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Congratulations on deciding that Coaching and growing into an Influencer may be the career for you! Deciding to be a Coach or an Influencer is the First of 7 D’s in the Mindset for Success to excel in your chosen life area. Coaching is incredibly rewarding, purpose-filled work, and brings huge satisfaction when you know you are instrumental to changing someone’s life for the better! And when you learn exactly what to do from your Coach, you create and grow your business faster and with minimal mistakes; which pays off big with financial rewards.

The first step to getting you going is to learn more about the Business of Coaching. Being an Influencer comes once you are succesful in your niche as a coach, or – you have grown to over 1 million fans and followers in social media channels.

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The truth about Coaching is – it looks easy to do when it is done right – but to be successful at it and earn 6-7 figures (over $100,000.00) it takes skill and real business knowledge. Research on salarys show only 5% earn over $100k and only 1% earn over $1 million. Want to Be Part of Our 6% Club?

Then be sure to read this very informative eBook cover to cover. If you are dedicated to being a Coach, then let’s get you into the club! Once you have read the book and you are totally inspired to be a Coach or Influencer and are ready NOW to get started, then Apply to meet with me for a 1-Hour Coaching Consultation session. This is a $500 value, and extremely limited due to the fact I can only take a few clients on to Mentor at one time.

To Apply – Simply Download this Application to WIN a FREE 1-Hour Consultation with me  Only 4 will be selected per week until my 3 openings are filled. After that, you will go on a waiting list to work with me as Your Mentor Coach. 

What am I looking for in an Ideal Candidate?

  • Ready to start their Mentoring right now – starting end of July
  • Has the time to devote to learning then taking massive action to grow their business
  • Will invest the time and resources neccessary to grow a successful business
  • Has support from Partner/spouse/kids to take on growing a Coaching business
  • Has an open mind to learning new skills and the dedication to follow-through 

 Please review the Coaching Options Menu on the landing page under Mentorship to let me know what you are most interested in starting with first. Once you complete your Application, email back to me at Applications will be taken through the month of July, 2020. I will be in touch with everyone who applies!

I look forward to receiving your application to help you to Create or Grow your Coaching and Influencer business!  

 In Light & Love, Riana