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If you’re sick and tired of feeling lonely, being depressed, and feeling anxious about dating all the wrong people, this is for you…

At Last: Discover How to STOP Making the Same “Mistakes” in Your Love Relationships! You CAN Attract the Partner of Your Dreams.
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From the Desk of Riana Milne

Please click the link Below to watch the 40-minute educational video of How to Attract Emotionally Healthy Love – and to Understand Why 9 out of 10 Singles Struggle in Life & Love.


Dear Single Friend:

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your friends are all in relationships … and you’re envious. You don’t want to settle for just anybody, but you’re so tired of being alone!
  • This isn’t where you thought you’d be in life at this point. You thought by now you’d have found the love of your life, gotten married, had babies … you thought you’d be experiencing the joy of being part of a happy family by now – and the clock is ticking.

OR –

  • You thought for sure you would be “with your person” to spend retirement years and the rest of your life with. You never thought you would be growing older – alone.
  • You can find dates, sure—with all the wrong people! You can see the train wreck coming a mile away, but you consistently find yourself choosing the same wrong type of Partner, and the trains just keep on coming. They all lead to a dead-end.
  • Your dating experience is severely undermining your confidence, self-esteem, and even body image. You’re finding yourself falling back on that “What’s wrong with me?” mindset, and you really can’t figure out what you’re doing “wrong.”

Deep breath.

It’s not your fault you’ve been attracting the wrong people. And it’s certainly not your fault if you’ve been backing off dating altogether, even isolating yourself, because you’d rather be lonely than miserable – or afraid of dating someone who could break your heart.

And I promise you, I’m not just saying that! It’s really not your fault. (I said it again because I really want you to let it sink in.)

Here’s the thing: when you were a child, young and innocent, you may have experienced things that changed you—that traumatized you. These early traumas are now shaping how you view the world as an adult (yes, even if right now you’re thinking “But I didn’t experience trauma”).

Research shows that close to 90% of the population experienced at least 1-3 of the 10 Childhood Trauma’s I name on my Checklist (and there are over 10 major trauma categories!); so know that you are definitely not alone in this struggle.

Even better yet – Help & Healing is here! It’s time to be empowered with Conscious Dating to lead you to the Love You Deserve!



Riana’s program is very inviting and conversational. While watching her videos, I feel she is in my living room giving me one on one attention and much of what she’s teaching is absolutely spot on advice and guidance that I need to hear. The written content is easy to understand and assimilate. Solid, real world education is what she offers. She provides a wealth of information among her books, videos, television programming, workbooks and rich life experience! And, things are going great with the man I am dating!

Nikki (50s) – Online Student

This was the perfect program for me. I had some other Coaching, had years of therapy, and did a lot of Self-study in Spirituality. I really wanted to get Riana’s research-based information  for healing and dating – that I knew was the missing link to my healing from both Childhood Trauma and 2 Toxic Relationships. This was very thorough and the best online course I have taken. I got all the answers I needed, and much more!  I feel totally confident to date now that I have this empowering information!    Jill (32)

I’m Coach Riana Milne.

And I’ve been where you are.

I too have suffered with some Childhood Emotional Traumas. My mother was tough, demanding, critical, and often angry because my Dad was rarely home due to his work; which supported our family (a no-fault abandonment). This left her to raise 5 children mostly on her own.

And when I was just ten years old, and my brother and I discovered a secret footlocker in my father’s office. We thought we’d found a Treasure Chest (young children have a creative imagination!) … until we pried it open.

We discovered my father’s secret life of porn, including photos and letters from his mistress we didn’t know that he had. It ruined the Hero image I had of my Dad, yet I could not say or do anything (parent with an addiction issue and secret life).

My brother and I held that terrible secret for the next eighteen years. Although I truly loved and admired my Dad, this secret was a horrible thing for a young daughter to see – and to carry. My brother and I realized we were responsible for keeping our family together, by never revealing what we knew to anyone!

