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VIP Women’s Life & Love Transformation Success Summit!

Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve!

February 21 – 23rd, 2020

An Immersive and Intensive Weekend with Riana for only $2,997!

The VIP Women’s Life & Love Transformation Success Summit


Create the Life You Desire & Have The Love You Deserve


February 21 – 23rd, 2020 on the Ocean in Sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

This incredible, one-of-a-kind, 3-Day Group and Personal Experience Coaching with Riana LIVE – is specially designed to create your Extraordinary Transformation in Mind, Body & Spirit – to Have the Life You Desire and the Love You Deserve.



Some Topics Covered in the VIP Women’s Life & Love Transformation Success Retreat:


  • Where are you Now & Where do you want to be? Goal-setting for your Life Plan

  • Mind-Body-Spirit – The Essential Connection; including feeling amazing emotionally & w/Fitness and Nutrition tips

  • Obtaining the Mindset for Success with concrete techniques

  • The Importance of Study from the Masters in Spiritual Mindset & Ways of Living

  • Having it All – Love, Passion & Purpose

  • Understanding the Emotionally Healthy Relationship, How to get it and maintain it – Communication of Feelings

  • Live Hot-seat Coaching & Role play for group bonding & understanding your new techniques and concepts in action

  • And so MUCH MORE!

More about the VIP Event

✅ Held at the very cool, Ocean Manor Hotel on the beach!

✅ Intensive education live with Riana – full attention is on Your needs!

✅ Guest speakers: Dr. Jane Guyn & Linzi Martinez

✅ Photo option package w/Beauty Photographer, Tiffany Rachel

✅ Option to receive VIP special Luncheon for all 3 days with Riana

**Hotel (suggest double occupancy), Airfare/Transportation to Ft. Lauderdale and food is not included. (no rental car needed).


Dr. Jane Guyn is a Guest Speaker and will be Co-hosting all weekend!

Dr. Jane is a nationally know Sex Expert with a PhD in Human Sexuality. She’s the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Too Busy to Get Busy” and the creator of “The Lover’s Journey” which is based on her transformational BEDROOM Model. Because Dr. Jane has been married to her husband Jim over 30 years, she understands the challenges. Although things haven’t always been perfect, they have better sex now than they did when they almost got caught making out in a conference room at the County Hospital where they first met!

Topics she'll cover in detail:

✅ Confidence and Sexuality

✅ Natural Hormone Replacement & other ways to life libido; what if you lost "that feeling?"

✅ Sexual Technique - What do men want?

✅ What is "normal" when it comes to sexuality?

✅ How to handle a man with ED or other sexual issues

Hit the ‘Play’ Button to Learn More about what Dr. Jane will cover at the conference in her Advance Lessons in Love & Sexuality for Women!

Guest Speaker – Linzi Martinez

Linzi is an award-winning Executive Producer, Host and the creator of the Happy Healthy Stronger Makeover TV series currently airing on WBTVN, on Apple TV, ROKU, NBC, CBS, ABC, Direct TV and more. Also producer of “The Prime Time” Broadcast. She is a Nutritional Therapist & Celebrity Personal Trainer, and published author.

Topics she'll cover in detail:

✅ The correlation between exercise, nutrition and happiness

✅ How to create a lifestyle – and NOT diet.

✅ What role does nutrition play in your Happiness levels?

✅ Is there one global way that everyone can use to lose weight and get healthy?


Hit the ‘Play’ Button and Linzi will give you a taste of some important topics she’ll cover for you at the event to make you feel amazingly healthy!



Consider the Photo Package option with Tiffany Rachel for awesome Beauty shots!

She has been creating custom digital imagery professionally for over 15 years; encompassing photography, graphic design, digital media, drawing/painting, and calligraphy. Her goal in photography strives to stand out by tastefully producing only the highest quality, memorable images.

Optional Glamour Photo Package includes:

✅ Shoot 3 looks – Headshot, glamour, jeans or business look

✅ Professional Hair & Make-up artist included!

✅ Riana will help style your look and help with poses! (She's a prior Model & Talent Agent and 3x International Award-winning Talent School owner)

✅ Receive 10 unretouched proofs and chose 3 retouched 8 x 10 final photos (includes digital final proof for 3); plus an option to purchase more

Check out some of my Photos from Tiffany!

Space is limited to the first 8 sign-ups! Shoot to take place Sunday evening, after the retreat on 2/23/2020

All This for the Special Price of $485! (Regular Price: $797)

Ready to Invest in Yourself Right Now?!

An Entire Weekend Learning with Riana for only $2,997

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Client Testimonials

Shea (1)

When I first started working with Riana, I was a mess! I had just left my husband, was living in an apartment and was in another toxic relationship. I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was broken because I kept choosing such terrible men. Riana helped me through a very difficult transition: divorce, break-up, buying a house, learning to be a single mom and co-parent. I now live in a beautiful house which I love and am out of that toxic marriage and relationship. I am single at the moment, but I feel like I am on my way to a healthy relationship. I am content with myself and my friendships/support network has improved tremendously. Riana never judged me or made me feel bad about myself. She met me where I was and helped me get to where I wanted to be. I feel like my next relationship will be amazing because I now have the tools to see red flags and to make better choices. Thanks so much, Riana!

-Shea (43) (now in a wonderful 1-year relationship!)

Having worked with Riana, I have gained tremendous clarity in my search for a long term exclusive, loving relationship. Although I had dated since my divorce and had 2 relationships that lasted a year or more, Riana helped me to see that I was not making the best choices for me. I needed to look at past traumas which may not have been as much from my childhood as from my marriage and to heal from the anger, criticism, and verbal abuse directed at me. Part of this is taking 100% responsibility for what has happened and the role I played in having any unhealthy relationships in my life. As I gained more confidence, I manifested a better job where I can use my gifts, tools, and talents. Riana has helped me to know my requirements, my needs, and wants. This has helped me to be better at screening a potential partner early on and not to settle on the important aspects I need. Now going forward, I have the confidence to know I will succeed!
-Michele (Late 50's)

Michele M (1)
Jamie C (1) (1)

I had a lot to work on and correct as I came to Riana as an ACOA with abandonment concerns and was choosing partners who were no good for me. Riana helped me change my mindset and overall self-worth. Daily meditations reduce my stress levels and I am now able to stay positive even on the rough days. She taught me to value myself and know my worth, my requirements and non-negotiables when choosing an emotionally healthy partner. I have already had positive experiences in my career goals, personal life and relationships. I am ready for an evolved partnership and I’m now dating someone exclusively for over a year who also wants marriage and a family! I have learned to follow my dreams, take risks, and not be afraid anymore to be alone. My biggest strengths have become to stay positive, and I feel attractive and amazing about!
- Jamie (32) (VIP Diamond Client)

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