Single Men’s Life & Love Transformation Virtual Coaching Program

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It’s Time to Feel Amazing & Get Control Over Your Life!


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Men, Decide NOW.

It’s time to start Living a life you REALLY LOVE – be ALL the man you know you can be.

Calm the Anxiety, Depression and Stress; get re-Focused, get realistic goals, and work with a Certified Life & Relationship Coach to bring you the Life you Dream of.

Don’t wait any longer… it’s time to do something for yourself.

Give yourself the gift of confidence, self-esteem, clarity, focus with an amazing new energy to finally have the confidence for that Dream Job you always wanted, or to attract a Beautiful, amazing woman — by learning all the skills of what an emotionally healthy love relationship requires; leading you to the Love you know you deserve.

No more Tinder, cheezy hook-ups, or one-night stands that lead to nowhere but making you like crap the next day.

No more hours of engaging in your addiction (porn, alcohol, taking pills, gambling, etc, etc, etc) –

I’m a Certified Addictions Professional, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Life, Dating & Relationship Coach. I can help you break free of those pesky habits that sabotage you and your success in dating – once and for all!


pensive-man No more Anxiety or Depression!  Depressed Man

Learn how your Childhood Trauma experiences have led to faulty Thinking & Bad choices….and learn a Motivational, Positive-Mind Set for Success that will change your Life in ALL areas!

This program is based in years of research, AND I’ve created the exact program men need to change their Life and Success in Love — by working with other men just like you, for over 18 years in my private practice, Therapy by the Sea, LLC in NJ and now in Delray Beach, Florida.

You now can acquire all this knowledge on your own – through my Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles; and have me as your Guide as you learn exactly what to do to change your Life in all areas..

Here are some benefits of this Transformational Life & Love program:



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The Ultimate Personal Coaching System to Having the Life You Love!

Yes, Coaching – think of a Football Coach – they educated, teach, push you to excel, call you on your BS, and are there to guide you as a mentor — that’s what I’ll be doing for You!

You will Learn the Watch Me!™ Positive Mindset…a transformational approach to personal success and happiness. No longer do you need to feel stuck, unhappy, stressed, depressed or full of anxiety – or lose sleep because you worry so much, or isolate yourself due to social shyness and uncertainty! You’ll learn to date with total confidence!

Heal all emotional wounds and increase confidence to feel empowered, as you prove to yourself that you can reach your goals and dreams with a balanced life of purpose, peace, excitement and optimum success – at any age or stage in life!


Benefits of the LIFE Coaching portion of the Program:

  • Eliminate stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression once and for all!
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence, communication and social skills
  • Learn positive self-talk for better performance, moods, and a healthier mindset
  • Accomplish your goals with a proven step-by-step process to reach your dreams
  • Achieve life balance in life, work or school to feel less stress and more harmony
  • Learn and use the essential spiritual techniques in attaining personal peace and higher purpose

Life Coaching is Perfect for those in difficult transition, including –

  • Job loss or dissatisfaction and finding a new career
  • Starting life over after an addiction problem
  • Starting over after the divorce or loss of a Partner, Spouse or Loved One
  • Understanding & changing toxic childhood behavior patterns once and for all
  • Mid-life changes, de-stressing, transitions and reaching new goals
  • Finding balance, purpose and motivation in life
  • Become a powerful, confident person and emotionally healthy life partner
  • Adjust to a move to a new city
  • Relationship & Dating issues – find and have a quality, emotionally evolved Relationship
  • Family issues: mother/father/young or adult kids
  • Dad’s facing adjustment after a baby arrives
  • College students with Anxiety and Stress over the Job market post graduation, dating
  • High School students w/peer pressure or bullying issues, preparing for college
  • Troubled teens who are stressed, depressed, shy or anxious


PART TWO: The LOVE/Dating Skills Portion of the Program

OlderManinLove      BlackLovers

Dating to Mating – Ultimate Results System – for Finding Lasting Love

Learn the proven success strategies needed to gain dating confidence, reinvent yourself, and successfully find a loving partner. Stop any dead-end relationship that leave you unfulfilled.

If you simply can’t find love, are newly divorced, or just experienced a hurtful break-up or loss of a long time partner, you’ll know exactly what to do, who to avoid, and how to attract an emotionally healthy, evolved loving mate for a life-long relationship!

Benefits of the LOVE Portion of the Program include:

  • Break free once and for all from a toxic partner who is breaking your heart
  • Stop attracting dysfunctional personality types that make you crazy
  • Stop negative thoughts and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your relationships
  • Heal emotionally from heart-ache by adapting a positive mind-set and confident attitude
  • Reinvent yourself to become a successful, confident single before dating
  • Improve all your life areas for more personal confidence and happiness
  • Write an online profile that will get you the dates you desire
  • Know the specific questions to ask while dating to discover any red flags
  • Raise personal self-esteem and confidence while having fun dating
  • Know the essential character traits mandatory in an emotionally healthy partner
  • Be clear on your needs, requirements and desires for a life-long partner
  • Use the “Law of Attraction” to call-in your perfect, life-long dream partner!