Then, as my father was dying, his mistress reappeared in our life. My brother and I knew exactly who she was to him, and THAT trauma reinforced the trauma I experienced years before (emotional abuse).

My story isn’t unique. In fact, the majority of adults experience some form of childhood trauma or an adverse childhood event. I was also horribly bullied in school for being tall and skinny (Personal Trauma), and my two brothers were my mom’s “Golden Childhren” (Sibling Trauma).

So you see, all of this combined impacted me – unconsciously – so I ended up choosing a husband by “chemistry” who was almost exactly like my father. He was handsome, charming, socially outgoing (everyone loved him!), confident and successful … and he had a secret life. His also included a porn addiction and a mistress. I ended that marriage with an annulment once his secret was discovered by his boss and he was fired from work as a school principle. 

I was in a PTSD Shock (Love Trauma) when that occured, and no therapist could help me. You see, as therapists none of our Masters-level psychology education taught us about Childhood Trauma, Unconscious Emotional Triggers, and how it impacts an adult in life, love or business!

After that, I began to research myself how to heal and to understand how the events of childhood shape our experiences as adults, especially when it comes to our intimate relationships and success in life over all. And that research led me to my understanding of how Adverse Childhood Events or Traumas re-emerge as subconscious emotional triggers throughout our lives; especially with a Partner we love.

In other words, our subconscious chooses and attracts partners for us that reinforce what we have experienced as children. This is called “chemistry”!

No wonder I ended up subconsciously choosing men who were just like my Dad! I was always able to attract men into my life, but I was subconsciously attracting the WRONG type of man. I noticed a pattern in all the men I dated: they were all handsome, charming, and fun; yet irresponsible, impulsive, lacked integrity and all had severe Childhood Trauma. They didn’t know about their Unconscious Emotional Triggers and they also didn’t do anything to fix the toxic patterns in their life once they ruined his and my life.

Even though I had a triple Master’s Degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, was a Licensed Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselor and Student Assistance Counselors within schools, this topic was never discussed in any of my classes or continuing education. However, looking back over 20 years of being a therapist, I every client I worked with had past Childhood Trauma. Whether it was in the school setting as a SAC Counselor (I worked at every grade level K-College), in a Child & Adolescent ward of a Hospital, and at 2 Drug Rehab Centers (one for teens and the other with women from the prison system) – every person I had seen for therapy had Childhood Trauma. 

I started to piece all the experiece of working with trauma together, and developed the Assesment tool of the Childhood Trauma Checklist to help my Therapy clients and Coaching clients get to the root of their adult issues, which all stemmed back to some sort of unhealed, unconscious Childhood Trauma. These experiences led to behavioral patterns that was sabotaging their lives as an adult.

I discovered Ten common Adverse Childhood Events – or Traumas – that SO many people suffer from, and I made it my mission to help my clients heal their past traumas, so we can stop the painful cycle of Toxic, Codependent or Addictive love, and broken relationships.

And after doing TONS of research and studying, I also became a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a Certified Mindfulness Coach; so along with being a Global, Certified Life, Dating & Relationship Coach for Singles & Couples, SAC, LCADC and LMHC; I developed global Coaching programs to first heal clients from their past Childhood Trauma, then teach them what an Emotionally Healthy Relationship looks like, and how to attract one into their life.

I figured out the research-based solutions for breaking the toxic cycle of “hurtful love”, and the skills needed to create a loving relationship that was emotionally healthy, consciously evolved, supportive, and fulfilling. It is my goal to take this message to the world and help as many as I can have these wonderfuly sustaining relationships too.

I’m determined to educate those who are suffering in love and other areas of life so that they can turn their lives around to be fearless, confident, and have a positive mindset for success. And also; to learn the EXACT skills needed to attract an emotionally healthy partner into your life.

You CAN have a meaningful, loving, awesome relationship! Man or woman, straight or LGBTQ, young or old, it doesn’t matter! I am honored to Coach any adult through this journey of Personal Transformation!

