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How to Enjoy a Deeper Emotional Connection With Your Partner

How to Enjoy a Deeper Emotional Connection With Your Partner

As human beings, we naturally seek connection with others. It’s one of the reasons why people enter romantic relationships. It feels good to know that you are safe with your partner, that they’re sharing their life with you, just as you’re sharing yours with them. What happens when you begin to lose sight of this feeling and what can you do to get it back?

Today I want to talk to you about how to enjoy a deeper emotional connection with your partner.

1. Start with yourself: you have to open up. If you want to get a deeper emotional connection with your partner, you need to give them a deeper version of yourself. I know that this isn’t the easiest part. Past experiences teach us to keep our guard up so that we don’t get hurt. But in truth, you have to be able to give if you want to receive. Be vulnerable, be honest, be transparent and give them a chance to do the same.

2. Practice Active Listening: listening is a simple way to deepen your emotional connection with your partner. Think about the times you’ve called your partner to report an incident they absolutely have no control over. It wasn’t because you expected them to come over and beat up the waiter who mixed up your Starbucks order, but because you trust your partner to listen to you. Do you still actively listen to each other? In arguments, are you bent on having the last word or solving a problem together? To actively listen, you must give your full attention to your partner’s words and actions while they share their concerns, even when it doesn’t feel convenient.

3. Communicate your needs: in a relationship, many offenses stem from “they should have known better”. Sometimes your partner doesn’t know what’s bothering you. Learn to clearly state what you want or need and give them the chance to come through for you. If you feel disconnected from them, make it clear. Expecting them to pick up on your subtle cues may not work, leading to more resentment. Resentment could ultimately hurt your relationship.

4. Have a couple’s retreat: sometimes you have to take the extra step by getting external help. If you can make out the time, go on a couple’s retreat together. The change of environment will give you the chance to share a new experience and get closer to each other.

5. Be in tune with your partner: have you ever met a couple who are so in sync that they act as if they live in their own world? That’s a deep emotional connection at work, and it’s a result of being in tune with each other. To tune in to your partner, you have to cultivate the habit of staying present with them and being mindful of them. That means looking out for them, understanding their wants and needs, looking into their eyes often, and bonding with them through good and bad times.

6. Write love letters and/or poems: corny or not, giving love notes to your partner will always be beautiful and appreciated. As relationships mature over time, declarations of love tend to reduce or cease altogether. Writing how you feel about each other helps to preserve the connection you have and reassures your partner that even though time has passed, your feelings for them haven’t changed.

I hope that you recover the connection you’ve lost with your partner. And if you’ve never felt this deep connection, I can’t wait for you to discover the sheer power of it.

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