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- The Mindset for Success in All Life Areas -

Individual Life Coaching for Personal Growth & Achievement when in Transition
Coaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals to improve your life in one or several areas. Unlike Therapy or Counseling which is focused on improving a mental illness, Coaching is meant to meet you where you are in life, and propel you forward into a life you desire, maximizing your full personal and relationship potential, so that you live a life beyond your dreams!
A Life Coach takes where you are now, and discusses your goals and dreams for your future. We get to the bottom of what may be making you feel stuck or anxious and together, create a plan using a Transformational goal setting method that has been successful for women, men, and adolescents of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances for over 38 years!
A Life Transition can be scary – going from Highschool to college, or College into the “Real World” with trying to take a degree and make a career “just happen.” Or, you may have gotten stuck in an addiction, been in and out of rehab, but still, you feel lost and unfulfilled. Together we explore your personal goals and dreams and make them happen! We explore how you can be your best self – to be genuinely happy in all life areas – personally, within your career, and with all your relationships.
Life is too short to feel stuck, bored, anxious, depressed, addicted or unhappy. Life Transitions are hard – but you can change your Mindset which is the most important thing to changing your life – to feel amazing and energized each and every day!
So whether you are a teen going through social or emotional hardships, a high school student preparing for college and has no idea what they want to do, a college graduate preparing for the work world and feel anxiety over it, someone coming out of a hurtful or toxic relationship or marriage, experiencing another bad breakup or loss of a partner, or – reinventing yourself after a job layoff, or looking for an emotionally healthy, life-long, evolved love – there is a way to make painful feelings and transitions become a pleasurable new start in a life you will LOVE!
(a $1000 Value; only $147 One-Time introductory offer - which will be applied to the Coaching program of your Choice)

Life Coaching for Adults & Adolescents

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, stressed, depressed or full of anxiety? Losing sleep because you worry so much, or isolate yourself due to shyness and uncertainty? Success and happiness are limited by what we tell ourselves, how we think and what we believe.
Learn the Watch Me!™ Positive mindset…a transformational approach to personal success and happiness. Heal all emotional wounds and increase confidence to feel empowered, as you prove to yourself that you can reach your goals and dreams with a balanced life of purpose, peace, excitement, and optimum success – at any age!
Life Coaching Riana Milne

Benefits from Coaching:

Eliminate stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression once and for all!
Increase self-esteem, confidence, communication, and social skills.
Learn Positive self-talk and the Mindset for Success for better performance, moods, and happier life.
Accomplish your goals with a proven step-by-step process to reach your dreams.
Achieve Life balance in life, work or school to feel less stress and more harmony.
Learn and use the essential spiritual techniques in attaining personal peace and a higher purpose.
COnfident Woman
Life Coaching is Perfect for those in a difficult transition, Including -
✅ Those wanting to become a powerful, confident, emotionally healthy person.
✅ People adjusting to a move to a new city.
✅ Starting life over after an addiction problem.
✅ Changing toxic behaviors to become a better you.
✅ Starting over after the loss of a loved One.
✅ Mid-life changes, transitions and reaching new goals.
✅ Finding balance, purpose, and motivation in life.
✅ De-stressing and learning time management skills.
✅ Job loss or dissatisfaction and finding a new career.
✅ Moms or Dads facing adjustment after a baby arrives; or struggling with their kids/teens.
✅ College students facing the job market after graduation.
✅ High school students stuck in peer pressure or preparing for college.
✅ Troubled Teens who are stressed, depressed, shy or anxious.

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Discuss Your Life Transition Coaching Needs!

(a $1000 Value; only $147 One-Time introductory offer - which will be applied towards the Coaching Program of Your Choice)

Life Coaching can give you the confidence you are looking for!

What some current clients are saying


When I first started with Riana, I was very unsure about the program let alone talking to someone across the country about my feelings and personal goals. However, I gave it a chance and as soon as I began fully diving into the book work and interacting with Riana, I began to see the progress being made. In my case, I was fresh out of high school and starting my first semester of college. When college began, I focused on my school-work and kept to myself. I didn’t have a clue what type of career path I wanted to take and had been working at Chili’s for three years and was engulfed in the negative mindset that surrounded me.

During Riana’s program, I quickly realized that the insecurities that held me back were pointless and only harming my potential. Being free from the burden, I began naturally branching out and enjoying the ones around me. Riana helped me explore my interests, hobbies, and career ideas to set me on a path towards a goal.

