Recommended Books, Audio Books & CD’s

I often walk by the ocean and listen to Audio Tapes & CD’s…they could be books put to tape or a Self-Help/motivational speaker, tapes which bring me into a Spiritual way of being, or tapes I seek out to help with a specific problem I am encountering at that time in my life. Using books or tapes in Counseling is known as Bibliotherapy, and I have always used this approach along with others in my counseling of clients. Listening to tapes or reading books is only a part of self-discovery and healing, and these recommendations are not meant to solve your problems or issues alone.

However, used along with Talk Therapy, the client is educated and brought to a higher level of self-awareness that can bring about healing more effectively and efficiently. I suggest tapes and books to my clients who visit my Therapy office, which I felt pertained to their specific issues at the time. After reading the book or listening to the tape between our Counseling sessions as “homework” my Client and I would then discuss the profound information in their following session.

Of course I recommend my two books which were written with my clients in mind, as I teach many of the concepts written in your Coaching and Counseling sessions! You can download FREE sample chapters of both books on the home page. These books were written with hope of educating, inspiring, and creating lasting change to be the best you, personally, and for you to have the happiest, evolved love ever!

  • LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success
  • LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve

Although I personally follow the belief system offered in “A Course in Miracles” which is Christian based, I whole-hearted believe that living “a Spiritual way of life” transcends into all religions, whether the lessons and teachings come from Buddha, Mohammed, the Torah, the Bible, or God (whomever you see him, her or it to be). My Counseling approach could be called “Spiritual Psychotherapy”; as I often refer to spirituality as a path to wholeness, happiness and healing. Many of the books & tapes recommended also follow and teach the Spiritual path to living a fulfilled, peaceful, happy life – filled with purpose.

Even though you see recommended web links that carry the tapes and books below and other similar self-help materials, many of these recommended books and tapes can be acquired for free at your local library.

Although my personal tape library has reached over 250 tapes, I will only recommend the most inspiring tapes that have helped my clients over the years. I may suggest others during your personal therapy session. They are listed in alphabetical order by Title, under five categories:

Couples & Relationship Issues

A Course in Love. Joan Gattuso. Examine the patterns in your relationship to discover the warning signs that could take the couple into conflict. Learn to create a “holy relationship” with your soul mate using “A Course in Miracles.”

Are you the One for Me? Knowing Who’s Right & Avoiding Who’s Wrong. Barbara DeAngelis. Understand compatibility and getting the most out of your relationship. Evaluate your past & present relationships, love in a more healthy way, and make wiser choices in a partner. Key elements include: the 10 types of relationships that won’t work, know when to say goodbye, 6 essential qualities to look for in a mate.

Creating Love: The Next Stage of Growth. John Bradshaw. Understand your most critical relationships: with parents, children, friends & co-workers, with yourself and with God. Tools to bring hope and new direction to your life, and how to open yourself to the soul-building work of real love to create healthy, loving relationships.

Loving Each Other, The Challenge of Human Relationships. Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D. Learn the key qualities of how your relationships, whether with a friend, lover, or child can be more loving, growing, and lasting. Intimacy, Honesty, Happiness & Forgiveness are each explored in this two-tape presentation.

Making Relationships Work. Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D. Learn how to keep the magic and passion of love alive, year after year! How to identify warning signals of trouble, break unhealthy love habits, get your partner to open up, and secrets for putting the sizzle back into your Sex life!

On Intimacy, Intimacy & Control, Real Intimacy. Marianne Williamson. Based on “The Course of Miracles,” the author challenges us to focus on not “getting” the perfect partner, but on becoming the perfect partner. Intimacy and its role in healthy lives is explored. Live your life in relationships fully, and without fear.

On Intimacy: How to Create a Remarkable Relationship. Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. Confront the myths on women & intimacy to examine those relationships where intimacy is most challenged. Overcome too much distance or conflict, sacrificing the self or one’s self-esteem, and foster maturity and passion in your most important relationships.

On Love…What is Love? Love Without an Agenda. Marianne Williamson. Examine your thoughts, fears, and feelings about love. The expansion of love can help us understand our obsessions, release our past mistakes, and become open to new opportunities for love in our lives. Based on “A Course in Miracles” and spiritual growth in relationships.

Powertalk! On Creating Extraordinary Relationships. Anthony Robbins & Dr. John Gray. Three hours of information on the subtle differences between men & women, and how these differences impact your relationships.

Includes insights & strategies for making improvements in your relationship.

