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Feeling anxious, lonely, depressed, or losing sleep over a relationship issue or life situation? Do you feel you have lost your purpose in life, and want more personal happiness and success? With over 15 years experience, my down-to-earth, transformational Life, Love & Relationship Coaching and Counseling style helps you to understand and improve your situation as you learn proven, time-tested, personal strategies to increase confidence while building a positive mind-set fulfilling your goals and dreams. For Couples, increase passion and intimacy while turning a toxic relationship into terrific! For Singles, learn to date with intention and confidence while being aware of the warning signs of toxic personality types; as you become a person who attracts the perfect, lifetime partner. For the newly Divorced - while healing, become personally empowered by reinventing yourself after a breakup and learning how to find an emotionally healthy, evolved partner for your future. My educational, inspirational, goal-oriented holistic wellness approach to healing and positive change will have you living a life you Love! There are separate Transformational Coaching packages for Singles and Couples. Let me see how I can best help you become the person you were meant to be. Contact me now for a FREE, 15-30 minute Coaching Strategy session by pushing the button to the right. Life is too short to be unhappy!

- Respectfully, Riana

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  • Now is the time to change your life and become the YOU you always wanted to be. #1 Best Selling Author, Riana Milne, offers many various Coaching programs to fit your needs, concerns, and personal situation. Life Coaching is a part of every program for Singles and Couples; looking at every life sphere: Relationship with partner, family, children and friends, self-confidence, career, finances, hobbies/fun, educational goals, home life, life purpose, spiritual beliefs, and more.
    Programs include:

    •  Singles & Couples VIP, Private 3 or 6 month programs
    • 1 day, 7 hour Intensives
    • Group Teleseminar Classes by computer/phone
    • Home Study Programs for Singles
    • VIP Weekends & Coaching Retreats
    • All VIP programs include both books, and a 180-page interactive workbook
    • unlimited emails, texts and emergency phone calls with me, not a Jr. Coach.

    I would be honored to Coach You to find Personal Fulfillment & have Relationship Bliss! - Respectfully, Riana

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    Let Riana Milne take you on a Holistic Therapeutic Journey to explore the depths of your soul. Life's choices and their outcomes, personal concerns and questions can be examined in this very motivational and virtual website where Counseling is an educational and spiritual experience! Learn about the services offered to individuals, couples, teens and parents.

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Riana’s interview: Next Level of Love Series

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Riana’s interview with Nicole Moore on The Next Level of Love Series Learn: How to spot a toxic partner and how to avoid one How to heal from a negative relationship experience and find new love again Why age doesn’t matter in choosing a partner and what you should look for instead AUDIO LINK:  Riana […]

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I am so thankful to Riana for helping me land my new job. I was working in a lower level management position with my company. I was feeling ready for the next step and a new challenge in my career.  As a collage graduate with management experience, you would think interviews would be a breeze for me, but I felt anxious and unsure of myself moving up.  Riana was able to take all my best qualities and help me present them in a way that made me look like a shining star that would be an asset to my company.  We went over my resume, S.W.O.T analysis and career development plan. Most importantly, Riana gave me the self-esteem and confidence to walk into the interview and get that job.  I will always remember Riana saying “Why not you?”  I took that with me into the interview, and I will always remember in whatever next step I want to take in my life “Why not me?”

Riana gives excellent advice on improving yourself for healthy relationships. She sums it up with, ‘Be the person you want to attract.’ And don’t miss the parenting chapter, from the importance of giving unconditional love to teaching children the Watch Me! mind-set. What a good role model she is for single working moms!

“Live Beyond Your Dreams”, is a book that you can’t put down! It is so easy to incorporate its key principles into your everyday life. I immediately wrote down each of my goals and put them on my bathroom mirror so I could look at them every morning before I start my day and at night to review if I met each goal. It’s a great way to balance your life, and as a single mother of two little ones, that can be a challenge. This book was so helpful I gave it out as Christmas presents!

Get your copy of Live Beyond Your Dreams

Learn the Mind-Set for Success, and Personal Power! Ease Stress, Anxiety and Depression by using the Watch Me! motivational techniques to increased self-esteem and to find your Joy and Purpose in Life!

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