I decided on the idea of architecture and interior design because it allowed structure but also gave way to my creative side. From Riana’s advice, I quit Chili’s as a Hostess and interviewed then got hired for a large, well-known home decor store, which was more in line with the direction I was headed. The environment was refreshing and positive, which in return helped turn around my negative mindset. Within my first month, I met a customer that ran a business with her husband flipping houses for a living. I loved this idea and got her business card so I could visit one of their homes. During the visit, I provided ideas that helped shape the final look of the home. I had never felt so natural at something and it was very exciting!

Having this experience helped me narrow my college search down and I am enrolled in an architecture program. Riana’s Life Coaching program helped me not only discover my personal interests and goals but also encouraged me to dream big and shoot for the stars because with the right mindset, as I learned, nothing can hold you back! This program Changed My Life!
- Amiee B. (6-month Diamond Client)

Riana worked with my daughter Amiee and completely turned her life around. She has gained tools to help her gain and maintain insight into her motivation and decisions. I have watched her become more peaceful and confident as she embarks into her college and plans for her future career. It was a huge and scary financial step for me to hire Riana. I have to say she far exceeded my expectations !!! I wholeheartedly recommend Riana, she is highly professional, caring and insightful. If you’ve considered hiring a Life Coach, she is awesome, just do it, you won’t regret it! Linda (Aimee's Mom)

AmieeLindaB (1)

At the start of this program I was a mess. I was doing badly in school, at work, in my love life, and it just felt as if nothing could go right for the longest time. I was depressed for months about myself. My confidence was at an all-time low and things just needed to change in my life. That’s when I started this program. This program helped me in so many areas of my life. Riana helped me identify the things in my life that truly make me happy and gave me exercises that helped me make those things a habit in my life. I have a speech impediment, so for the majority of my life, I was extremely self-conscious about my stutter.

But Riana was able to help get over the anxiety and self-doubt that my stutter gave me through this program and the exercises she had me doing. Riana has helped get my life in order and on track! I’m more focused on my goals and know how to achieve them. I’m more confident in myself and don’t worry about what other people think regarding my stutter. This program truly is a life-changing experience; I even met the girl of my dreams! Thank you, Riana!
- Daniel S. (24) VIP Life Transition Client

I had never experienced a coaching program and since doing the Life & Love Transformation Coaching Program with Riana, I have totally turned my life around. I am now extremely focused and doing very well in both work and school and have detached myself from toxic relationships because I know what signs to look for so that it doesn't happen again. I have started a large internet women's clothing business with Riana's help. Riana and this program have helped me see life and relationships for more than what they seem on the surface; making me now open to meeting new people and with the new-found confidence and self-esteem I needed to be out dating and enjoy the process.
- Christina S. (20's) VIP Life Transformation Client

Christina-S.-150x150 (1)

Meet with Riana Milne Today to

Discuss Your Life Transition Coaching Needs!

(a $1000 Value; only $147 One-Time introductory offer - which will be applied towards the Coaching Program of Your Choice)

Life Coaching can give you the confidence you are looking for!

People are transformed by my VIP Life Transition Coaching!

Erin-lates20s (1)

I’m so thankful to Riana for helping me land my new job! I was working in a lower-level management position and was feeling ready for the next step and a new challenge in my career. As a collage graduate with management experience, you would think interviews would be a breeze for me, but I felt anxious and unsure of myself moving up. Riana took all my best qualities and helped me present them in a way that made me look like a shining star that would be an asset to my company. We went over my resume, and career development plan. Most importantly, Riana gave me the self-esteem & confidence to walk into the interview and get that job! I will always remember Riana asking, “Why not you?” I took that with me into the interview, and I will always remember it with each step I take in my life - “Why not me?!”
- Erin S. (20's) VIP Life Transitions Client

I hired Riana as a Career Coach and hired her more than once. “Riana is a great Life Coach. She has a great way to articulate her points and relate them to real-life experiences. She has an awesome demeanor and makes her clients feel extremely comfortable in speaking with her. I would definitely utilize her again and would highly recommend her to other people. Thanks, Riana” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
- Ray G. (40's) VIP Life Transitions Client

WOmen late 60s

Dear Riana - There’s a spirit of helpfulness that shines through everything you do, and even though the warmest of thanks would never be enough to repay you, please know how appreciated you are and what a true blessing you’ve been. Thank you for ALL your help and wisdom over the years; it really helped me to get through some very difficult times! Your suggestions have really helped change an almost impossible situation! God Bless you, Riana, on your journey!
- Doreen V. (60's) VIP Life Transitions Client

Riana is amazing! She has helped our family through turbulent waters on many occasions. Riana has a gift at connecting and making you feel comfortable by opening you up to really identify the problem and then offers practical ways to work through the issues. I trust Riana with my most cherished treasure - my family, and I highly recommend her to anyone!
- Glen M. (40's) VIP Life Transitions Client