We have several speakers for School Assemblies and Teaching & Administrative Staff Workshops.

Please scroll down to read about each Speaker and their various programs. Please keep in mind that many speakers can create a specific program to meet your needs. Please contact Riana Milne at RianaMilne@gmail.com for more information or to book a speaker for your school.

Riana Milne, MA, LMHC, LPC, SAC, CAP, LCADC, Certified Relationship & Life Coach, Author
Alexi Panos, Co-Founder of EPIC, TV Host, Entrepreneur, model, Co-author of  Live Beyond Your Dreams and WATCH ME!
Ted Fatteross, Motivational & Educational Speaker, owner of Ted Speak Enterprises


Riana Milne, MA

Certified Relationship & Life Coach

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Emotional Intelligence & Fostering Success within the Emotionally Challenged Student – for School Seminars
Stand Up for Friendship Anti-bullying lecture for School Staff or In-service Seminars
Riana School In-service Workshop Letter of Recommendation
Motivational Business Coaching for Individuals or Group Seminars
Stress Management Seminar for Businesses


Every Day People Initiating Change – What Did you Do Today?”

Motivational Seminars for Civic Groups, Schools and Businesses

alexi-bioAlexi Panos, Co-Founder, EPIC (Every Day People Initiating Change), TV Host, Entrepreneur and Model, Co-author: LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success, and Watch Me! The Bold New Motivational Attitude for Personal Success (www.AlexiPanos.com for Hosting Reel & Talent resume)

Also Riana’s youngest daughter, Alexi recently was awarded a new TV series filming the summer of 2014 with the Discovery Channel, called Operation Build. She had another series on HGTV called, Run My Make-over  Home improvement and design show. Other TV Hosting credits include, The NFL Pro Show on The Bleecher Report and Beer Money Sport Trivia show on SNY – Sports New York. She is currently hosting her own motivational podcast called, Transformation Nation on www.podbean.com, and busy lecturing around the country to inspire change and conscious living. Alexi is a 2001 graduate from Atlantic City High School, Atlantic Co, NJ and currently lives in LA. As the co-founder of EPIC, Alexi and her good friend Tenille have put nine fresh-water wells in Africa, since starting the project at age 20.


Tenille Amor

(Co-Founder of EPIC, singer/songwriter)

Quicksilver Women

In 2008 EPIC teamed up with the new Quiksilver Women’s line, who donated 3% of all of their eco-friendly clothing sales in 2009 to the drilling of EPIC’s clean water wells.

With the extraordinary help of Quiksilver, along with many of your generous donations, EPIC was able to drill their 2nd and 3rd wells in the villages of Mangalali and Kibebe.

In 2010, the 3% royalty rate will come from all of the QSW stylish Eco-Friendly Tees and with their continuous support, along with all of your kind donations, EPIC will be drilling 3 more clean water wells in 2010. Please visit our Projects section to learn more!

For other information on the partnership, please visit http://womens.quiksilver.com/women, or to buy clothing from the line, click here.

E.P.I.C. The Movement

The first of 4 successful wells! The first one was at Kawe Primary School, Tanzania, Africa – bringing fresh water to a village of over 5,000 people! (Aug, 2007)

The EPIC Assembly for Schools – 1 class period (45 minutes – 1 hour)

E.P.I.C. (Everyday People Initiating Change) began as a non-profit organization, but has now become what we believe to be one of the most important movements of our time. The purpose of E.P.I.C. is to make people aware of how easy it is to contribute positively to our world. Our presentation within your school meets most States school Core-Curriculum requirements under: Character Education, Geography, and Anti-bullying/Anti-Violence education. Your students will relate to the fact that Alexi and Tennille are young people themselves, currently making world-changes; and will view moving films of the girls working with students in Tanzania, Africa. The School administration will delight in the fact that Alexi was a 4.0 Talented & Gifted Student, who exempted 11th grade, and who speaks about the importance of being successful in education and how it opens the world of opportunity for all young people.

The birth of E.P.I.C. was a result of two individuals, Alexi Panos & Tennille Amor, good friends and Co-Founders of E.P.I.C, who shared the same vision; feeling a strong calling to initiate change in the way that people live their lives today. It all begins with the commitment to living a conscious life, and the acceptance of the responsibility to spread this state of consciousness to everyone we possibly can.

To initiate change could be as small as not using excess water in daily chores, to having a conversation about the issues broadcasted on the daily news. To initiate change could also be to volunteer within your community, or to step outside of your comfort zone and find somewhere to volunteer abroad. While EPIC accepts donations for relief efforts worldwide, to initiate change isn’t only about donating money; it’s about feeling compelled to invest in the human condition.

The donations received by E.P.I.C. since 2006 have all gone towards bettering the lives of the children who are born into a world of suffering and deprivation within some of Africa’s most impoverished nations. We intend to help alleviate this suffering by providing children with an easier access to education and by providing the most basic need of all, clean water. Called “The Ripples Project,” providing well water can help stop the cycle of disease and death from water born illnesses and poor sanitation, as well as educate the future generations, therefore contributing to a stronger work force in which will better the community and the economy as a whole. By focusing our efforts on the children and families of Africa, we hope to eventually contribute to putting an end to the immense imbalance that exists between the First the Third Worlds. To date, June 2014, nine fresh water wells are successfully built and working in villages of 3 – 6,000 people!

