Riana Milne  Counseling & Coaching Topics that can be addressed with Riana:

Emotional/Mental Health & Well being

Developing a happy mind-set, learning spiritual, holistic and alternative remedies for health, Mood changes, Depression, Personality disorders, Eating disorders, Substance abuse/addiction, Stress, Social Phobia & other Fears, Anxiety, Delusions, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Sexual Disorders, defeating Anger-Jealousy or Control issues for a balanced, successful life full of purpose.

Women’s Issues

Relationships, Finding the “ideal partner” through Singles Coaching -or- “Why Do I keep choosing Dysfunctional partners?” Sexual or intimacy concerns, Life-stage changes, Mid-life goals & concerns, Domestic violence, Verbal & emotional abuse, Physical Abuse Cycle – “from Romance to Rage”, Co-Dependency, Jealousy & control, Communication skills, Survival after the Affair, Life after Divorce, Feeling passionate & romantic again, Depression or the Blues? Stress: w/partner, children, financial, or self-imposed; Anger management in self, partner or family, Worry & anxiety, Aging parents, the Super-woman / Care-taker role, Family of Origin issues & influences, Self empowerment & esteem, Motivation to change, Spiritual healing for emotional pain; Substance abuse/addiction in self, child or partner; General health & mental health concerns, Career concerns & Parenting topics

Singles, Couples & Relationship Counseling or Coaching

Relationship Success Training for Singles or Couples, Communication is key, Dating Do’s & Don’ts, Pre-marital Counseling, “Sensational” Sex!, Lesbian & Gay relationships, Relationship Stress, Parenting & lack of Energy, Blending of Families, Equality at home & work, Financial Issues, Lack of Desire/Performance anxiety, After the Affair – Trusting again, Anger, control & jealousy; Rekindling Romance, Drug & Alcohol Addictions & Co-dependency, Gambling addictions, Life After Divorce or Death of Partner, Aging & life stages. See By the Sea Singles section for more information.

Addictive Behavior in Self or Others

Are you an Addict? How to tell. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, sexual, eating disorders, over-spending for you, your partner, or child. Are you Co-Dependent? Using Faith to heal & get well, Coaching to move forward by getting and reaching new goals. (See Web Site recommendations for Links).

Parenting Concerns

Instilling a sense of learning in your child, Effective Communication with your teen, How to motivate your teen, Creating Trust & Respect, Discipline issues, Communication style and correction, Encouraging a career path, Drug & Alcohol or other addiction questions/concerns, Is your teen depressed or suicidal? Children & your new relationships, Blending of families with a new partner, the affects a poor marriage or parental relationship has on your child, and when to consider Family or Individual counseling for you and your child. Job Coaching for Teens.

Teen Issues

School pressures, Being Bullied, Friends & fitting in, Relationships, Sex concerns or questions, Identity concerns, Drugs & alcohol facts, Dealing with parents, College & career concerns (including Job Coaching, General health, Mental health issues including Depression, Anxiety, handling Grief, Eating disorders, Addictions, Anger, Low self-esteem, Fear of death or violence within the home or at school.

General Career Consultation through Coaching

Swimming with the Sharks or Feel like a Minnow? Finding Career Success: Choice of career, Resume & Marketing packages, Re-entering the Job market, Dress for Success! Job stress & communication, Office politics, Workaholics & Family strain, Career burnout, Financial concerns, Work & the effects on intimate relationships

Life Coaching for Athletes: Athletes need “the Winning Edge and Watch-Me mindset” that Riana writes about in her book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success. Athletes hire Life Coaches to handle the stress of competition, reach identified goals, handle disappointments without negativity consuming their thoughts, keeping life balanced. to learn to be a leader and live with integrity; and staying humble while succeeding.

