There are many benefits to receiving Counseling. My goal is to improve, transform, or enrich a person’s, family’s, or couples’ quality of life. Many areas of one’s life is examined, and the past is explored to discuss and process – why you do – what you do. Dysfunctional childhood coping mechanisms can be changed into healthy boundaries, and an increase level of self-esteem. Communication and mood management is taught along with the ability to discuss one’s feelings. Counseling can bring your marriage or the whole family into a new sense of love and understanding.

Professional Counseling can address:

  • Relationship Problems: Marital, Families blending, Separation, Affairs, Divorce, Gay & Lesbian relationships & Lifestyles
  • Re-entering the Dating world
  • Addiction & Substance Abuse, Relapse, Co-dependency
  • Domestic/Emotional Abuse
  • Understanding & Healing Family of Origin issues
  • Job Stress & Burn-out
  • Post-traumatic Stress & Grief
  • Mid-Life Changes & Goals
  • Chronic Anger & Acting Out
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Low Self-esteem, Shyness
  • Getting the Motivation to Change
  • Spiritual Healing & Wellness
  • Sexuality issues, Loneliness, Intimacy concerns
  • Choosing a Healthy Life-partner
  • Adolescent & Children’s Issues
  • Healthy Communication skills
  • Positive Parenting Techniques & Changing the Difficult Child

Riana Milne and Therapy by the Sea, LLC does offer Therapy services through many Insurance plans as well as provides a self-pay Coaching program for those who want a more intensive, personalize program, which is more goal-oriented and future-outcome based. Please see the differences between Coaching and Counseling on this web site, or on Riana’s FREE App, My Relationship Coach.

Please note – one major difference is that Counseling can only be done in the state of Licensure (for Riana, that is in NJ and/or Florida) and Coaching can be done for anyone around the world.

Please write Riana with your questions in the Contact form, or email her at

(Riana will never sell or provide your name & address to any outside sources. Your full sense of Confidence and Trust during your time of need is her utmost concern!)

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