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Stress Management

There will always be Stress – the Critical Idea is to KNOW what the Big Stuff is & let go of the Rest!

1.   When faced with a task, ask yourself:

  • Is it really necessary?
  • Is it the best way to use my time?
  • Do I really want to use my time this way?  If the answer is NO then don’t do them or schedule them for a non-peak time.

2.   Create more time!

  • Get up an hour earlier
  • Go to bed an hour later
  • Put something less important off
  • Learn to do routine tasks faster – or get some help
  • Use time while traveling or waiting for reading, writing, organizing, making lists, planning or relax & day dream

3.   Be Prepared, have a Plan of action. Do it TODAY instead of letting anxiety build up by procrastinating

4.   Think positively – BELIEVE you can HANDLE the problems that come your way.

5.   Take care of yourself. Watch your diet, processed foods, artificial stimulants & cut down on alcohol. DO exercise & relax

6.   Learn to Laugh. Don’t take life too seriously. See the funny side of things. Lighten up & Free your spirit!

7.   Keep tabs on your stress. Every week assess your stress levels and work out an action plan for dealing with stress.

8.   Express your feelings. Don’t get caught up in everyday happenings and internally suffer.

9.   Try Relaxation techniques – Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, massage, stretching, walking by the ocean

10.  Seek Professional Coaching or Counseling if you find yourself too overwhelmed with a particular issue or problem.

  • You should feel cared for, supported, and encouraged by your Coach or Counselor
  • If you don’t trust your Coach or Counselor, or feel safe with them, stop seeing them and try another.
  • If you see no change in yourself after several sessions, or feel you aren’t learning anything new, try another.
  • Beware of any Coach or Counselor that promises a quick fix. Most problems take some time to work through.
  • Be sure to set goals with your Coach or Counselor that you hope to achieve within your sessions.


Set your Priorities & Simplify. Learning to think positively is an important part of dealing with stress both at home and work. Know that “This too shall Pass!” Replace a Negative thought with a positive one!

Some negative thoughts that sabotage you could be:

1.  Feeling sorry for yourself? Don’t wallow in self-pity and know you are not alone. You may want to talk with others who have gone through the same experiences as you are now. Don’t let negative “Jerks” bring you down!

2.  Feeling overwhelmed? Laugh it off. See the humor in stressful situations – call a friend that makes you laugh; or see a comedy!

3.  Feeling out of control? Recognize there is a pattern to “unexpected” problems. When facing a problem, think through how it happened &  pinpoint the most likely causes. This should create possible solutions. List the solutions and choose the best one

4.  Feeling helpless? Think of situations in the past where you have overcome obstacles and found the courage to cope. These may either be similar or other difficult situations. Recall how you dealt with the previous problems. Concentrate on the positive factors in how you coped rather than the negative ones.

5.  Feeling trapped? There is ALWAYS an alternative course of action if you allow yourself to think creatively. This may involve eliminating your original plan and coming up with a new one. Analyse why your present coping strategies are not working. List all possible new solutions you can think of without censoring them. Give yourself time and don’t make hasty, impulsive choices.  If you don’t try to force an answer, it will come to you over time, once you are not stressed and thinking clearly.