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How To Know If They're Into You?

How To Know If They’re Into You?

If you’ve been burned in the past, you’re probably more careful now when choosing a partner. Maybe more apprehensive than careful. Much so that even if you’ve met someone who you think could be the one, you are still waiting for some form of confirmation. 

They probably tick the right boxes on your checklist: charming, handsome/beautiful, ambitious, love dogs, and are on great terms with their family. Yet, you want to be doubly sure before you take the plunge. 
What if we told you that there’s a sure way to check if someone’s serious and wants to be with you? Good news! There is.

Today, I’ll show you 6 easy ways to know if they want to be in a relationship with you, and not just hanging around for the cookie.

1. If they keep their word to you: they show up early for dates. They call you at the time they said they would. If they take you seriously, they’ll value your opinion of them.

2. If they call you: many people have come to accept texting as a wholesome dating conversation, but it isn’t so. They should call you much more than they’re texting you. If your verbal communication is timely and consistent, they’re invested in keeping you.

3. If they spend their weekends with you: now I’m not talking about catching a quick game together on Saturday afternoon. No. I mean giving you the whole day, repeatedly, including overnight stays at their place. If they’re spending their entire weekend with you, they’re making adjustments in their lives to accommodate you. They want you for keeps!

4. If they confirm your relationship: you want to go from “meet Lacey”, to “meet my girlfriend, Lacey” or “meet James”, to “meet my boyfriend, James. And no, you can’t force them to acknowledge you as their partner. If they’re not already doing that, it could just be that they don’t see you as a partner. So if they refer to you publicly with the title or a synonymous endearment, they’re into you.

5. If they’re not afraid to hold you: The little things do count. What’s the first indication that a pair of random people on the street are a couple? It’s small gestures like holding hands. They should want to hold your hand in public places. If they do this without being asked to, it shows that they’re looking out for you.

6. If they don’t treat you like a secret: everyone shares good stuff with their loved ones. If they’re as excited about you as they should be, then they should introduce you to at least 1 friend or close family member. There’s a fine line between privacy and secrecy. Be careful not to buy into the scam of secrecy under the guise of privacy. Even private people introduce their partners to the people who matter to them.

So no more guessing! Now you know what to look out for. This could be the love you’ve been waiting for. Or not. But you can only know if you pay attention to the signs.

Are you struggling to know if they’re into you?

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