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Success in Dating Self-Study, Online Program


 Success in Dating; an Online, Self-Study Program for Singles


    Are you frustrated with the whole dating process? Or, are you just starting to date after years of marriage and terrified of the Emotional Manipulators and Sociopaths you may come into contact with? Although studies show 6 out of 25 people are Sociopaths and 9 out of 10 people Struggle in Life or Love, You can have the confidence and skills to date and attract an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved, and Conscious Partner.

You just have to know what to do! 

      The Success in Dating 5-Module Program is a perfect way for you to get started in getting the EXACT skills you need to feel more empowered, confident, and skilled at partner selection – the most important decision you can make in your life! This course series offers some of the highlights from the intensive Dating to Mating Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles. I have selected the Top 5 Dating Concerns that my clients have come to me with – from over the past 20 years – when I have been a Psychotherapist and a Cert. Life & Love Trauma Recovery Coach.

I then created this program from a Test class who loved the education, and I’m sure you’ll learn a ton too! 

You’ll learn to become “The Chooser” in dating because you’ll know in detail what to do – and what NOT to do – and you’ll learn to never settle again.

It’s Perfect for Singles who are: 

  • just starting to date after a nasty divorce and have fear of dating – they don’t want to make any more costly mistakes
  • looking for an Emotionally Healthy, Conscious Partner for an Exclusive Relationship for marriage and a family
  • business professionals who don’t want to waste time dating losers or those looking to take advantage of them
  • newly out of a Toxic relationship and need to know “The Red Flags” to date smarter this time around
  • soon to retire and want a great Partner to all of life’s joys with

There is a Psychological and Emotional Aura or energy you bring to each date – understanding this makes a significant difference. It’s important to heal from any past Childhood or Relationship/Love Trauma or Narcissistic Abuse you may have endured before going out to date again. Learn about the HUGE connection between past Unhealed Childhood Trauma and Unconsciously selecting a Toxic partner, and why Healing any past Emotional Triggers or Behaviors is essential to your success in dating and sustaining a relationship.

For a Limited Time – Only: $497

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 The Success in Dating Program Consists of:

1) 5 Power point videos with Riana as your Coach (see descriptions below of each class)
2) 5 Self-study, fill in the blank guidebooks to simplify note-taking and make sure you absorb all the content
3) 5 audio tapes of the highlights of each class – for those who prefer audio lessons or to use as a refresher to the videos
4) The LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – From Fear & Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success eBook

5) The LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free from Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve eBook


Bonuses: Invest in full to receive these Bonuses worth $1000:

1) Get a Bonus Life & Love Transformation Discovery session for your Graduation gift! (a $500 value)

2) Get 5 Bonus Handouts for each class – when you email your completed Study guides to me at – (a $500 value) 


Two ways to Invest during this Introductory Special:

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2) 2-Pay Plan: 2 x $260 by autopay

Now is the time to Have the Love You Deserve! Get yourself started in this wonderful program, Success in Dating for Singles (women, men, Straight & LGBTQ) of all ages, so you can begin your Journey of Personal Transformation by enjoying your Dating to Mating experience. I’m looking forward to meeting you for your Graduation Bonus – Life & Love Transformation Discovery Graduation Session! In Light & Love, Riana XO

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Maria T. (63) I am more determine of keeping myself on track now when it comes to Dating. I took the Mini-Series – Success in Dating and after this course, and with Riana’s help and support, this has changed my life of being now consciously aware when dating and not just looking for the exterior of charm and chemistry.  I can pin-point real quickly now all the red-flags Riana taught in the online class. Thank you, Riana, for your expertise and professionalism. So happy to have taken your course; its worth’s the investment when you put yourself first! I loved this course so much I am moving up to take the VIP Platinum Dating to Mating Course now! With Appreciation, Maria (NOW HAPPILY ENGAGED!)

