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Tired of doing all the right things and still attracting or settling for the wrong partner?
Are you Successful in Business but not in Love? Stop the dead-end relationships that leave you unfulfilled. If you simply can’t find love, are newly divorced, or just experienced a hurtful break-up or loss of a long time partner, know the strategies and gain the confidence to reinvent yourself to become a successful single before datingYou’ll know exactly what to do, who to avoid, and how to attract the ideal partner for a life-long Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Loving Relationship.

The 7 Step Success System for Finding Lasting Love

- Go from Fear & Doubt to Becoming a Sensational and Successful Single! -

Understanding How Your Past Influences Your Present.
You cannot change what you don’t understand. Exploring your childhood traumas, relationship history, what has become your “normal” in relationships, assessing your Relationship where it is now and summarizing your current status helps set the groundwork for what needs to be changed to create your new vision.
Finding the Motivation to Change – Wheel of Life to Create Your Life Vision.
We create a new vision for your present and future by looking at your individual & couple’s Life Spheres and rating your current level of satisfaction in both areas. After, we use out of the box thinking to create solutions for current critical situations and prepare to set new goals for a better union.
Goal Setting for Personal & Couple Growth and Success.
Overall long-term goals (6 months – 2 years) and mini-goals (day/week) are set for your individual and relationship goals which are clearly defined and set in motion. Motivational activities help to inspire your growth together.
Understandind and Developing the Mindset for Success in All Life Areas, Why a Sense of Spirituality and Life Balance is Essential.
A positive mindset will be developed by correcting negative thoughts, using the power of meditation, bibliotherapy, conscious living techniques, acting in integrity, and using each day to rebuild and create your new balanced relationship and way of being. You will see that your
Exploring Dating Patterns and Past Limiting Beliefs, Fixing any Negative Traits, Changing from Toxic Love Patterns to Emotionally Healthy & Conscious Love.
Becoming a successful, evolved single is half of the solution to having the perfect relationship. Both will clearly know their personal values, requirements, wants and needs to communicate their vision and criteria to their partner – creating the exact relationship you both want to have – today and into your future together.
Learn the EXACT Skills for a Successful Dating, Leading to the Ideal Relationship.
With this knowledge, you will confidently date and enjoy the process. Identify your perfect mate, learn the truths of conscious dating, and know where to find that ideal mate. Build a support community, create the perfect online profile and build a Successful Dating Plan, and learn the skills to flirt and attract with ease.
Avoid the Dating Traps while Having an Attraction and Dating Practice Plan.
Know the rules for effective communication and dating. Once you find a great candidate, use the checklist for seeing any red flags, explore your relationship status, and learn the strategies for creating a committed relationship that can lead to intimacy and engagement. Be confident about how to have a better quality, passionate sex life. If you do choose to leave the relationship, know the proper way to leave with love and dignity; and how to quickly recover to date again.
Benefits of the various Dating to Mating Life & Love Transformation Programs:
✅ Break free once and for all from a toxic partner who is breaking your heart
✅ Stop attracting dysfunctional personality types that make you crazy
✅ Stop negative thoughts and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your relationships
✅ Heal emotionally from heartache by adopting a positive mindset & confident attitude
✅ Reinvent yourself to become a successful, confident single before dating
✅ Improve all your living areas with more personal confidence and happiness
✅ Write an online profile that will get you the dates you desire
✅ Know the specific questions to ask while dating to discover any red flags
✅ Raise personal self-esteem and confidence while having fun dating