832: Single / Fast session up to 30 minutes = $ 240

90834: Single client/ 45 min = $260

** 90837: Single client / 60 min = $275 (most commonly billed)

90846: Couples/Family w/out 2nd party for 50 minutes = $280

**90847: Couples/Family with 2nd party present / 50 minutes = $300

I look forward to working with you as a Counseling Client. If you have other questions which I have not addressed; please use the CONTACT ME Form in this website. 

Remember ALL COUNSELING SERVICES and your Telehealth video Appt. will be done within the HIPPA Compliant Platform through BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT HERE

See you Soon! In Light & Love, Riana