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Part 2 - Mentoring; Creating & Growing Your Coaching Business
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       PART ONECoaching Certification. Congratulations on deciding that you are interested in being Certified in Coaching under Riana Milne and The Lessons in Life & Love Coaching System!

The truth about Coaching is – it looks easy to do when it is done right – but to be successful at it and earn 6-7 figures (over $100,000.00/year) it takes skill and real business knowledge. Research on Coaching salaries shows only 5% earn over $100k and only 1% earn over $1 million. Riana earned over six figures the first year she launched her Coaching program, and every year since. She’s invested in 13 Coaches to help her grow and progress to reach her goals, dreams, and income she desired. But you don’t need 13 Coaches….just Riana! 

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Riana has over 24 years of success in her Psychotherapy Private Practice and International Coaching Business, has been recognized by top magazines and industry media, and has a proven research-based, one-of-a-kind, trademarked Training Workbook and System with thousands of Testimonials with Personal Transformation stories from her clients (men and women ages 16-79 years old). This is a rare thing, that her Personal Transformation, Trauma Recovery, and Dating for Success Program led to many long-term relationships, engagements, and marriages, and her System will work for ALL clients you choose to coach.

If you are dedicated to being a Coach, then let’s get you into Riana’s, Lessons in Life & Love Transformation Spring Training! She is looking for just a few people who are dedicated to learning her Life & Love Transformation and Trauma Recovery System for Singles ages 16 – 76. People who should apply are in the Mental Health industry – Therapists, LMHCs, LCSWs, and others. Or, an ideal candidate for this Coaching Training is one of Riana’s Graduates who had an incredible transformation and wants to share their excitement in what they have learned by teaching others this method that changed their life!

Riana is an LMHC, and CCTP-II; an Advanced Certified Clinical Professional – the perfect Coach to teach you how to do her research-based Coaching system “Dating to Mating”. If you are a Grad, your training session will be less than those who have not taken this program yet (this is mandatory to understand the system and the powerful transformations our clients get; as well as how to use the 28 modalities that Riana uses with her clients.) Also, you will receive Supervision and yearly training from Riana so you are confident in doing your Coaching sessions on your own.

Your Coaching Training Investment is completely Tax-Deductible and it will take you only 2-4 Coaching Clients to pay off your Investment! 

Ready to Learn More and Apply? Go to: to get the Application page. Fill it out the best you can, and email it to Remember, you will be competing for only 5 training positions for Spring 2024. 

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Once Riana gets your application, she will contact you within 48 hours to do a 1-hour Zoom interview and to learn more about you and your Coaching intentions.


       PART TWOCoaches Mentoring: Are you interested in starting a Coaching business (or improving the one you have) and growing it into a profitable, sustainable Coaching business? Deciding to be a Coach or an Influencer is a profession that people love, and you have command over your time and when you take clients. Coaching is incredibly rewarding, purpose-filled work, and brings huge satisfaction when you know you are instrumental in changing someone’s life for the better! And when you learn exactly what to do from Coach Riana Milne, you create and grow your business faster and with minimal mistakes; which pays off BIG with financial savings as well as saving you TONS of time!

The first step to getting you going is to learn more about the Business of Coaching. Being an Influencer comes once you are successful in your niche as a Coach, or – you have grown to over 1 million fans and followers on social media channels. However, you can be a 6 and 7-figure Coach without even having a social media account! There are many ways to approach your coaching business. Let’s work together to discover the best way to create and grow your Coaching business into one that you will LOVE!

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If you are looking to invest in a Mentor-Coach who is dedicated to Helping You to Be the Best Coach in your own Niche or Coaching System or to Grow the Coaching Business you already have, then Apply Now to meet with me for a 1-Hour Coaching Consultation session; a $500 value!

To Apply – Simply Download this Application to WIN a FREE 1-Hour Consultation with me.

What am I looking for in an Ideal Mentoring Candidate? Someone who –

  • Is ready to start their Mentoring right now
  • Has the time to devote to learning and then taking action to grow their business
  • Will invest the time and resources necessary to grow a successful Coaching business with skills they learned
  • Has support from Partner/spouse/kids to take on growing a Coaching business
  • Has an open mind to learning new skills and the dedication to follow through to completion 

Once you complete your Application, email it back to me at RianaMilne@gmail.comI will be in touch with everyone who applies!

I look forward to receiving your application to help you Create or Grow your Coaching and Influencer business!  

 In Light & Love, Riana