The Good Marriage: How & Why Love Lasts. Judith Wallerstein & Sandra Blakeslee. What is the secret to a happy, long-lasting marriage? Learn the four basic types of marriage: romantic, rescue, companionate & traditional from a study with over 50 couples. This 4-tape study shows couples who’ve kept love alive despite the pressures of everyday life.

Mental Health, Spirituality & Well Being

A Course in Miracles & Every Day life. Diane Brook Gusic. A two-tape presentation explaining how learning the “Course in Miracles” helps to remove the guilt that is buried deep within our mind through forgiveness. Our reaction to people & events are the result of our belief system. By removing guilt, new possibilities for peace & healing enters our life.

Addiction to Perfection, The Roots of Compulsive Behavior & the Need for Spiritual Fulfillment. Marion Woodman. Explore the hidden causes of compulsion in the lives of men & women using Jungian principles. Learn how a hunger for spiritual fulfillment & the illusory ideal of perfection are the roots to various addictions & compulsive behavior.

A Strategy for Daily Living. Ari Kiev, MD. Practical guidelines in this two-tape series filled with inspirational and motivating common-sense insights and tactics to overcoming feelings of inadequacy, breaking bad habits, improving relationships, discovering hidden talents, and maximizing personal performance in all areas of life.

Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior. Jeffrey Schwartz, MD. A four-step Self-Treatment Method to help alter your Brain Chemistry. Learn the process of relabeling, reattributing, refocusing, and revaluing to defeat OCD tendencies and gain better control of your daily life.

Build Your Self-Esteem. Gael Lindenfield. Gain a new outlook on life as you discover the causes of low self-esteem, steps to change self-destructive habits, strategies for self-protection, and how to overcome fear of change. Learn to relax and become calmer with yourself & others, while feeling more energized and self-reliant.

Changing for Good, The 6 Stages of Change/How to Free yourself from Bad Habits. J. Prochaska, Ph.D. & J. Norcross, Ph.D. Effective life-long changes occur in 6 predicable stages. Once you understand which stage you are in, you can motivate yourself to make new healthy behaviors a permanent part of your life. Make your goals happen!

Conversations with God: Book One & Two. Neale Donald Walsch. Author has conversations with “God,” as God talks about personal matters, the necessity of living in the present, and glorifies and demystifies human sexuality.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: P.S. It’s All Small Stuff! Michael Mantell, Ph.D. Thoughtful and practical advice for all of us who take life too seriously. Topics include: marriage, sex, children, aging, health, drugs, stress, anxiety & wisdom.

Emotional Intelligence, Why it can Matter More than IQ. Daniel Goleman. A new vision of excellence that can change the future for our children and us. Emotional Intelligence includes how to nurture and strengthen self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, self-motivation, empathy, and social confidence; key life skills one is not born with.

Losing the Weight of the World: A Spiritual Diet to Nourish the Soul. Jonathan Kramer, Ph.D. & Diane Kramer. This spiritual diet offers 10 eternal principles common to all religious belief systems. Discover how to calm & clarify your mind, identify & handle painful emotions, eliminate self-criticism & guilt, and uncover your meaning & mission in life.

On Spirituality, Souls in School, Quantum Easter. Marianne Williamson. Based on “A Course in Miracles” the author defines what it means to be honestly spiritual in our lives and to recognize the power within.

Overcoming Addictions: The Spiritual Solution. Deepak Chopra, MD. Learn to replace the addictive behavior with enduring sources of joy and spiritual fulfillment. To overcome addiction, the body, mind & spirit must be discussed as a whole along with the role of diet, exercise and meditation to restore imbalances and discover more satisfying alternatives.

The Confidence Course: Seven Steps to Self-Fulfillment. Walter Anderson. The most important class you never took in school; learn how increase your self-confidence and to motivate yourself to succeed in reaching your goals.

The Four Levels of Healing: A Guide to Balancing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Aspects of Life. Shakti Gawain. Our lives consist of four levels: Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. To be whole, we need to heal and balance all four of these aspects. Learn to integrate and balance all four levels & let go of old beliefs that limit you.

The Road Less Traveled & Beyond – Spiritual Growth in the Age of Anxiety. M. Scott Peck, MD. A four-tape series on how to live rich, fulfilling lives in a world filled with stress & anxiety. Learn the simplicity that brings peace.

The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life you Want. Deepak Chopra, MD. Create a shift in perception that opens the mind to the value of spiritual transformation in everyday life. New inner qualities will unfold that help create the life you want. Learn the keys to achieving love, personal fulfillment, and spiritual connectedness.

What is “A Course in Miracles?”. Tara Singh. A great tape explaining this philosophic approach of a Spiritual Journey to self-love, forgiveness of others, and a way to cultivate peace in one’s life.

