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If you’re sick and tired of feeling lonely, being depressed, and feeling anxious about dating all the wrong people, this is for you…

At Last: Discover How to STOP Making the Same “Mistakes” in Your Love Relationships! You CAN Attract the Partner of Your Dreams.
It’s time to have the love (and life!) you deserve.
I’ll show you how.

It’s time to have the life & love you deserve!

I'll show you how!

From the Desk of Riana Milne


Dear Single Friend: Does this sound familiar?

Your friends are all in relationships … and you’re envious. You don’t want to settle for just anybody, but you’re so tired of being alone!

This isn’t where you thought you’d be in life at this point. You thought by now you’d have found the love of your life, gotten married, had babies … you thought you’d be experiencing the joy of being part of a happy family. -OR -

You thought for sure you would be “with your person” to spend retirement years and the rest of your life with. You never thought you would be growing older – alone.

You can find dates, sure—with all the wrong people! You can see the train wreck coming a mile away, but you consistently find yourself choosing the same type, and the trains just keep on coming.

Your dating experience is severely undermining your confidence, self-esteem, and even body image. You’re finding yourself falling back on that “What’s wrong with me?” mindset, and you really can’t figure out what you’re doing “wrong.”

Ok, Take a Deep breath.

It’s not your fault you’ve been attracting the wrong people. And it’s certainly not your fault if you’ve been backing off dating altogether, even isolating yourself, because you’d rather be lonely than miserable – or afraid of dating someone who could break your heart. And I promise you, I’m not just saying that! It’s really not your fault. (I said it again because I really want you to let it sink in.)

Here’s the thing: when you were a child, young and innocent, you may have experienced things that changed you—that traumatized you. These early traumas are now shaping how you view the world as an adult (yes, even if right now you’re thinking “But I didn’t experience trauma”).

Research shows that close to 90% of the population experienced at least one childhood trauma (and there are over 10 major trauma categories!), so know that you are definitely not alone in this struggle.

-OR- You experienced Love Trauma - an Abusive Relationship with someone you truly loved; doing everything possible to make it work until you just couldn't "take it" anymore.

I understand; I've been there. The Great news is, past Trauma can be Healed, and any anxiety, depression, loneliness, frustration with dating, low self- esteem and confidence can be healed too - transforming your life into one that you are passionate about!

It's Time to go from a Negative, Fear-based way of Being and Living to Create a Terrific Life You Desire and to Attract & Have the Love You Deserve! Let's do this!

Tired of doing all the right things and still attracting or settling for the wrong partner?

Having a hard time breaking free of someone you know is Toxic and Bad for you?

Stop the dead-end relationships that leave you unfulfilled. If you simply can’t find love, are newly divorced, or just experienced a hurtful breakup or loss of a long-time partner, learn the proven success strategies needed to gain dating confidence, to reinvent yourself, and successfully Attract a loving partner while Creating the Life You Desire.

You’ll know exactly what to do, who to avoid, and how to attract an emotionally healthy, loving Partner for a life-long relationship!

Benefits & Transformation:

• Break free once and for all from a toxic partner who is breaking your heart
• Stop attracting toxic, dysfunctional personality types that sabotage and frustrate you
• Stop negative, fear-based Anxious thoughts & behavior patterns that are ruining your life
• Heal from all past Unconscious Childhood, Family or Love Trauma
• Heal & Thrive from difficult transitions with a Positive Mindset for Success in Life & Love
• Reinvent yourself to become a Successful, Confident Single before dating again
• Improve all your life areas, including career & parenting for more personal confidence
• Write an online profile that will get you the dates you desire & avoid the ones you don’t
• Know the specific questions to ask while dating to discover any red flags early on
• Raise personal Self-esteem and Confidence while having more fun dating
• Know the essential character traits in an emotionally healthy, conscious partner
• Be clear on your needs, requirements, and wants for your life-long partner; stop settling!
• Use the “Law of Attraction” and many other tools to ensure your Success in Love


What some current clients are saying

Riana’s Coaching Program has helped me recognize what an ACOA is (an Adult Child of an Alcoholic & from other Childhood Traumas – and it’s affects it plays on one’s self-esteem and in Partner choice.) She offered me plenty of information and questions to ask both myself – and my dates – to determine what level of growth someone from Childhood Trauma has achieved. I am so eager to further expand my knowledge in this area that has affected me so greatly in the past; then see what new experiences come my way! I now feel spiritually and consciously strong and recognize that my self-care is so important. I have learned about my Requirements, Wants and Needs to focus on while dating, so I will now choose the right man for me. My mind-set is positive, strong and confident now! Christine B – (40’s)


Coaching with Riana led me to gain my confidence back, getting to a point of happiness and self-worth again. With her Program, it was an eye-opener and I was lucky to escape the biggest mistake of my life – that of a marriage to the wrong person. I am now in the most fantastic, healthiest relationship of my life, and have a beautiful baby boy! I cannot thank Riana enough for being such an amazing coach, person and mentor. She’s an amazing woman and an inspiration! I encourage anyone who is in need of help with themselves, or a relationship, to give her program a try – and you won’t be sorry! Thank you so much Riana.
Erin L. – (30s)

Introducing: Singles Mastery, Self Study, Life & Love Transformation Program


What's Inside Singles Mastery Self Study Program?

✅ MODULE 1 : Awake to Awareness: Assessing & Moving Beyond Pain, Childhood Traumas, and/or Subconscious Behavioral Triggers

✅ MODULE 2 : Personal Transformation: Reaching Personal Success with Focused & Consistent Goal Setting in All Life Areas

✅ MODULE 3 : Conscious & Spiritual Mindfulness: Increase Self-Esteem, Confidence, Balance and Positivity for Happiness & Passion in Life

✅ MODULE 4: Dating & Having the Love You Deserve: Defining & Attracting Your Ideal Life Partner