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Feeling anxious, lonely, depressed, or losing sleep over a relationship issue or life situation? Do you feel you have lost your purpose in life, and want more personal happiness and success? With over 15 years experience, my down-to-earth, transformational Life, Love & Relationship Coaching and Counseling style helps you to understand and improve your situation as you learn proven, time-tested, personal strategies to increase confidence while building a positive mind-set fulfilling your goals and dreams. For Couples, increase passion and intimacy while turning a toxic relationship into terrific! For Singles, learn to date with intention and confidence while being aware of the warning signs of toxic personality types; as you become a person who attracts the perfect, lifetime partner. For the newly Divorced - while healing, become personally empowered by reinventing yourself after a breakup and learning how to find an emotionally healthy, evolved partner for your future. My educational, inspirational, goal-oriented holistic wellness approach to healing and positive change will have you living a life you Love! There are separate Transformational Coaching packages for Singles and Couples. Let me see how I can best help you become the person you were meant to be. Contact me now for a FREE, 15-30 minute Coaching Strategy session by pushing the button to the right. Life is too short to be unhappy!

- Respectfully, Riana

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Now is the time to change your life and become the YOU you always wanted to be. #1 Best Selling Author, Riana Milne, offers many various Coaching programs to fit your needs, concerns, and personal situation. Life Coaching is a part of every program for Singles and Couples; looking at every life sphere: Relationship with partner, family, children and friends, self-confidence, career, finances, hobbies/fun, educational goals, home life, life purpose, spiritual beliefs, and more. Programs include:
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  • All VIP Coaching Programs include a full-sized, ​200 page full-sized Life & Love Transformation Notebook and paperback copies of LIVE & LOVE Beyond Your Dreams.
  • Unlimited emails, Texts, and Emergency Phone calls between session
I would be honored to Coach You to find Personal Fulfillment & have Relationship Bliss! - Respectfully, Riana

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    Coaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals to improve your life in one or several areas. Unlike Therapy or Counseling which is focused on improving a mental illness, Coaching is meant to meet you where you are in life, and propel you forward into a life you desire, maximizing your full personal and relationship potential, so that you live a life beyond your dreams!

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    Riana Milne, MA, LMHC, CAP is a Certified, global Relationship, Love & Life Coach, a #1 Best Selling author, a Life & Relationship Coach for the new TV Show, Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40; Host of her former TV show: Lessons in Life & Love, a motivational speaker, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Cert Addictions Professional at Therapy by the Sea;

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    Learn from Riana as she helps you navigate romance, family, careers and more. With new articles added all the time you are sure to find something to help you in your life's journey. So click learn more below and dive in!

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What Does the Evolved Partner & Relationship Look Like?

posted by Riana Milne">Riana Milne | 0

What Does the Evolved Partner & Relationship Look Like? Learn the Qualities & Traits of an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved Relationship. Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach Riana Milne writes for Digital Romance. There is an art and science to finding an amazing Partner; information we did not learn in school, or from our parents. See the […]

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Lisa S. (50’s) – Riana Milne came into my life and right away I knew she was meant to be there. Eighteen months ago I was struggling, lost and helpless. Riana’s supportive Coaching techniques led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes after a difficult time in my life following a divorce. Because of her incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express direction in her books and coaching program, I gained the strength I needed to move forward and feel amazing! Today….I am stronger, happier and love myself more than I ever have. It has been an incredible journey of setting goals, focusing on the positive, reading and centering on positive and spiritual energy. The only books you ever need to read are LIVE Beyond Your Dreams and LOVE Beyond Your Dreams by Riana Milne. There is no other App you need to have on your computer or iPad other than Riana Milne’s, My Relationship Coach! Sometimes people come into your life……I would highly recommend her Coaching program…I am now in a wonderful, emotionally healthy & evolved relationship – and knew EXACTLY what to do to attract this type of love into my life. With Thanks and Love, Lisa

Erin L. (30s) – – I came across Riana online and was intrigued by her professional expertise and blog where she started her journey in helping people. I was really touched by what I read and decided to give her a try. I hadn’t really felt a connection between a few other Coaches I have been to. Instantly, when I sat down and met with Riana, I knew that I had found my Coach! Coaching led me to gain my confidence back, getting to a point of happiness and self-worth again. Through my work with Riana, and the worksheets and her two books I read; it was an eye-opener and I was lucky to escape the biggest mistake of my life – that of a marriage to the wrong person. I am now in the most fantastic, healthiest relationship of my life! I cannot thank Riana enough for being such an amazing coach, person and mentor. She is sweet and caring, and provides great advice and asks questions that need to be asked and also guides you with answers you may not want to hear or be ready for. I have enjoyed opening up to her and becoming a better person for it and I am forever thankful. She’s an amazing woman and an inspiration! I encourage anyone who is in need of help with themselves, or a relationship, to give her program a try – and you won’t be sorry! Thank you so much Riana!

Tired of Painful, Toxic Relationships? It's time to Love Yourself More! It starts with choosing to love in a different way. Learn to recognize the signs of an emotional manipulator and stop the cycle of dysfunctional, abusive relationship patterns. Reinvent yourself to find the healthy, evolved partner and the Love you Deserve!

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