Parent & Teen Relationships

If You Had Controlling Parents – How to Make Peace with your Past & Take your Place in the World. Dan Neuharth, Ph.D. Identify if you are facing adult-life problems caused by unhealthy control in childhood, how to quiet your “inner critics,” bring balance to moods & relationships, increase optimism & assertiveness, and achieve greater autonomy.

Mothers & Daughters: Breaking the Patterns that Keep You Stuck. Harriet Lerner, Ph. D. A personal conversation for every woman who seeks to better understand the mystery of the mother-daughter bond. Specific skills & guidelines for changing patterns that keep us stuck, and to better the core relationship in the emotional lives of women.

The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. John Gottman, Ph.D. How to help your children live happier, more fulfilling lives and determine the style of parent you are. Self-test booklet also critiques your emotional coaching skills. Discusses the effects of marriage & divorce on the child’s emotional health & the father’s role.

The Mother Daughter Revolution: From Betrayal to Power. Elizabeth Debold. How to preserve the pre-adolescent strength, self-esteem & honesty of young girls to insure a productive and self-assured adulthood.

The Moral Intelligence of Children – How to Raise a Moral Child. Robert Coles. Help your kids become good people. Learn how a child can be encouraged to develop empathy, a strong conscience, and to cultivate an inner spiritual growth. How to approach the moral crossroads in the three stages of a child/teen’s life.

Three Steps to a Strong Family. Linda & Richard Eyre. An essential guide for families that improves communication within the family to provide children with a sense of consistency & security. Learn the three-step plan to praise and reward children while conserving time and promoting communication.

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers. Michael Riera, Ph. D. Uncommon advice to break down the often adversarial relationship between parents and teens. Motivation, fair punishment, and advice on teens & sex, drugs & alcohol

Women’s Issues

A Return to Love. Marianne Williamson. A two-tape collection that explores a woman’s return to herself, and appreciating who she is and what she has become. Learn to eliminate fear to become the best woman you can be.

A Woman’s Worth. Marianne Williamson. This tape explores the dilemmas women face today as well as the many facets of contemporary womanhood: family, work, sex, love and power, while exploring the female spirit & emotion.

Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul. Jack Canfield. “Feel-good” stories that motivate women to find the inner strength to happiness and success; whether it be in a relationship, within a family, or in reaching one’s career goals.

On Anger – Where your Anger Comes from and How to Transform It. Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. Women learn how to use anger as a vital life-changing force, and how suppressing anger leads to guilt and self-violation. Use anger constructively and learn to understand the deeper connection between anger, self-esteem and the necessity to change.

Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know! Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D. Secrets and truths about men that every woman should know. Tips include: “The 5 biggest mistakes women make with men, How to stop giving more than you get, How to communicate so a man will listen, What men say versus what they mean, Secret fears of every man.”

The Dance of Anger – A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships. Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. A two-tape guide that shows women how to turn anger into a constructive force for reshaping their lives. Change and clarify relationships rather than remain stuck in emotional distancing, blaming, and fighting patterns.

Why Men are the Way they are. Warren Farrell. Learn the male perspective with empathy so there can be open and loving conversation that will lead to understanding. This 2-part tape addresses many common questions women have. Learn what you wish you knew “before” your first date! How to create the powerful, passionate love you deserve.

Work & Career Advice

Awaken the Giant Within: How to take Immediate Control of your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny! Anthony Robbins. Learn to uncap your abilities, talents and skills and wake up the Giant that lives within you. Immediately change dis-empowering habits to understand why you do – what you do. Develop a new set of beliefs, values and rules that will guide your emotions and behaviors in the direction of your dreams for lasting changes.

Guide to Business Etiquette. Emily Post. Advice on gender roles in the workplace, conducting meetings, and interviewing. Knowledge in manners and etiquette gives you the confidence you need to succeed in business.

Pushing the Envelope All the Way to the Top. Harvey Mackay. Put the fun, creativity and challenge back into business and reach the top of your business learning the essential qualities all leaders have in common.

Swim With the Sharks Without being Eaten Alive. Harvey Mackay. A tape on sales, leadership and management. A useful tool for those who seek fresh and stimulating ideas on how to be successful in business or in daily life. Refers often to the Mackay 66: 66 tips to succeed in sales and business.

The Best of David Viscott: Risking, Winning, How to be your Own Therapist & 52 minutes to Turn your Life Around. Dr. David Viscott. Specific, no-nonsense techniques you need to make your work, your relationships, and your life be the way you want it to. Discover your strengths and overcome your weaknesses in both your career and personal life.