Career & Life Coaching for Models, Actors & Singers

How to get started in the entertainment field, Attending school, classes or conventions, Photographs, Resumes & Press kits, Preparing for an Agent interview, Getting in the door: The Agent Interview, Getting an Agent to sign you, Knowing a legit offer from a scam, preparing for the booking.

Agents & Managers for Talent Careers

Getting signed, Contracts & Legal needs, Parental roles for Minor child actors/performers, Networking, and Attending conventions.

Specific Areas of Concern:


Friends, Wife/girlfriend, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Neighbors, Employees

Going through Life Changes- Surviving a Break-up, Divorce, death of a partner, re-entering the work force, empty-nest syndrome, handling Menopause
Self-Esteem & Confidence, Public speaking, image make-overs, wardrobe tips for the work force, personal shopping, other
Co-dependency – handling the addictions of spouse, child, or family member; learning healthy new behaviors and boundaries for yourself
Domestic Violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, past sexual abuse and gaining strength to heal and make changes
Consulting for creating your own Business – marketing & public relations ideas, advertising
Women’s Group – Relationship and Life Success Training for Singles: meets weekly for 1 hour, for 8 weeks, call office for times & dates


Friends, Self/family, Employees, Neighbors, those engaged or having Marital Problems

Pre-marital counseling – handling finances, children/parenting, domestic hores/responsibilities, in-laws, time management
Marital/Couples Counseling: Gay or straight couples, relationship crises, transitions, affairs, addiction, abuse, job loss, parenting
Blending of Families with a new marriage – kids vying for space and attention, financial strain, goal-setting, quality couple time
Handling grief of a lost or sick child/teen or parent, empty nest syndrome
Parenting skills, understanding a defiant child/teen, how to discipline with love
Riana is an Inter-Faith Minister (Ordained with Universal Life Church) – Riana is an approved Pre-Marital Course provider for both Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Florida. She is an Officiant for personalized, custom Wedding ceremonies, Civil Unions, Celebrations of Love Ceremonies, Anniversaries, and Renewal of Vows.


Currently addicted, those trying to stay clean, those who Relapsed, Co-Dependents

Counseling for the abuser, the addicted, their spouse, parent, or family member
**House Calls – for Crises situations, defiant clients who won’t come to a Counseling center, Family Interventions
Continued growth & healing for those in recovery, using spiritual & 12 step philosophies
Referrals from Bosses for their employees
Job or Family Stress & addictions
Drugs & Alcohol: Addictions, denial, relapse, motivation to stay clean, holistic approaches to wellness, Family support/intervention
Gambling addictions, pressure relief, family support
Workaholics – and support for the lonely spouse
Over-eating (or Anorexia/Bulimia) – Eating Disorders and wellness; support for weight loss
Over-spending – regaining self-control & Esteem, developing a financial plan that works
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
ACOA issues – Adult Child of Alcoholics (or other childhood traumas)


Troubled/Angry, Addicted, Shy, Adjustment problems, 1st time Juvenile Offenders

Troubled Teens – signs of withdrawal, depression, “the blues”, self-mutilation/cutting, low self-esteem, poor choices, anxiety, parental or school defiance, anger and attitude problems
Addictions – Alcohol/drugs/gambling use, abuse, or addiction (actual or suspected)
***House Calls for angry and/or defiant teens who will not go to a Counseling Center; or for Crises situations
Anger & Violent behavior towards parents/family, friends, or acting out at school, poor grades, loneliness
Teens having trouble fitting into school, bullying
Juniors & Seniors having problems deciding a career path, needing help with resumes & interview tips
1st & 2nd Time Juvenile Offenders Program – NJ Supreme & Family Court of Atlantic City

Riana Milne: Psychotherapist and Director for Therapy by the Sea, LLC
Email: TherapybytheSea@gmail.com (for counseling topics) – or – RianaMilne@gmail.com for Coaching

15300 Jog Rd, Suite 109, Delray Beach, FL 33446
For a Coaching or Counseling Appointment, please call Riana at (201) 281-7887.

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