The key is to decide for yourself that you are tired of experiencing the same patterns in your life that keep you stuck. 

When you do, you can commit to changing those patterns.

I suggest – you do it sooner than later – Why wait and continue to feel miserable? These skills are with your FOREVER!

It all starts with identifying and healing your Childhood Traumas so you can stop inadvertently sabotaging your love relationships, and finally experience the intimate connection you desire and deserve.



The Mastery program: Dating to Mating Life & Love Transformation Self-Study 

I’ve carefully designed this self-study training to give you everything you need to identify and release any and all the traumas you’ve experienced in your life. When you do, you’ll become more in touch with your emotions, letting go of your negative mindset, anxious or depressive thoughts and fears, and emotional triggered responses with ease.

Moreover, you’ll reconnect with yourself, becoming clear on exactly who you are and what you want in life, and from a love relationship, so you can attract your perfect partner, and go from single to committed (without repeating mistakes from the past!).

We start with identifying and changing any areas of your life you want improved. Follow the directions closely to be able to feel like a Successful Single before you start dating! Then, you’ll be able to “Date with Confident Intention” so that you can attract an emotionally healthy partner into your life.

This is the perfect starter course for those who don’t feel they need personal, individual or group coaching support at this time.

They want to “get their feet wet” and at least get started in learning this valuable information that will change their life, and the way they Love.

Details are below as to what you can expect to learn from this transformative virtual Training program, held on the




Module 1: Awake to Awareness: Assessing & Moving Beyond Pain, Childhood Traumas, and/or Subconscious Behavioral Triggers


In this module, you’ll begin by taking the “Relationship Readiness Quiz for Singles,” to see how ready you really are for a relationship and clearly define what areas need improvement. You’ll also define the concerns you currently have about your overall life and love relationships and identify the changes you want to make. Then, you’ll begin the process of creating change by assessing your childhood to identify any and all traumas that need to be brought into conscious awareness so that you start to change and stop negative patterns for good.

You’ll learn:

  • Which (if any) forms of abuse you’ve experienced in your past.
  • How childhood, dating or relationship trauma may have impacted you in your past, and how it may still be impacting you in your present.
  • To identify your emotions and move beyond them (especially in regard to anxiousness, fearful and negative thinking or depression).
  • Your personality profile and self-esteem scale as a starting point for growth.
  • And more.


Module 2: Personal Transformation: Reaching Personal Success with Focused & Consistent Goal Setting in All Life Areas


In this module, we’ll look at creating balance in your life. It begins with creating a new life vision, which will provide you with even more motivation for change focusing on Mind, Body, and Soul work!

You’ll discover:

  • How to create your personal ‘Wheel of Life,’ so that you can experience satisfaction in ALL life areas.
  • Exact ways to increase your confidence and reduce stress in your life so you can reach your dreams.
  • Why goal setting is integral to your personal growth and success, and of course, HOW to set realistic, achievable goals.
  • The 5 D’s for Focused, Personal Success, so that you can enjoy life’s journey no matter what is going on (yes, even during the difficult times).
  • Learn Divine Meditation to calm anxiety, depression, and fear-based thoughts so that you can experience increased overall happiness and well-being
  • And more.


Module 3: Conscious & Spiritual Mindfulness: Increase Self-Esteem, Confidence, Balance and Positivity for Happiness & Passion in Life

Get ready for breakthroughs! In this module, we’ll cover why some level of spirituality is essential for feeling your best. Then, we focus on mindfulness, beginning with how to replace your “stinking thinking” with positive thoughts, which is KEY to creating happiness.

