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What is Relationship & Life Coaching?

Relationship and Life Coaching is the new rage! But what exactly is it? Many of you understand what a sport coach does, and have understood the athletic coach’s value for years. Personal Coaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals to improve your life in one or several areas. Unlike Therapy or Counseling which is primarily focused on improving an emotional crises or mental illness which must be diagnosed by the DSM-IV-TR, such as Depression, Anxiety or a Personality Disorder; Coaching is meant to meet you where you are in life, and propel you forward into a life you desire. Coaching can maximize your full personal and relationship potential, so that you live a life beyond your dreams!

As a Certified Relationship and Life Coach, I am able to coach internationally, where with therapy clients; I must be licensed by individual state boards. Coaching allows a client to have their sessions by phone, SKYPE, or within the Coach’s office, where therapy is limited to an office, hospital or home setting. My coaching clients are able to do lazer, mini-sessions by phone or email and check in with me by text, where my therapy clients can’t.

Here are some other significant differences:

A client needs emotional healingThe client is generally happy but has some concerns on how to improve certain areas of his life – love and personal relationships, business or career, finances, etc.
Rooted in psychology/medicineRooted in Personal Growth, motivational techniques
Goals for self-understandingGoals to move to a higher level of functioning
Focuses on feelings; past eventsFocus on The Now; actions to improve your future
Explores the roots of problemsFocuses on solving problems to become better
Brings the unconscious/consciousFocus on conscious decisions; retraining beliefs
Resolves pain, let go of old patternsGoal setting, learns new skills & how to make successful choices for personal growth/success
A Therapist is nurturing, listensA Coach is directive, motivational & instills action

All Personal Coaches have specialty areas. Below are the different types of Relationship & Life Coaching that I do:

Relationship Concerns

A Relationship Coach can help you if you’re having a difficult time in your relationships or having a hard time finding someone special to love. When your relationships are happy …. You have a Happy Life! I will look at your past history and triggers that may attract you to Toxic partners, and help you safeguard your heart so you will no longer be attracted to emotional manipulators. If you happen to meet one, you will know instantly! You become your best self so that dating is not difficult. You will learn the secrets to having that fabulous relationship you desire, or have wonderful dating options making it fun and less stressful.

Relationship Coaching covers many areas, including – Relationship problems for married couples, singles, friendships, siblings, seniors, gay & lesbian, business coworkers, parent/child, loss of partner, and other such relationships issues.

Personal Growth & Achievement

A Life Coach takes where you are now, and discusses your dreams for your future. Together, a plan is developed using a goal setting method that has been successful for me and those I’ve worked with for over thirty years! Together we create your personal goals and make them happen. We explore how you can be your best self – to be genuinely happy both personally, and within all your relationships.

Family Coaching

Relationship Coaching works wonders in creating family happiness when it is full of discord. I have seen families change drastically in their ability to communicate and show love to their children who are acting out in defiance or who have become young adults trying to transition in today’s difficult world. The stress is high, and parents often don’t know how to be the supporting force that their child or young adult needs at various life transitions. A new family dynamic is created so love and peace for everyone helps them flourish personally and within the family system.

Job Coach

As a Job Coach, I help to create a career package that would promote my client in the best way possible. Often called a “brag book” I show you how to prepare one to land the job of your dreams. Although there may be a tough job market today, there are tricks that can get you in the door, and hired, even in today’s computer application nightmare! I coach you how to be confident and promote your talents so that a prospective employer will hire you above everyone else. A Job Coach can also pin-point the best career path for you, when you are uncertain what to do, or help you transition into a whole different career. I have helped hundreds of high school kids learn how to interview for their first jobs, how to build a college presentation package, as well as help college students find their way into their dream jobs.

People love the experience of working with a Personal Coach, just be sure they are Certified and trained by a reputable educational firm. My certification involved over 3,000 hours of training; including two years of weekly homework and coaching. Life is too short to feel stuck, bored, or unhappy. You can change your life to feel amazing and energized each and every day! Let a Personal Relationship or Life Coach help you!