The Seven Laws of Succes: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of your Dreams. Deepak Chopra. Learn the seven simple, yet powerful principles that can easily be applied to create success and quality in all areas of your life.

Unlimited Power. Anthony Robbins. An excellent tool for anyone inspiring to be the best they can be within their chosen career. Motivate yourself to succeed through Tony’s inspiring lecture and stories on how you can have the power to achieve whatever it is you desire!

Recommended Books

Below is a brief list of books I have recommended over the years to various clients for specific issues they had at the time. This approach of using books as homework along with Talk Therapy is called Bibliotherapy, and I will often refer to various books & books-on-tape throughout your personal therapy session. Using books along with counseling provides further insight and education on your specific concern, and lends towards more efficient change and thorough healing.

Many books are spiritually based, which is part of my personal approach to counseling clients called “Spiritual Psychotherapy.” I truly believe living a “spiritual way of life” transcends into all religious followings & teachings, and would be beneficial to your overall wellness, growth & healing. Should you have any concerns regarding this philosophy, please do not hesitate to discuss this with me!

Acting, Modeling & Singing Careers

Because I was a Model & Talent School Director & Agent/Manager for close to ten years, I have an extensive knowledge in guiding careers in the Model & Talent business. These types of books are more difficult to choose from when you are new to this profession & don’t know what books to buy. I have read and recommended the below books to my own students over the years. If you need help in acquiring these books, please email me!  Riana Milne

***Commercial Modeling, The “Real People” Concept by Riana Milne, Talent Agent/Manager, previous Model & Talent School Owner & Director. This was the training manual for Riana Model & Talent School, a three-time International Winner of “Model & Talent School of the Year” and two-time winner of “Educational Excellence.” This 200-page manual is a first step for those choosing to pursue modeling or acting for fashion shows, print work, TV commercials, film, or promotional events. Learn your type (fashion or commercial), and how best to pursue the industry for work and success. Topics include: Wardrobe, Hair styling, & make-up techniques, Diet, exercise & Nutrition, Fashion & Runway, Promotions & sales, Fashion & Commercial Print, and Acting for Film or TV. (This book is not available through web site downloads)

A copy of this textbook is available for purchase for $75; please email Riana at with your request; or pay here through Pay Pal.

 Acting in Commercials – A Guide to Auditioning & Performing on Camera. Joan See. Written by a dear friend of Riana’s and a former guest Acting Coach at the Riana Model & Talent school, Joan addresses the challenges facing the serious actor at the commercial audition and the first steps toward a successful commercial audition and career!

Acting as a Business – Strategies for Success. Brian O’Neil. This book shows the actor how to effectively be persistent, to function as business people, and provides the information and resources necessary to do so. Includes info on performers unions, tips for getting an agent, the agent’s interview, discovering casting calls & record keeping.

An Actor Succeeds – Career Management for the Actor. Terrance Hines & Suzanne Vaughan. Advice on photos, resumes, tapes, what casting directors look for in a cold reading & a call back, and acquiring your support team: personal managers, agents, entertainment attorneys & publicists.

A Parent’s Guide to Successful Child Modeling. A complete guide to everything you need to help your child succeed at modeling: sample forms, photos, steps to get started, avoiding rip-offs & common mistakes, and a glossary.

All You Need to Know about the Music Business. Donald Passman. A must-read if you want to understand how the music business works. Learn how to negotiate record deals, calculate foreign/video royalties, hiring a professional team & handle merchandise packages. Know how the music business works so you can protect yourself.

Breaking into the Music Business. Alan Siegel. Inside advice from a top Entertainment Lawyer on how to find the right manager, make a Demo that sells, record and songwriting deals, understanding copyright & royalties. Practical tips for songwriters, managers and producers, musical glossary, from launching a career to getting a contract.

Film Actor’s Complete Career Guide. Lawrence Parke. A complete, step-by-step checklist of all the things actors seeking film careers can and should do, and when & how to do them. A book for actors at ALL levels.

Get it in Writing – The Musician’s Guide to the Music Business. Brian McPherson, Esq. Get the low-down on what everyone in the music business actually does, and understand the legal writing of the recording & publishing contracts. Includes interviews with top industry execs, sample agreements, demo deals, artist management, producers.

How to be a Successful Runway Model (VIDEO). Shailah Edmonds. A successful International Runway model & special former guest instructor at Riana’s Model & Talent school, Shailah shares her secrets for both men and women who want to be a successful Runway model. Learn turns, body & hand positions and other basic fundamentals.

