Benefits Of Counseling

There are many benefits to receiving Counseling. My goal is to improve, transform, or enrich a person’s, family’s, or couples’ quality of life. Many areas of one’s life is examined, and the past is explored to discuss and process – why you do – what you do. Dysfunctional childhood coping mechanisms can be changed into healthy boundaries, and an increase level of self-esteem. Communication and mood management is taught along with the ability to discuss one’s feelings. Counseling can bring your marriage or the whole family into a new sense of love and understanding.

Professional Counseling can address:

  • Relationship Problems: Marital, Families blending, Separation, Affairs, Divorce, Gay & Lesbian relationships & Lifestyles
  • Re-entering the Dating world
  • Addiction & Substance Abuse, Relapse, Co-dependency
  • Domestic/Emotional Abuse
  • Understanding & Healing Family of Origin issues
  • Job Stress & Burn-out
  • Post-traumatic Stress & Grief
  • Mid-Life Changes & Goals
  • Chronic Anger & Acting Out
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem, Shyness
  • Getting the Motivation to Change
  • Spiritual Healing & Wellness
  • Sexuality issues, Loneliness, Intimacy concerns
  • Choosing a Healthy Life-partner
  • Adolescent & Children’s Issues
  • Healthy Communication skills
  • Positive Parenting Techniques & Changing the Difficult Child

Riana Milne and Therapy by the Sea, LLC does offer Therapy services through many Insurance plans as well as provides a self-pay Coaching program for those who want a more intensive, personalize program, which is more goal-oriented and future-outcome based. Please see the differences between Coaching and Counseling on this web site, or on Riana’s FREE App, My Relationship Coach.

Please note – one major difference is that Counseling can only be done in the state of Licensure (for Riana, that is in NJ and/or Florida) and Coaching can be done for anyone around the world.

Please write Riana with your questions in the Contact form, or email her at TherapybytheSea@gmail.com

(Riana will never sell or provide your name & address to any outside sources. Your full sense of Confidence and Trust during your time of need is her utmost concern!)