LIFE COACHING with Riana Milne, Ma, Cert. Global Life & Love Transformation Coach; Mindfulness Coach, Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Profession


RianaJeansLIVEbooksFinalCoaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals to improve your life in one or several areas. Unlike Therapy or Counseling which is focused on improving a mental illness, Coaching is meant to meet you where you are in life, and propel you forward into a life you desire, maximizing your full personal and relationship potential, so that you live a life beyond your dreams!

Individual Coaching for Personal Growth & Achievement

A Life Coach takes where you are now, and discusses your goals and dreams for your future. We get to the bottom of what may be making you feel stuck or anxious and together, create a plan using a Transformational goal setting method that has been successful for women, men, and adolescents of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances for over 38 years!

Together we explore your personal goals and make them happen!  We explore how you can be your best self – to be genuinely happy both personally, and within all your relationships. Life is too short to feel stuck, bored, anxious, depressed, addicted or unhappy. Life Transitions are hard – but you can change your Mindset which is the most important thing to changing your life – to feel amazing and energized each and every day!

So whether you are a teen going through social or emotional hardships, a high school student preparing for college, a college graduate preparing for the work world, someone coming out of a hurtful or toxic relationship or marriage, experiencing another bad breakup or loss of a partner, or – reinventing yourself after a job layoff, or looking for an emotionally healthy, life-long, evolved love – there is a way to make painful feelings and transitions become a pleasurable new start in a life you will LOVE! Let me show you how!

In Light & Love, Riana


LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – Having the Life You Love!       

Life Coaching for Adults & Adolescents


Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, stressed, depressed or full of anxiety? Losing sleep because you worry so much, or isolate yourself due to shyness and uncertainty?  Success and happiness are limited by what we tell ourselves, how we think and what we believe. Learn the Watch Me!™ Positive mindset…a transformational approach to personal success and happiness. Heal all emotional wounds and increase confidence to feel empowered, as you prove to yourself that you can reach your goals and dreams with a balanced life of purpose, peace, excitement, and optimum success – at any age!

I’m currently 17 years old, and I have struggled for about half my life with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and family issues. It wasn’t until about a year ago, I started on a positive path, thanks to my Coach, Riana Milne. My conditions suddenly worsened about a year ago and I knew it was finally time for me to see someone. After appropriate research to find a good Coach, I went with Riana. From the moment I met her, she made me feel extremely comfortable and made me feel as though I wasn’t in this alone. On my first visit, I was able to share my story with her, something I had never done with anyone. Simply because it was extremely hard to talk about and I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. With the aid of Riana, I have been on a successful road to recovery. Riana gave me ways to reduce my stress in addition to advice to deal with friends and family. Not only has she helped with my mental conditions but with everyday life. It has also been a hectic year trying to apply for college and scholarships while maintaining my grades and obtaining a job. She gave me tips and was able to lead me every step of the way. She also continues to impress me with all she has accomplished in her life. I would recommend Riana Milne to anyone seeking any type of assistance to get through whatever your difficulty might be!” Ally M  Jan 2015

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Benefits from Coaching: (for Adults or Adolescents)

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression once and for all!
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence, communication, and social skills
  • Learn Positive self-talk and the Mindset for Success for better performance, moods, and happier life
  • Accomplish your goals with a proven step-by-step process to reach your dreams
  • Achieve Life balance in life, work or school to feel less stress and more harmony
  • Learn and use the essential spiritual techniques in attaining personal peace and a higher purpose


Life Coaching is perfect for those in a difficult transition, including –

  • Those wanting to become a powerful, confident, emotionally healthy person
  • People adjusting to a move to a new city
  • Starting life over after an addiction problem
  • Changing toxic behaviors to become a better you
  • Starting over after the loss of a loved One 
  • Mid-life changes, transitions and reaching new goals
  • Finding balance, purpose, and motivation in life                                                                         
  • De-stressing and learning time management skills
  • Job loss or dissatisfaction and finding a new career
  • Moms or Dads facing adjustment after a baby arrives; or struggling with their kids/teens
  • College students facing the job market after graduation
  • High school students stuck in peer pressure or preparing for college
  • Troubled Teens who are stressed, depressed, shy or anxious


Is Life Coaching For You?

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