How to Succeed as a Male Model. Eric Perkins. How to succeed: types of modeling for men, getting started, developing a good portfolio, dealing with an agency, working abroad, diet & exercise, and glossary of terms.

International Directory of Model & Talent Agencies & Schools. Peter Glenn Publications. Edited by David Vando, a business friend of Riana’s, this book creates a comprehensive listing of all Agencies & Schools, along with their address, phone & Fax numbers & contact name. Contains handy charts and area codes for International travel.

Kids on Camera. Eva Stancil. A comprehensive guide for the parents of children who want to model and act. Topics include: Finding an agent, understanding contracts, building a portfolio, parental “do’s & don’ts.”

Madison Avenue Handbook: Image-Makers Source. Peter Glenn Publications. The “bible” for models & actors for over 40 years, features names, addresses & phone numbers in NYC & major markets for agencies, photographers, stylists, producers, fashion design houses, casting directors, magazines & firms using models.

New York Casting & Survival Guide. The most complete casting information in the industry geared to assist performers in their professional performing pursuits. Includes schools, pictures, glossary, National & NY Castings.

New York City Model Agency Directory. Peter Glenn Publications. A pocket-sized directory that breaks down the NYC Modeling Agencies to explain the “Types” handled, physical requirements, interview policies, special interest departments, children’s agents, ethnic types, BBW, Petites, and whether pictures are required beforehand.

Working Actor’s Guide to LA. Everything the actor living or planning a move to LA must have to survive the business. Includes training, marketing, agency information, photographers, maps, and other helpful survival info.

Wilhelmina’s World of Child Modeling. Natasha Esch. Written by the President of world-famous Wilhelmina’s models, this book answers parent’s most-asked questions, provides overview to laws regulating child models, explains & gives examples of necessary forms, and has interviews with various industry professionals.

Young Performer’s Guide – How to Break into Show Business. Brian Padol & Alan Simon. A guide for entry-level young actors, singers and dancers (and their parents) who want to enter show business, but don’t know how to go about it. Tools such as headshots, resumes, auditioning tips, legalities, contracts, getting an agent are all covered.

Couples & Relationship Issues

“Watch Me!” The Bold, New Motivational Attitude for Personal Success – Couples; Chapter 8 “Having an Evolved Relationship, Being your Best Self for your Partner and Excepting Nothing Less”  by Riana Milne, MA, LPC , and Alexi D. Panos – $16.95 & $4.00 S & H.
Donations go to The Riana Milne Performing Arts Scholarship Fund and to Alexi’s Charity, EPIC – Everyday People Initiating Change (

Tired of being told “You’re not good enough?” or “You’ll never reach your dream?” This motivational, spiritual, and psychological approach to reaching your goals and dreams is meant for those ages 13 +, whether one is in the performing arts field or in the corporate world. Learn the mental mind techniques for focus to reach personal success, prove all your doubters wrong, and to live for your Higher Purpose in Life!
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To order the book, email . Riana will autograph and write a dedication should you request one. You may also order by using Pay Pal.

To order the Watch Me! ebook from this web site for $12.00, download and order through Pay Pal here.

Challenge of the Heart – Love, Sex & Intimacy in Changing Times. John Welwood. A powerful collection of essays that address the questions and difficulties arising for people in relationships today. What do men & women really want? Marriage is explored as an ongoing path of personal transformation for developing power & wisdom.

False Love & Other Romantic Illusions – Why Love Goes Wrong & How to Make it Right. Dr. Stan Katz. Romantic myths we are taught to pursue can lead us away from the truly loving relationships we want. See why most of us make the common mistakes in cherished love illusions & how to correct them to find true, enduring love.

Finally Getting it Right: From Addictive Love to the Real Thing. Howard Halpern, Ph.D. Learn how to move from destructive relationships to a love that is both satisfying and exciting, healthy and passionate. Change the way you respond to potential partners; recognize & change your unconscious reasons for avoiding a good relationship.

He’s Scared/She’s Scared – Understanding the Hidden fears that Sabotage your Relationships. Steven Carter & Julia Sokol. Advice on how to detect commitment-phobia and move toward true intimacy. Includes: The quest for the perfect partner, how to break the seduction/rejection cycle, and the balance between space & intimacy.

How to Stay Lovers for Life: A Marriage Counselor’s Tricks of the Trade. Sharyn Wolf, CSW. Proven tips for keeping romance alive, secrets for making great sex last, unique ways to become the lovers you were meant to be, and how to have fewer fights & more fun! A quick fix guide with quick solutions on 53 relationship problems.