Research and Science has actually demonstrated that there is a simple, proven and successful system for accomplishing your really big goals in life – even when you have a crazy, busy schedule like I do. This Online, Virtual Home-Study Life & Dating Coaching Program is done in the privacy of your home.

This is NO FLUFF COARSE!     

Get prepared to really learn what you want & need to know! I have a Master’s degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology and over 18 years experience as a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), LMHC (Licensed Mental Health Counselor), LCADC & CAP (Licensed Addictions Specialist), and have been a Certified Relationship & Life Coach for Singles & Couples since 2009! I’m a #1 Best Selling Author, a motivational speaker, Hosted my own TV show, ‘Lessons in Life & Love’ and was seen as a Dating Coach on the new TV Show; Radical Dating, Finding Lasting Love Over 40; where I helped my client Scott find a new, loving partner! I do all this with a dedication to bringing you cutting edge, research and proven strategies to help you in all areas of your life, including your dating or love relationship.

Invest your time, energy & money in a Professional!

I also have had years of experience working with men just like you looking to become the man they dream to be; while overcoming negative thinking, lack of confidence, addiction issues, numerous bad relationships, job stress, and ongoing anxiety, depression and feeling stuck in procrastination – having a constant lack of focus or motivation.

I’ve been using all my secret strategies for MEN now for years and I’ve been teaching it to my private coaching clients so they too can live a truly amazing life; and attract the love they deserve. I have developed this Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles for those men who want my valuable coaching experience and information – but for a fraction of the investment of working with me personally in my 1-on-1 VIP Coaching programs (Call me if you prefer a Personal Coaching program Ph: 201-281-7887).


Here’s the Deal!

Manstudying-online    ManstudingAudio

Look at ALL that’s included in this 12-week, Five Module Program!

1) Riana's Milne WorkbookThe Best Five Modules from my original, 180-pg Life & Love Transformation Workbook for Singles with time-tested, proven strategic exercises to uncover past triggers that are blocking your success in dating relationships; as well as gives you ALL the tips you need to find an emotionally healthy, evolved love. You will learn tips to gain the confidence to be your best self, as well as the strategies you need to attract a healthy, evolved partner.


Riana's Milne two best sellers2) My two, 5-Star rated books, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams (#1 best seller) – Break free of toxic relationships to have the love you deserve (424 pgs); and LIVE Beyond Your Dreamsfrom fear and doubt to personal power, purpose and success (238 pgs).


Riana's Milne Mp3s and E-books3) Audio MP3s for Pre- & Post Exercises for each Workbook module. This is – me talking to you – about what to look for before you do the exercise, and again after you’ve complete the worksheets – based on your results. It’s like having me, your coach, in your computer, working with you every step of the way.

man-on-phone     4) Weekly Virtual, online lessons for each of the Five Modules. Plus, one-hour Group Coaching phone calls with me for 90 days; a total of 12 calls, to make sure all your questions are answered and your direction for your Life is clear! (Value of $6000 alone!!!). Once you are a member, watch in the member’s emails for announcement for “Coaching Night with Riana.”


Riana Milne Facebook Icon      5) PRIVATE Facebook Group for the Virtual Online Group Single students. Support and learn from each other, while I also lend insight and  answer your questions and concerns posted there! Meet other Emotionally Healthy,  Evolved and Conscious Singles there – what a great way to meet a wonderful, new Partner, someone else who is being and feeling their best selves!


Riana Milne6) And me, Riana – the “Compassionate Coach who Cares” – about your life, your success in love, helping you through any anxiety, fears, doubts, depression, social anxiety, toxic love partners, difficult transitions – I address ALL of this and so much more. I’m a true professional coach, who has paid for the skills, did the research, and took years to write the information in Singles, Life & Love Transformation Coaching program for Singles – a Program unlike any other! Written with YOU in mind!


ORDER NOW – Don’t wait another moment to Live the Life you Desire!

This Singles Virtual Boot camp is offered Four times a year.

Email me now at RianaMilne@gmail.com to Register for the upcoming Group and receive your Coaching books early to get started!