You’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish the good from the bad in life’s lessons, so you can find your purpose in life (and even a powerful Plan B).
  • Four Essential Questions to ask yourself when it comes to choices and actions, and when to ask them in order to empower all your relationships.
  • How to create balance in your life and your relationships, PLUS the six areas to regularly monitor to keep the balance.
  • How to use the Law of Attraction so it works in your favor.
  • And more


Module 4: Dating & Having the Love You Deserve: Defining & Attracting Your Ideal Life Partner


In this module, you’ll dive deep into yourself and your subconscious beliefs about love. You’ll figure out exactly what you want in an ideal partner and create distinctions that will allow you to differentiate between love and obsession … so you can move beyond temporary lust or chemistry – based attractions to real quality character and conscious attachment.

You’ll discover:

  • Five Truths of Conscious Dating, so you can set yourself up to attract an emotionally healthy, evolved partner (and not another toxic, co-dependent relationship!).
  • How to avoid the 14 Dating Traps (and the specific issues you’ll face with online dating), so that you can find your perfect mate without any online horror stories.
  • How to identify your relationship history and patterns, so you’re no longer doomed to repeat them.
  • PLUS, I share the best offline ways to flirt and date – no computer needed!
  • And more.

Module 5: Success in Life & Love: Establishing an Emotionally-Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Relationship

Here you’ll learn the rules of effective communication, so you can clearly communicate your needs, wants, and desires to your potential mate. That’s right; this is where we eliminate the communication barriers. No more “guessing” if you’re even speaking the same language.

You’ll learn:

  • How to craft a Conscious Dating Plan after taking the Relationship Readiness Assessment, so you can confidently take steps toward finding “The One”
  • WHERE to find your perfect mate, and HOW to attract him or her now!
  • The best ways to cultivate your relationship skills and attitudes, so you can be the partner you want to attract.
  • And more.

Plus, You Get These Amazing 4 Bonuses Worth $3,000.

Bonus 1: Conscious Dating Red Flags Checklist
You want to make sure that you’re spending your time dating the right person… but it can be really hard to be objective about a new relationship! This checklist will help you identify any possible red flags in your relationship so you can decide if you’re talking yourself into a relationship or if it’s the real deal.
(Value $500)

Bonus 2: 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask on a First Date to Know if They’re a Keeper
You want to have an emotionally healthy, evolved relationship – which means you don’t want to waste your time dating a dud! These 10 essential questions aren’t “ice breakers” – they’re designed to help you know if the date in front of you is emotionally heathy and a great partner, as well as if their core values are aligned to yours – from Date 1 – so you know immediately if this date is “a one and done” or if you feel confident to move on to a second date.
(Value $500)

Bonus 3: Private 1-on-1 Quick Start Coaching Session with Riana
In this 1-Hour Virtual Coaching Session with Riana on SKYPE, we’ll talk about what’s holding you back from having the love relationship you want. Then, I’ll give you a customized plan for navigating the Dating to Mating Program, so you’ll know EXACTLY what to focus on in the course!
(Value $1000)

Bonus 4: Private 1-on-1 Graduation Coaching Session: When you complete the course, we meet for a final Coaching session to get your questions answered and plan out your next 6 months of life and dating.                                                                                                                                                                (Value: $1,000)

In Short, You’ll Have Everything You Need to FREE Yourself from the Traumas That Have Impacted You Your Entire Life, So You Can Finally Live a Joyful, Love-Filled Life, alongside Your Perfect-for-You Mate!

Right now, you might be thinking, “This sounds great, Riana! How are we going to cover it all?”

Great question!

When you enroll in the Mastery Level of Dating to Mating Life & Love Transformation Self-Study Program for Singles you receive:


Immediate access to five training modules, and their accompanying bonus training videos. You have 2-weeks to focus on each module to really try the suggestions in each one – so the concepts stick with time and practice.


A downloadable 90-page Life & Love Transformation Notebook contains exercises created from over two years of my research I conducted while helping people with childhood trauma improve their Life & Love Relationships. This workbook takes everything you learn in the course even deeper, helping you break bad habits while learning all about emotionally-healthy, evolved, conscious love relationships, and how to create them for yourself.


Audio instruction for EACH workbook chapter and course module; so you get the most out of the work you do completing them.