If this is Love, Why do I feel so Insecure? Carl Hindy, Ph.D. Learn how to deal with anxiety, jealousy, and depression in romance and get the love you deserve. See how insecure love, which combines obsessiveness with anxiety (as in “Fatal Attraction”) leads to pain and dangerous relationships. Recognize the symptoms of insecure love.

Looking Out for Number 1. Robert Ringer. An oldie but a goodie! Discard irrational customs & traditions to embark on the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life. Be where you want to be in all areas of your life -friends, lovers, and finances. With realistic ideas, clear the hurdles that deter you from experiencing happiness & joy.

Love is Never Enough. Aaron Beck, MD. How couples can overcome misunderstandings, resolve conflicts, and solve relationship problems through cognitive therapy. Common problems as rigid rules, expectations & negative thinking are explored. Insights & advice that may save a failing marriage, or make a good relationship even better.

Obsessive Love: When it Hurts too Much to Let Go. Dr. Susan Forward. Whether you are an obsessed lover or the target of an obsession, this book shows you how to recognize the “connection compulsion,” what causes obsessive passion & how to break its hold on your life so you can build healthy, lasting & pain-free relationships.

The Art of Living Single: Discover the Up-side of Life on your own. Michael Broder, Ph.D. How you can enjoy the time you have by yourself, why no one has to be lonely, pursue new ideas & goals, learn to develop new, positive relationships & friendships that are healthy. Become the best you can be before starting a new relationship!

Why Love is Not Enough – How to Identify the Right Person for You. Sol Gordon, Ph.D. The essential factors for a successful relationship or marriage. Discover the people & relationships you must walk away from, how to determine if a shaky relationship is worth preserving, and how to work towards a lasting & mature relationship.

Mental Health, Spirituality & Well Being

“Watch Me!” The Bold, New Motivational Attitude for Personal Success –  by Riana Milne, MA, LPC , and Riana’s daughter, Alexi D. Panos – $16.95 & $4.00 S & H.
Donations go to The Riana Milne Performing Arts Scholarship Fund and to Alexi’s Charity, EPIC – Everyday People Initiating Change (

Tired of being told “You’re not good enough?” or “You’ll never reach your dream?” This motivational, spiritual, and psychological approach to reaching your goals and dreams is meant for those ages 13 +, whether one is in the performing arts field or in the corporate world. Learn the mental mind techniques for focus to reach personal success, prove all your doubters wrong, and to live for your Higher Purpose in Life!
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To order the book, email Riana at, or click here to order through Pay Pal . Riana will autograph and write a dedication statement should you request one.

To order the WATCH ME! ebook for $12 from this web site,download this link to order through Pay Pal here.

A Course of Miracles in 5 Minutes. Jerry Sears. A summary of and life method for using “A Course in Miracles” from the author’s experience. It is not “The Course” itself, but with 5 minutes each day you will learn the ability to change your life and belief system from fear and pain to the miracles of pure love and joy.

A Guide for the Advanced Soul – A Book of Insight. Susan Hayward. Hold a problem in your mind. Open this book to any page and there will be your answer. Be at peace and see a clear pattern & plan running through your life. Nothing is by chance…A fabulous collection of writings that show you reality is what you create for growth.

Anger & Addiction: Breaking the Relapse Cycle. Jo Clancy, LMSW-ACP. This book is geared towards treatment professionals and successfully addresses anger & resolving resentments that are critical to the recovery process for all chemically dependent patients. Learn the various strategies that will aid those facing addictions.

Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul: 101 Inspirational Stories of Overcoming Life’s Challenges. Jack Canfield. Heart-warming stories of overcoming emotional hardship, losing a loved one, physical challenges, financial obstacles, illness or disease, and life changes. Encouragement for anyone confronting challenging times.

Choose Once Again – Selections from “A Course in Miracles.” Foundation for Inner Peace. Spiritual writings that were chosen in the hope that it will enable the reader to experience miracles – those shifts in perception which remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence in our daily lives. Promotes the ability to forgive.

Managing Your Mind – The Mental Fitness Guide. Gillian Butler, Ph.D. Powerful, tested techniques show you how to develop your full potential, build self-confidence & esteem, overcome anxiety & depression, break bad habits, take control of your present & future, relieve stress, free yourself from persistent fears and worries, and more!

Miracle Cures: Dramatic New Scientific Discoveries Revealing the Healing Powers of Herbs, Vitamins & Other Natural Remedies. Jean Carper. Improve your health by natural means, learn about natural drugs, remedies, treatments, medicines, cures & dietary supplements. This is for information only, and NOT INTENDED to replace a medical or naturopathic doctor.

Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts & Affirmations. Shakti Gawain. An inspirational message & affirmation for each day of the year to help trigger your own thoughts, reactions & motivate you to creative ideas.

Secrets of Life: Success, Happiness, Love, Inner Peace, Prosperity, etc. J. Donald Walters. This warm collection of uplifting affirmations, thoughts and sayings for life’s ups & downs is a reminder of those wonderful human qualities that open the heart and help us find the joy and love we are all entitled to in life.

The Courage to Change – One Day at a Time in Al-Anon. A daily guide designed to keep the focus on today and give one the courage to change the things they can. View each day as an opportunity for happiness by focusing on the reality of today without the burdens of yesterday, or the fears of tomorrow. Written to help families of alcoholics, this profound book is wonderful for all of us desiring daily affirmations, guidance, and spiritual healing.

The Gift of Self-Confidence. Brian Tracy. Shed the insecurities that prevent achievement, success, and happiness. These inspirational quotes & sayings help you to believe in yourself and take control of your life.

The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook. David Sobel, MD & Robert Ornstein, Ph.D. Use your mind to relieve stress, manage illness, improve mood, and boost immunity to gain more control of your health & your life. Includes exploring spiritual beliefs in health, taming your anger, analyzing if you are addicted & ways to reduce depression.

The Hidden Addiction & How to Get Free. Janice Keller-Phelps, MD. All addictions are rooted in the same genetic flaw in one’s body; which means if you are addicted to one substance; you are potentially addictive to all of them. Determine if you are addictive with the enclosed self-test. The causes & treatment of many addictive problems.

You’ll See It when You Believe It – The Way to Your Personal Transformation. Dr. Wayne Dyer. Tap into the amazing power that lies within you to direct the course of your own destiny. Set real goals & achieve them, develop strong inner-confidence & turn obstacles into opportunities.

When Luck Runs Out – Help for Compulsive Gamblers & their Families. Robert Custer, MD. Learn the indicators that suggest a problem with compulsive gambling that can destroy families and lives. A complete examination of the illness and its treatment: its causes, symptoms, stages of the disease, how to minimize the damage, the female gambler, the road to recovery, and a list of support organizations for the gambler and their family.

Parent & Teen Relationships

***Increasing Self-Concept and Developmental Assets in Adolescents Using Behavioral & Psycho-Educational Interventions. by – Terriana (Riana) Milne, MA, LPC. Adolescents who lack self-concept usually are deficient in resiliency, developmental assets, and opportunities to have positive, successful experiences; which often leads to high-risk behaviors. This Master’s Thesis shows Group Counseling interventions that included interactive behavioral, psycho-education, and creative arts techniques done with 30 teens over a 4-month period which had significantly increased their self-concept. Over 120 pages including charts, graphs, and over 85 professional resources.

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“Watch Me!” The Bold, New Motivational Attitude for Personal Success –  by Riana Milne, MA, LPC , and Riana’s daughter, Alexi D. Panos – $16.95 & $3.00 S & H. Chapter 9 – For Parents: How to Raise Successful Children and Teens by Teaching them the Watch Me! Attitude.
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Tired of being told “You’re not good enough?” or “You’ll never reach your dream?” This motivational, spiritual, and psychological approach to reaching your goals and dreams is meant for those ages 13 +, whether one is in the performing arts field or in the corporate world. Learn the mental mind techniques for focus to reach personal success, prove all your doubters wrong, and to live for your Higher Purpose in Life!

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Parenting for Prevention: How to Raise a Child to Say No to Alcohol & Drugs. David Wilmes. Gain new insights into everyday parenting problems & how to handle them. Help your kids develop into healthy, well-balanced teens who can stand on their own feet, resist peer pressure, and still be accepted & respected wherever they go.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. Mary Pipher, Ph.D. Escalating levels of sexism, violence, sexual harassment, undervalued intelligence, and a media look-obsessed culture all cause girls to loose self-esteem & creative spirit. Learn how you can help your daughter with the everyday dangers of being young and female.

Spoiling Childhood – How Well-meaning Parents are giving Children too Much, but Not What they Need. Diane Ehrensaft, PhD. Sympathetic to both parents plights and to the needs of children, this book provides a fresh approach to the problems of modern family life. Learn the balance of parenting too little & too much, and without guilt.

What Teens Need to Succeed. Peter Benson, Ph.D. Proven ways to shape your teen’s future. More than 1200 ideas for building developmental assets at home, school, in your community & with friends. Assets form strong foundations for teens, provide a positive influence on choices made, actions taken, and protect from risky behaviors.

