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Red Flags Warning Checklist For Couples

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This quiz is designed to identify possible red flags in dating, an exclusive relationship or marriage. Select all of the ones that apply to you. Answer either “Yes” or “No”.

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1) I would want to spend the rest of my life with this person exactly how they are.
2) I would want this person to raise my child.
3) I would want my child to be exactly like this person.
4) Do I want to rescue or help them because I see their potential.
5) I love the way they look or their status and it builds my self esteem being with them.
6) We have some things in common so I avoid focusing on our differences.
7) They appear to be totally different than people I have been with in the past.
8) They react to frustration with anger, rage or blame.
9) They blame others or circumstances for their life situation.
10) They try to control everything, including me.
11) They can be immature, impulsive or irresponsible.
12) They can be emotionally distant, passive or aloof.
13) They are still thinking about past partners or relationships.
14) They expect me to make their sad life better for them.
15) They are married, committed or otherwise unavailable.