FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

  • How do I get a coupon? Click the registration link found on the SIGN ME UP FOR DEALS! page. On the registration form, check the box “Romance International Travel News, Reviews & Discount offers” and enter the Coupon Code. This will include you on our mailing list for the newsletter and any new travel promotions. After you register, the coupon will be filled out for you and emailed to the address on the form.
  • How often can I use a coupon? Once. It will be registered to your name and address, and the date of your vacation or visit will be placed on there.
  • Can I use more then one coupon in a city if its’ offered? Yes. If there are several listed for Cancun Mexico, for example, you may use one per vendor, but all the vendors that you would like to try are available to you.
  • Do these coupons or membership in Romance International Travel cost me any money? No. However, some Vendors offer discount rates, which will be specified. So you will pay for a service, tour, or hotel room, but the discounts will save you money.
  • Will there be more Vendors offering discounts? Yes. Once you are on the mailing list, the new Vendor deals will be sent out to you. Also, keep coming back to look for more deals!
  • Is there a way to be a member, get the newsletter and promotions without ordering a coupon? Yes. Simply click here to register, and you will be on the email list for all new announcements. Be sure to check the box “Romance International Travel News, Reviews & Discount offers” so you will be on the correct list.
  • How do I know the coupon will work once I am on my trip? We contact the person on the Coupon to let them know you will be stopping in to see them while you are traveling – they will have a copy of the same coupon you are presenting. If they are off that evening. someone will be assigned to your visit.

If you have other questions, please email Riana at RomanceInternationalTravel@gmail.com or call 201-281-7887. Thank you!

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