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Child Trauma Check List

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There is something called Childhood Trauma. Most of us don’t think we experienced any trauma growing up and what happened in our childhood was “fairly normal”. However, the truth is about 90% of us have Adverse Childhood Experiences or Trauma (ACEs) that unconsciously impact us as adults. Trauma is formally defined as: a traumatic event involves a single experience, or enduring repeated or multiple experiences, that completely overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope or process the ideas and emotions involved in that experience. Check off as you go through this quiz if you experienced any of these childhood or love traumas. Answer either “Yes” or “No”.

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1) Either parent had an addiction to anything - drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, cheating, hoarding, spending, gambling, eating, gaming, television, workaholism or more.
2) Verbal abuse: you witnessed parental yelling, or you experienced yelling, verbal put-downs or was given the silent treatment when your parents were mad at you.
3) Emotional abuse or neglect: You remember long periods of time where you were alone, felt afraid, ignored, shut out from your parents or family; you remember times there was no food, wearing dirty clothes, being shuffled off to relatives or other people to “watch you”. Your parent’s partner was abusive to you or tried to get your mom/dad ignore your needs; you did not know where your parent was or you were home alone, or other examples like these.
4) You experienced physical abuse, rape or molestation (in or outside the home).
5) You experienced abandonment: Fault - Example: Your parents divorced and one of them barely got to see you or broke their promise about seeing you. No Fault - Example: Your parent died early, they traveled a lot for work (often overnight) or they served in the military.