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Contact Riana at RianaMilne@gmail.com; or call (201) 281-7887 for questions and bookings of all speakers in the bureau. See our list of speakers to determine which one best fits your online Interview or Podcast, or Live Speakers event. Out speakers are available in the Delray Beach, FL area, and beyond. We look forward to working with you!



Riana Milne

Certified Life, Love & Relationship Coach, Best Selling Author

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Downloadable Speakers Brochure on Riana Milne
Motivational Business Coaching for Individuals or Group Seminars
Stress Management Seminar for Businesses
“Watch Me!” Succeed in Real Estate – Motivational Speech for Realtors
14-week Motivational Lecture Series for Women based on Riana’s book “Watch Me!”
Live Appearances, On-Camera/Radio & Speeches made by Riana Milne




Scott Milne

BA in Business Administration, Marketing & Managment; Energy Expert

Scott is a Certified Energy Auditor, Licensed Energy Efficiency Contractor, and Certified Solar Consultant both in the US and in Mexico. He is knowlegeable in environmental trends and legistlation. As a Motivational Public Speaker and Energy Expert, Scott can teach and train individual homeowners and staff of small or large businesses what is needed to know to save money and taxes through various solar incentive programs. Corporations will learn the advantages of building a “Green Business.” You cannot afford to miss this information!

What’s Driving our Energy Economy?

Climate Concerns

  • Global warming, Is it real? Does it really matter?
    • Cause and effect
    • Seeking a solution
    • Global involvement
  • What does electricity have to do with it?
    • It’s all about the source
    • Are we ready for deregulation?

Environmental Legislation

  • What is Cap and trade anyway
    • Who came up with this crazy idea?
    • Will it work for us or against us?
  • Credits, rebates, incentives……oh boy!
    • Is efficiency lending too aggressive?
    • Did he say cash for caulkers?
    • Why solar systems are profitable year one
  • The future of environmental benefits
    • R.E.C. Credits
    • What’s on the horizon?

Building a Green Business

  • The color of green is money
    • The feel good purchase
    • Way to save
    • Network the green way
  • Can you sustain sustainability?
    • Talk the talk — Walk the walk
    • The right products for the right reasons
    • Where is it from? What is it made of?
  • A shift in mission
    • From the bottom up
    • Reward success
    • Make it known

Seminar available to groups large or small. The topic outline above would be amended according to group needs and time restrictions.

Equipment Needed: Power Point Projector set up and screen.

Seminar length: 1.5 – 3 hours; balance of a full day hire could include an Energy Consultation after the seminar. Break out sessions can also be arranged after the Group presentation, with guidance provided in how various departments could contribute to the “green agenda.”

To Book Scott Milne, contact Riana Milne at RianaMilne@gmail.com

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