Every day provides you with the opportunity to be a part of something EPIC; What Did You Do Today?

Partial proceeds from both books, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success and Watch Me! The Bold, New Attitude for Personal Success – benefit the EPIC Charity, of which Alexi Panos co-authored with her mom, Psychotherapist and former SAC, Riana Milne.

To find out more about how you can make a positive change, please visit the web site – www.epicthemovement.org, or write us at EpicCharity@hotmail.com.

Join Alexi Panos on her podcast, Transformation Nation on podbean.com.


ted-fattorossTED FATTOROSS provides a wide range of customized programs on cutting-edge topics for students, staff & parents of ALL grade levels. He is a highly experienced, incredibly talented speaker. Ted’s ability to bond with his audiences, coupled with his high-energy delivery, enhances the impact each program yields, consistently meeting and often exceeding each client’s goals. Audience members of all ages benefit from Ted’s powerful, timely messages and his passion for his work. Ted has been featured by media such as Fox 5 News, radio, and in articles in The Star Ledger, Ocean County Observer and Montclair Times.

Ted is the National Professional Speaker President, of the Educational Services & The Safe Schools Foundation. Ted has over 21 years experience, and has been featured on national TV and radio programs and provides over 300 programs each year for groups as small as 5 and as large as 5,000. Below is a set of programs Ted conducts for the educational sector.

“Core values ….. positive influences …. a reminder of the importance of values, ethics, self-esteem and self-confidence in personal development. Ted Fattoross has extensive experience in personal, radio and television presentations designed to reinforce these values and ethics through confidence building, communication and leadership programs. As is evident within the testimonials, these presentations have instilled in children the necessity of being positive and proactive in their own lives, to improve themselves and in turn become a positive influence in a friends life. After the Tedspeak experience, they want to be everything they can be. These workshops can help you to help them.”


Topics Listed are Available for:

  • Student Assemblies, Workshops, Prom Programs
  • Graduation, Peer Mediation Team Development & Training
  • Staff, Professional Development & In Service Programs
  • Parent Workshops, PTO & PTA & HSA Meetings
  • Board of Education Meetings
  • New Teacher/Student Orientations
  • Opening Day & Back to School Nights Educational Association/Organization Meetings, Workshops & Conferences



  • Up With Teachers * Making the Right Choices * Character Education
  • Anger Management * Self-Esteem * Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Teamwork & Leadership * Conflict Resolution * Multicultural Awareness
  • T.R.E.A.T * (Teaching Respect, Ethics & Tolerance)
  • Change/Stress Management * Drug & Violence Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention * Safe Schools * Motivation
  • ALL Facets of Character Education
  • Parents are Important * Families Matter * Coping Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • And much MUCH MORE!

Because Ted Fattoross is a registered speaker with the NJDOE, he will offer you 1 FREE program for every paid event that you book. Contact us today for more details.

In-Service Program: Up with Teachers!

This is a dynamic and enlightening program which gives honor to the people who invest more time in our children than anyone. If our children are the future, it is our teachers that make the biggest difference, because teachers share themselves with our children for as many as seven hours a day. Teachers are a strong foundation of society and that parents need to support and encourage them in their work.

T.R.E.A.T. Teaching Respect Ethics And Tolerance

Promoting the understanding that self-esteem is not just about feeling good, but more importantly, it is about doing the right thing. It’s about not following the “crowd” when they are doing the wrong thing.


Understanding that bullies usually have low self-esteem and how it is best not to give up our power to these people.


Inspiring students to take action. Knowledge is not about power, knowledge plus action is power. Make every day count!

Here’s what NJ Schools are saying about Ted’s programs:

…students were hanging on your every word. You touched the lives of 600 students…” Woolrich Twp., NJ

…(we)fully enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the discussion, and the faculty noted the positive conversations that continued after the conclusion of the program.” Haledon, NJ

The response was extremely positive…Ted spoke to the “real” issues…would love to have Ted Back…Union Beach, NJ

Your student, faculty and parent presentations demonstrated how one walks the walk, not merely talks the talk. You gave us more than unlimited time, you gave us yourself. We are better for it.” Cedar Grove, NJ

You could have heard a pin drop. They listened to every word, anxiously waiting for what he would say next…I was greatly impressed with the immediate rapport Ted established…His comments and stories made an impact…” Pequannock Township, NJ

Ted Fattoross can captivate an audience and have them reflect on their existence even though you think you are listening for something else. There is something in his message for everyone. (The audience) was both captivated and motivated by his message. Little Ferry, NJ

Ted is a warm, intelligent, quick thinking and witty speaker…He uses his presence and his vocabulary to hit home powerful points. Unique is one way to describe his fast-paced style of speaking that captivates his audience…I would highly recommend him for any age group…Ted can get it done…Wanaque, NJ


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