posted on May 28, 2013

The Relationship Dial – Where is your Relationship

The Relationship Dial – Where is your Relationship status? www.rianamilneblog@wordpress.com; www.RianaMilne.com, App: My Relationship Coach 1) Casual or best friends of the opposite sex – a kiss and hug hello, never any sex – just Buddies – plain and simple; a line of sexual intimacy is never crossed. Usually these people are life-long friends. 2) […]

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posted on May 19, 2013

LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – How to order the Book

Riana’s newest book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams, from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success (co-Author Alexi Panos) is NOW available in Barnes & Noble book stores, on www.amazon.com, and at several New Age book Stores. Also available from the author – should you want an autographed copy – add $4 S & […]

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