Natasha S (44) – The Success in Dating Course has given me the skills, education and confidence I feel I need to get back onto the dating scene. Having recently ended my 25-year marriage and short-lived, painful and toxic relationship, I was feeling apprehensive about dating – being scared of getting hurt and taken for granted again. Riana’s course has given me the insight in to how my past childhood and love Traumas have affected my Romantic relationships, the tools to build my confidence, and the ability to identify toxic partners before I invest further in a relationship. Plus, I now know how to handle potentially dangerous dating situations especially online. I feel I’m well-prepared and on the way to developing the Mindset for Success and the Skills I need to meet a man who’s right for me; and have the healthy romantic relationship I dream of. If your thinking of doing this course, don’t hesitate – it’s worth every cent! Riana is not only an Expert in this area, she speaks from her own experience which is so inspiring. She Empowers you and makes you feel – You’ve Got This! Much Love, Natasha (Success in Dating Mini-series)

 Lisa R. (34) “Your Coaching is very unique, and so much more powerful and focused than standard therapy. I absolutely LOVED the worksheets as I always have something to refer back to when I need to remind myself of my goals and non-negotiables. I look to you as my Coach, but also like a friend too. I hope to continue to share my life updates with you so you can see my progress and how far I’ve come.

 Nikki F. (52) “Riana’s program is very inviting and conversational. While watching her videos, I feel she is in my living room giving me one on one attention and much of what she’s teaching is absolutely spot-on advice and guidance that I need to hear. Solid, real-world education is what she offers. She provides a wealth of information among her books, videos, television programming, workbooks, and rich life experience!”   

Tips for Finding Love Right Now!
 We cover:
  1.  Five things you can do right now to find Love!
  2. How to be more confident during the dating process
  3. Tips on how to be more successful with dating
  4. Why 9 out of 10 people struggle with dating & sustaining relationships
  5. Understanding the Psychological and Emotional influence to dating
  6. The connection between past Unhealed Childhood or Love Trauma and dating success (and 90% of us have some unhealed trauma!)
  7. Using a Support Community to help you find Love
 Bonus Handout: Affirmations for a Positive Mindset around Dating 
Tips for Success in Online Dating

We cover:

  1. 5 Things you can do to improve your Success with Online Dating
  2.  Handling the frustration you feel with Online Dating
  3. Tips on how to be more confident and successful with Online dating
  4. How to choose your Online Platforms
  5. Tips on how to have fabulous photos
  6. How to write an excellent profile leading towards marriage
  7. Safety tips you must know before dating
Bonus Handout: Do You have Realistic Expectations while Dating?
Tips for Flirting with Confidence

We cover:

  1. Who makes the move to talk first – and why?
  2. Non-verbal Flirting Techniques – understanding the Signals
  3. How much to discuss & disclose about yourself and the past
  4. Communication skills to build connection
  5. What’s the next step after the Flirting is over?
  6. The facts on how initial impressions mean everything
  7. What to do differently to get better and successful results; learning   the aura of attraction
Bonus Handout: Eight Beliefs that keep You from Love
Tips to Avoid the Dating Traps

We cover:

  1. 5 of the 14 Dating Traps to Avoid and the connection between Childhood Trauma, Falling into dating traps, Dating Success
  2. Understanding the danger of the Packaging (chemistry) Trap
  3. The Scarcity Trap and why this is connected to Mindset
  4. Date-to-Mate Trap and the problem with coming off too needy
  5. Co-Dependent Trap and why you get sucked into this one
  6. Virtualy Reality Trap – how focusing on one’s potential is dangerous
  7. How opening your heart and mind to trust; yet have full Conscious Awareness and Dating skills, leads to Relationship Success 
Bonus Handout: The Red Flags Checklist – 36 Character Traits to watch for 
Tips to Handle Dangerous Dating Disasters

We cover:

  1. 8 Dangerous Dating Partners to be sure to avoid & what to do if you are manipulated by a Dating Disaster
  2. Understanding Ghosting & Snowballing
  3. What to do if you have been Breadcrumbed
  4. Gaslighting dangers and warning signs
  5. Dine & Dash – how to avoid this sneaky date
  6. Cat Fishing & Flying Moneys – the worst of all of ’em
  7. What Love Bombing can lead to
Bonus Handout: More details & a summary of these Dating Disasters

Hurry & enroll today for this Dating Success Series at the Introductory promotional rate – and receive $1000 in bonuses when you pay in full!