By now, you may be asking yourself, “Riana, I can’t wait to transform my life from the ground up—including Beginning with releasing my Childhood Traumas—so I can find my perfect mate! What is the investment?”

Great question. Let me ask you this:

Which is a greater investment—money, or time?

You can’t get time back. And your Clock is ticking. How much longer do you “want to wait?”

And how much time have you already spent waiting for Love? How many days have you wasted being lonely? Feeling unloved? Or in relationships that you knew were wrong for you? How many times have you repeated that process, just to NOT be alone?

I’ll bet you can measure that in years, not months.

If you’re finally ready—ready to focus on the one thing all your relationships have in common—YOU …

… if you’re ready to invest your time, energy, and focus into YOU …

Then the monetary investment for “The Mastery Level – Dating to Mating Life & Love Self-Study Program for Singles:” (which is a total value of $5000, including bonuses) is the easy part: it’s just $1997.

BUT, because I want to make it as easy as possible for you to invest in yourself, for a limited time, I’m offering you a “Take Decisive Action” discount of $500! If you sign up for a Life & Love Transformation Discovery session with me, and decide to do this program the SAME DAY, I will give you a Bonus code to save $500 for a Fast-Action Scholarship.

That means that when you take action the day of your Discovery session, you invest ONLY $1497!

Often I asked myself if there was any way I could make the investment even easier on you … which is why I’m also offering a limited-time, two-payment plan: make two simple payments of $825 – 21-days apart. Sign up with your first investment and start right away! 

I’m going to take all the risk off of you by offering you a 100%; 14-day money-back guarantee.

Here is our deal:

Know that you’re protected by a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee from day of payment. If you fully participate in doing all the exercises up to Orientation and/or Module One ONLY (and not go into any other Modules or download any more educational lessons beyond Module One) and take the necessary actions each worksheet or process suggests, and still cannot create new—big or small—results (and you’ll send me the completed course assignments, stating the new action you’ve taken, and the results produced), I will send you a refund; less Administration & Tech costs of $150; or I can apply your full investment into other types of Coaching you desire after we meet together to discuss various other Coaching options available to you. You have the option to step up to a Group Singles program or to work 1 on 1 with me, and this Self-study fee will be applied to your new program, should you desire to do one.


NOW are you ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

Frankly … It’s Time to Have the Love You Deserve!

What better investment could you possibly make than in yourself … and in love?

Many people of trauma do for everyone else, and rarely say “YES” to themselves. It’s time for you! It’s time to love yourself more!

And the information you learn in the course changes your life! FOREVER! Once you have these skills, you will use them for the rest of your life. Think of the value of that investment!


Yes, Riana! I’m ready for love!

I understand that for my investment of $1997 $1497, I receive:

1) Instant access to the five training modules and their accompanying bonus videos

2) Instant access to the downloadable Life & Love Transformation Notebook Exercises

3) Audio instruction for EACH workbook chapter

4) Powerpoint education, bonus videos, downloadable books, and much more!

But hurry, the “Fast Action” Savings is a limited time offer! Good ONLY the day you do your Discovery session.

Plus, get these amazing bonuses worth $3000. with the Pay in Full Plan:

  • Conscious Dating Red Flags Checklist
  • 10 Essential Questions You Must Ask on a First Date to Know if They’re a Keeper
  • Private 1-hour, Quick Start Coaching Session with Riana
  • Private 1-hour, Graducation Coaching Session

Or – I select to make 2 payments of $825.00 21 days apart.

Purchase w/Payment Plan

You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand!

If you’re like 90% of the population, events from your past have been impacting your life & love relationships over and over in ways that you don’t consciously understand. It’s time to discover and release those traumas for good, so you can have the love and joy you want and deserve!

It all starts here!  In Light & Love, Riana XO

P.S. Don’t waint and continue to stay stuck and frustrated by delaying this decision. Are you ready for love?

Trust the answer that comes and move forward! Say YES to the life & love you deserve!

Let’s Do this!