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Did you Divorce a Toxic Partner & Want to get Love Right Next Time?

Divorce is Difficult. But Divorce from a Narcissistic Emotionally Abusive, Sociopathic Partner is Toxic and Traumatizing. I get it – I’ve been there.

The Stress and Exhaustion is overwhelming and all you crave is peace, to “get yourself back” and you crave the freedom to do what you want – when you want – with no drama, blame, or lashing out at you.

You wonder – Does Emotionally Healthy, Evolved, and Conscious Love really exist? YES, It does. You just have to know EXACTLY what to do to attract it into your life.

It begins by becoming a new, vibrant, sexier more confident version of yourself; by Healing your Past Childhood Trauma (which attracted you to the Toxic Partner in the first place through “chemistry”) and healing all the aspects of Love Trauma that you endured in the Trauma Bond or marriage.

Next, We Create the Life You Truly Desire – step by step – goal by goal – by using The Mindset for Success and Holistic Healing strategies I uncovered with research. Slowly, together, as you are healing, growing and gaining more confidence and your self esteem back; within just a couple of months; we move on to you learning the exact psychology, strategies and mindset you need to Attract an Emotionally Healthy Partner who’s perfect for you.

Excited? You should be! Welcome to the Rest of Your Life! Because Life is AWESOME Beyond Divorce!

And It’s Time…to Have the Love You Deserve!

But, let’s start with Step One – The Life & Love Transformation Discovery Session
This is a 1-Hour PRIVATE, Deep dive session that gets to the root of your concerns to help you understand  –
  • WHY you Attracted a Toxic Partner
  • WHY You Stayed so long, and
  • WHY they did what they did (and NONE of this is your fault!)

We have to have you Understand your Past so You can Feel more Empowered and Consciously Aware in your Future – so you NEVER Attract a Toxic Partner again. There are signs, strategies, and tools we use – all based in research that will help you in the Dating Process so you Fall in Love with the right Partner next time.

This session has been quoted as “I learned more in ONE Hour with you Riana then in 7 years of Therapy!” and I always say – You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand or Acknowledge.

At the end of the one hour we totally focus on YOU, if you are curious about what it looks like to hire me as your Coach, then just ask. 

I felt there was nothing more frustrating then – “I don’t know what I don’t know” – and that’s what sent me on my journey to find the research that I did not get (nor other therapists) in their Triple Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology. This was something different my Ex had, and I need to know what it was for my own healing. My Paid became my Purpose and my Passion to Help others heal who was at the wrath of a Sociopath or Narcissistic Partner.

Let’s get you started on your Healing Journey. I make it easy! This Discovery Session is normally $497 – and I use 5 assessments that tell me within the hour the answers to your most frustrating questions.

For a Limited Time, This Private Skype Video Discovery Session is ONLY $47

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I look forward to meeting you and seeing how I can help you best!

In Light & Love, Riana

Some Testimonials from my Divorced Graduates who moved on from Toxic Marriages or Relationships: 

Maria (63) Before working with Riana, I was feeling stagnant in my love relationship path since having a Toxic Marriage, unsure of myself on how to have a the best relationship with the new man who I was dating and love so much – and now we are engaged. It wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Riana. She helped me with past Childhood Traumas and help me to communicate better with my partner. I’ve gained boundaries and clarity in my love relationship, career goals, launched a new business, and learned to find more balance and ease in my life.

   I highly recommend Coach Riana Milne. When I first met her through Skype, she immediately surrounded me with her positive and compassionate energy. I was able to open up and freely talk with her. One of the big issues I was carrying in my life was high anxieties. Riana was amazing she helped me turn what I thought were shortcomings into positive aspects. I felt truly heard and validated.  I’m grateful for all the work she has done for me. I finally understand the concept of self-worth and self-love, the most priceless gifts in my life. If you are ready to put the work, then Riana is the perfect person to Coach you through anything! Love, Maria

Olya (33) After 10 years of marriage and lots of determination of making it work, it was really hard to feel at peace that all my attempts to save the relationship failed. I could only see black and no light that could come out of the situation. When I heard Riana on a podcast, I immediately connected to her message about childhood trauma. I realized that it was the missing link that no one talks about. All of us are innocent and are doing the best we can but only the ones that want to break the cycle, will do it. After our consultation, I knew Riana “got me.” I decided to purchase the VIP Diamond 6-month program so that I could work 1-on-1 with her to get the clarity and help that I needed. NO REGRETS THERE AT ALL!!!

          Riana helped me to get out of victim mode, to be able to see the positive that comes out of all ‘negative’, she helped me to believe in a Higher Spirit again, and she inspired me to be my true best self. In the last 6 months I was able to become best friends with my ex-husband, the father of our son. We are now capable of co-parenting our son, seeing eye to eye, which means NO childhood trauma even after divorce for the little one. All divorce arrangements were handled with grace and kindness. I regained my focus on my career – that of helping people be the healthiest version of themselves.

          And I started dating again, truly enjoying the process of choosing my next relationship since now I know exactly what kind of partner will bring out the best in me and will be the best for my values, lifestyle and vision. And most importantly I live in the present moment, truly enjoying the process of life with its normal ups and downs which no longer shake me.

         I can’t thank Riana enough. She is passionate about helping people, and she truly cares. The education in her course is top notch! You will need to read hundreds of books and spend thousands of hours researching various subjects; her books are my bible. I read them over and over again and learn something new each time. Even though my course is almost completed, I will carry Riana close to my heart always and I know she will not stop supporting us. Her podcasts, master classes, books and articles are inspirational, educational, and come from her heart. If you have any questions for me, I will be happy to chat with you. Thank you, Riana! With Love, Olya                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Update: 4/2020 – Olya & Scott are married and have a beautiful Baby Girl and living in a beautiful ocean-front home! Congratulations Olya & Scott!

 Isn’t Time You Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve?

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