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ACOA - Adult Children Of Alcoholics & Other Traumas

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This quiz is designed to help you identify past childhood traumas or adverse events that may be affecting you in adulthood. Please answer each questions as honestly as possible. Answer either “Yes” or “No”.

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1) I often feel that I am an unworthy person.
2) I do not expect people to understand me.
3) There are very few people in the world who really care about me.
4) Sometimes I think I do not deserved to be loved.
5) I do not deserve to be happy.
6) I feel I am a weak person.
7) I worry that people will think I am incompetent.
8) Success is easier for most people to handle than it is for me.
9) I fail at most things I try to do in my life.
10) I have trouble believing people when they tell me they like me.
11) I take my responsibilities very seriously.
12)I hate it when I don’t have things under control.
13) I frequently take on too many tasks for me to be able to reasonably complete.
14)I don’t laugh very often.
15) I often become upset when there is an unanticipated change in plans.
16)Folks around me say I am irresponsible and apt to get into trouble.
17)Sometimes, I behave impulsive resulting in problems for myself and others.
18)I am in my element when things ae disorganized.

19)I don’t usually pay attention to details when working on tasks.
20)I often do things without thinking about the consequences.
21)I tend to take care of other’s people’s needs before my own.
22)Members of my family make demands on me and expect me to meet them.

23)I feel guilty whenever I do something nice for myself.

24)I usually ignore my own preferences in favor of those of people around me.
25)I try to satisfy requests made by family members, even when it is difficult for me.
26) Do you describe yourself as Perfectionist:

27) Do you describe yourself as Rigid:

28) Do you describe yourself as Disorganized:

29) Do you describe yourself as Impulsive: