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Coaches Training

Are you a psychotherapist or Social worker tired of feeling owned by the insurance companies? Are you fed up with hearing, year after year, they will not give you a raise in your rates? Or, are you another helping professional – a teacher, nurse, CNA, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer… someone who loves what they do but feel they are meant for more? Perhaps you already are a Coach and have been working till exhaustion trying to get more clients in the door and are ready to quit, so you try every new “shiny penny” and technique to see “if that works.” You think, “What’s missing, what am I doing wrong?” Honestly, you’re doing nothing wrong. Your just in that totally frustrating place of – “I don’t know, what I don’t know” and I can get you out of there and re-motivated again.

I understand. I’ve been where you were; as a psychotherapist in private practice asking every year for a raise from the insurance companies, and hearing – No. After 17 years, I wanted to control my own salary, my destiny, my work hours. It was ridiculous hearing the demands “of the system” to do more work, and I got paid less for my time. It was time to go Global as a Coach and serve the clients I selected and earn the income that I deserved based on my investment in my education which with a triple MA degree, more licenses and certifications, and having 6 Coaches, was more than insurance companies were willing to pay to recoup my investments. I took the leap of faith and left my office job as a Therapist and came home to create, within my first year as a full-time Coach, what I earned in my yearly income as a therapist. I doubled that in year two; while at the same time saw fewer clients, and on the schedule that was more sane for life balance.

I quickly became known as a Global Expert in my niche of helping those with past Childhood & Love Trauma within the first year as well. You can do it too! It’s time you earned the income you deserve while doing the work you are passionate about. It’s time to Live Your Purpose by serving the clients you love. I take on two Coaching clients a year to mentor them to reach their goals in the profession they are driven to have; while at the same time, creating a Life they truly Desire. If you are at a place of needing mentoring for your coaching, or just getting started with this dream, Contact Me now, and let’s get you started! 

Personalized to Your Career Goals

No matter where you are in your Coaching career, we start at where you are now and create an individualized program for where you want to be. See below the various areas we can promote you and direct your career. I have trained with some of the top Coaches – Lisa Sasevich for Speaking, Sales, and launching my business, John Lee Dumas for Podcasting, Mark Lack for Personal Branding, Peter Pu for eCommerce, Eban Pagan for Online Course creation, Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins for marketing and messaging, Kim Walsh for webinars and email marketing….I have spent over $350,000 in my education to get where I am today. The good news? You don’t have to! You get to benefit from all the education I gathered to get where you want to be in record time.

Together, we will create a plan to quickly start your journey to reach your goals and dreams in one or many areas of Coaching. Let’s get you going towards financial freedom and in Creating a Life that You Desire and are Passionate about! Please Contact Me so we can discuss your dreams & goals! I’m looking forward to meeting you. In Light & Love, Riana XO

Your Custom Training could include:

  •  Creating a Mindset for Success Belief-system
  •  Time and Life Balance as you grow your Business
  •  Identifying your Niche and perfect ideal client
  •  Creating a program title, educational system, slogan 
  • Creating a theme and colors for your Branding
  •  Creating an Online School or Training Academy
  •  Marketing your programs – social media, advertising, business cards, forms, etc
  •  Website Creation, Social media creation and getting Likes and followers
  •  How to acquire clients on a consistent basis – developing your intial Call-to-Action
  •  Email marketing system and list segregation; retaining your clients
  •  Creating a Podcast or having a radio show that gets consistent 5-star ratings
  •  Preparing an educational speech or interview that hits the emotions and speaks to your ideal clients 
  •  Creating the Know – Like – and Trust Factor with global clients
  •  Creating a webinar or series of Master Classes that convert to sales
  •  Creating Bonuses and upsells; promotions that create eager buyers of your programs
  •  Group Coaching – leveraging your education to teach larger groups
  •  Creating a Blog and getting content published with top magazines or online websites
  •  Creating an Online TV show or YouTube Channel
  •  CTA’s – creating mulitple Call to Action Free offers that your clients will love and want more from you 
  •  Creating Funnels to take your CTAs into repetitive, evergreen sales
  • Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn advertisements
  •  JV’s, Affiliates and Masterminding Relationships
  • Branching out to the next level and expanding your brand and programs
  • much more! What do you want to learn?
Contact Riana to apply to work with her as a Personal Mentorship Client. Investment varies according to your needs and number of months needed to reach your goals.