CLICK HERE to be instantly enrolled in the program – You will receive a Module a week, to move at a pace where you can begin the program, then join us for the formal sessions in the upcoming class. Once you have talked to me, either register below, or call me to register at Ph: 201-281-7887



Testimonials: Read what 5 of my students have said about the Coaching Program
mid-twentiesMan1) Daniel – mid-20’s – At the start of this program I was a mess. I was doing badly in school, at work, in my love life, and it just felt as if nothing could go right for the longest time. I was depressed for months about myself. My confidence was at an all-time low and things just needed to change in my life. That’s when I started this program. This program helped me in so many areas of my life. Riana helped me identify the things in my life that truly make me happy, and gave me exercises that helped me make those things a habit in my life. I have a speech impediment, so for the majority of my life I was extremely self-conscious about my stutter. But Riana was able to help get over the anxiety and self-doubt that my stutter gave me through this program and the exercises she had me doing. Riana has helped get my life in order and on track! I’m more focused in my goals and know how to achieve them. I’m more confident in myself and don’t worry about what other people think in regards to my stutter. This program truly is a life changing experience. Thank you for everything!


couplein40s  2)   Mark L. (30s) – I had just come to the end of a 2.5 year relationship and I was overcome with feelings of misery and loss. I reached out to Riana for help, coaching, and counseling. By closely following the “Watch Me” Positive Mind-set program, I began to realize that I had allowed myself to remain in a toxic relationship for far too long. My ex had slowly eroded my self-confidence and clouded my ability to see my value as a partner, and as a person. By setting goals and taking meaningful steps to achieve those goals each day, week, and month, I was able to build my self-esteem and distance myself from the painful breakup.

I learned to count my blessings and to get in touch with my spiritual side. As I took steps to improve my appearance, my finances, and my work and family relationships, my eyes were opened to the new possibilities that awaited me. I was able to find new love with a woman who is beautiful, charming, witty, and kind. My life has taken a 180-degree turn in just a few short months. I would recommend the “Watch Me” Life Coaching program to anyone who feels that their life needs a tune-up, but you must have an appetite for self- improvement and a willingness to do the work. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results!
Dating to Mating Riana Milne  3) Johnny B (50s) – Riana was an essential part of helping me to heal myself and to rebound my family after a very difficult divorce. After 5 years of trying to do this for myself, it wasn’t until I hired a Life Coach, Riana Milne – to really speed up the process. I’m so glad I chose to do the Coaching, vs Counseling – which helped my entire family. My son had failed to launch, getting lost while he tried to help his mother move on, and how he is totally on the right track, back in school and working hard earning a great income. My daughter was angry and didn’t want me to move on, and had a difficult time accepting anyone I chose to date. I was choosing the wrong type of woman, spinning my wheels and ending up depressed and just immersed in my work. Today, my life is totally different, and it’s wonder to see my kids so happy an successful. I have an amazing woman in my life that I will be asking to marry. If you are thinking of hiring Riana, don’t hesitate! It is well worth the investment to personally feel and see my children feel so happy!


CB016386   4) Glen M. (40s) – Riana is amazing! She has helped our family through turbulent waters on many occasions. Riana has a gift at connecting and making you feel comfortable opening up to really identify the problem and then offers practical ways to work through the issues. I trust Riana with my most cherished treasure- my family, and highly recommend her to anyone!


Manin60s   5)   Bill W. (60s) – I have had two separate coaching experiences with Riana Milne, the first was focused just on me following an extended period of time with a “significant other” that had been on a long, frustrating and disappointing decline. The second, which followed along after this initial work, was with my partner who had also been separately working in advance with Riana. The work Riana and I did together was extremely helpful. I suppose it is natural to question yourself when a long-term relationship begins to dissolve, and I was no different. I had almost become convinced that I was a core reason for many of the problems in my relationship – and that this was somehow the result of personal failings. The self-assessment work we did together enabled me to re-establish that I wasn’t suddenly “unworthy”, but instead I was still fully able to be an extremely strong partner – with the right person. That allowed the question to become one of compatibility, obviously less difficult than thinking there might be a need for major personality “adjustments”. The feelings of personal inadequacy dissipated. My long-term partner and I then engaged in couples coaching with Riana. We completed an assessment of ourselves, our views of the relationship and the other person. This was useful in that it showed that there was a great deal of caring, attraction and trust between us. It allowed us to narrow the issues to a few, spending the majority our work on these points. In our case we were unable to find a solution that brought us back together, but both of us now feel that we gave it a thorough, honest try. Further, we feel comfortable that neither of us is “the problem”, which allows us to move on but remain friends and “love from a distance”. I strongly endorse using Riana as a Coach.

ORDER NOW – Don’t wait another moment to Live a Life of Passion and to Have the Love You Deserve!

Email me for details: RianaMilne@gmail.com 

Once you have spoken to me, you can CLICK HERE to be instantly enrolled in the program – you will receive your books immediately to begin reading before your formal training begins with your Group.  


If you have questions or to register, simply email me at RianaMilne@gmail.com, put in subject line – Information needed for Virtual Online Coaching Program

  • DECIDE NOW that this year will be the year to you choose your amazing life – Why wait?
  • Time to break through any past Childhood Traumas that have been holding you back for years (or even decades)
  • Take your career and finances to new heights… or start that business you’ve been dreaming about
  • Let go of your fear and finally find your one true amazing partner!
  • Say goodbye forever to the roller coaster ride of anxiety and depression
  • Rid any negative behavior, thoughts, assumptions or addictions Forever!
  • Start living the happy, fulfilled, confident life you were always meant to have.

In Love & Light,


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