When the Drug War Hits Home: Healing the Family torn Apart by Teenage Drug Abuse. Laura Stamper. When a child develops a drug or alcohol problem, the entire family can be ripped apart. Learn the issues behind teen drug abuse, the basics of intervention & treatment, and what families can realistically expect after treatment.

Your Family, Your Self. William Blevins. How to analyze your family system to understand yourself and the dynamics of how the family is both the protector & destroyer of mental health. Achieve more satisfying relationships with your loved ones, create a family genogram, and assess your role in your current family situation.

Women’s Issues

Behavioral Medicine & Women – A Comprehensive Handbook. Elaine Belchman. With 141 chapters from over 150 leading experts, social and behavioral coping processes that are a major part of women’s lives across the lifespan are explored. Topics include: cultural issues, body image, substance abuse, physiological & mental conditions.

Every Women’s Emotional Well-being. Carol Tavris. A wealth of insights and reassuring advice from a team of experts on love, work, success, mixing family & career, mid-life, old age, coping with stress & conflicts. The challenge of change gives advice on fears, anxiety, depression and the value of therapy for positive heath and healing.

Every Woman’s Health: The Complete Guide to Body & Mind. DS Thompson, MD. Women Doctors provide information all women need in a language that is readily understood and interesting to read. Topics include sexuality, occupational health, cosmetic surgery, lifelong emotional well being, over 950 medical & health terms.

The Dance of Intimacy: A Woman’s Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships. Harriet Lerner, Ph.D. This book outlines the steps to take so that good relationships can be strengthened & difficult ones can be healed; examines relationships that are challenged by too much distance, intensity, or pain.

The Woman’s Book of Confidence – Meditations for Strength & Inspiration. Sue Patton Thoele. Learn to be your own best friend with this supportive collection of meditations. Trust yourself emotionally, intuitively & spirituality, using this motivational book of writings daily for personal growth and inspiration.

Women’s Symptoms – A Comprehensive Guide to Common Symptoms & Diseases. Ivan Strausz, MD. Questions are answered about common symptoms in women of all ages, aimed at helping you understand what your body is telling you, and advises when to seeks further medical help. Includes tips & lifestyle changes, danger signs.

Work & Career Advice

Business Protocol – How to Survive & Succeed in Business. Jan Yager. Successful companies, and successful managers and executives will be those who provide the best service while making their customers feel welcome and cared for. How to make a positive lasting impression, strategies to get you to the top, and more!

Chained to the Desk – A Guide for Workaholics, their Partners & Children, and the Clinicians who Treat Them. Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. Effective strategies designed to overcome the resistance with which most workaholics greet attempts to change them. The effects of workaholism on family members, children, and spouses who reveal the isolation & loneliness of their vacant relationships and the terror of questioning their own sanity.

Effective Thinking for Uncommon Success. Gerald Kushel. How to change the way you think to replace self-defeating or defective thoughts with solution-oriented effective thoughts that work! Effective thinking will lead you to high job performance, high job satisfaction, and a high level of personal life satisfaction. Self-test is provided.

Having it All – Having Enough. Deborah Lee PH.D. How to create a career/Family balance that works for you; many helpful ideas for working couples who struggle daily to combine the rewards of work with the joys of having a family. Couples find solutions for real conflict/stress issues and what too often seem like impossible tasks.

How to Master the Art of Selling. Tom Hopkins. What the profession of selling is all about, and how to succeed. Topics covered include – the first meeting, phone techniques, handling objections, power closes. Getting motivated. Even if you do not “sell” as a profession, realize you need to sell your ideas, beliefs, and goals to succeed.

Knock ‘em Dead – The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Handbook. Martin Yate. Tough interview questions & great responses, the hidden job market, body language, follow-up after the interview, electronic job hunting resources.

Professional Presence – The Total Program for Gaining that Extra Edge in Business. Susan Bixler. The rules for succeeding in Corporate America by establishing yourself in a credible manner. Topics include: playing office politics, self-promotion, office conversation do’s & don’ts, business wardrobe, and critical situations.

Re-Entering – Successful Back-to-work Strategies for Women Seeking a Fresh Start. Eleanor Berman. The best ways to overcome the initial fear of returning to work, getting a job when you lack experience, the best career choice for you, newest trend in today’s job market, financial assistance for women in business or entering college,

The Power of Positive Thinking. Norman Vincent Peale. A series of practical and workable techniques for living a successful life. A formula of belief and practice that should help you win victory over every defeat.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. Stephen Covey. A holistic, integrated principle-centered approach for solving personal & professional problems. A step-by-step pathway to gain the security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

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