Couples Life & Love Transformation Coaching with Riana Milne

- The Ultimate Relationship Rescue & Couple Transformation System -

Coaching for Committed or Married Couples
✅ Are you questioning whether to stay or leave your relationship?
✅ Hoping to get the spark, love, and friendship back in a relationship that has turned toxic?
Understand the critical issues that plague troubled relationships and turn toxic behaviors and unhealthy patterns into a healthy, loving, safe, and Evolved Relationship that can be better than ever! Learn to communicate your needs, requirements and sexual desires to your partner in a comfortable and supportive way so that you will both be happy. Stop blaming behavior and learn to listen with an open heart, creating the emotional closeness needed to have a more fulfilling, loving union.
(a $1000 Value; only $147 One-Time introductory offer)

Relationship Rescue! – Taking Love from Toxic to Terrific

This time-tested, proven system will take you from a feeling of “walking on eggshells” when you see your partner, questioning whether to leave or stay, continuous fighting, or feel sick over toxic behaviors in your relationship – to – having an emotionally healthy, loving, safe, and sexually passionate relationship while falling in love with your best friend all over again!

The 7-Step Success System for Totally Transforming Your Relationship or Marriage

Understanding How Your Past Influences Your Present.
You cannot change what you don’t understand. Exploring your childhood traumas, relationship history, what has become your “normal” in relationships, assessing your Relationship where it is now and summarizing your current status helps set the groundwork for what needs to be changed to create your new vision.
Finding the Motivation to Change – Wheel of Life to Create Your Life Vision.
We create a new vision for your present and future by looking at your individual & couple’s Life Spheres and rating your current level of satisfaction in both areas. After, we use out of the box thinking to create solutions for current critical situations and prepare to set new goals for a better union.
Goal Setting for Personal & Couple Growth and Success.
Overall long-term goals (6 months – 2 years) and mini-goals (day/week) are set for your individual and relationship goals which are clearly defined and set in motion. Motivational activities help to inspire your growth together.
Understand the Use of the Five Ds, Why a Sense of Spirituality and Life Balance is Essential, Changing your Mind-set.
A positive mindset will be developed by correcting negative thoughts, using the power of meditation, bibliotherapy, conscious living techniques, acting in integrity, and using each day to rebuild and create your new balanced relationship and way of being. You will see that your
Exploring Past Limiting Beliefs and Assumptions, Fixing any Negative Traits, Understanding Healthy vs. Toxic Love.
Becoming a successful, evolved single is half of the solution to having the perfect relationship. Both will clearly know their personal values, requirements, wants and needs to communicate their vision and criteria to their partner – creating the exact relationship you both want to have – today and into your future together.
The New Laws of Love; Communicating Your Fears, Expectations, and Appreciations.
Excellent communication skills need to be learned – to be heard, understood and to listen with respect and an open mind. Converse in a calm way with safety and love to work on your issues, handle conflicts, and get your needs met. Fears, fantasy thinking, and other negative thoughts can be transformed with a positive mindset to eliminate them altogether.
Know the Skills for a Successful, Evolved, Passionate and Loving Relationship
Confidently create your Couples’ Action Plan. Know the strategies for radical intimacy and a better quality sex life, with creative fantasy dates. Do a Post-Relationship summary to see have far you have grown together and make new goals to progress to an ultimate, evolved emotionally healthy love!
Benefits for Both of You:
✅ Stop dysfunctional childhood patterns that sabotage your relationship
✅ Stop boredom, stress, resentment, anger, and disappointments
✅ Stop any toxic behaviors that hurt your partner and relationship
✅ Get your sexual needs met by creating a more passionate and affectionate love life
✅ Use positive communication skills and Therapeutic breaks to feel heard, loved and respected
✅ Consciously make positive choices that affect you and your partner
✅ Learn to communicate your needs, requirements, and desires to your partner
✅ Feel supported, secure and cherished by your partner
✅ Improve all your Life areas for more energy, life balance, and relationship confidence
(a $1000 Value; only $147 One-Time introductory offer)