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Dating to Mating – Ultimate Results System for Finding Lasting Love — The Personal Coaching Program to Having the Life You Dreamed of! 

Tired of doing all the right things and still attracting or settling for the wrong partner? Having a hard time breaking free of someone you know is Toxic and bad for you? Stop the dead-end relationships that leave you unfulfilled. If you simply can’t find love, are newly divorced, or just experienced a hurtful break-up or loss of a long time partner, learn the proven success strategies needed to gain dating confidence,  reinvent yourself,  and successfully find a loving partner. You’ll know exactly what to do, who to avoid, and how to attract an emotionally healthy, loving mate for a life-long relationship!


  • Break free once and for all from a toxic partner who is breaking your heart
  • Stop attracting dysfunctional personality types that make you crazy
  • Stop negative thoughts and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your relationships
  • Heal emotionally from heart-ache by adapting a positive mind-set and confident attitude
  • Reinvent yourself to become a successful, confident single before dating
  • Improve all your life areas for more personal confidence and happiness
  • Write an online profile that will get you the dates you desire
  • Know the specific questions to ask while dating to discover any red flags
  • Raise personal self-esteem and confidence while having fun dating
  • Know the essential character traits mandatory in an emotionally healthy partner
  • Be clear on your needs, requirements and desires for a life-long partner
  • Use the “Law of Attraction” to call-in your perfect, life-long dream partner!

This Life & Love Transformation 10 module/3 month Coaching Program includes:

  1. 2 hours of instruction & Q & A time, per week; 20+ hrs of educational, Life-transforming information
  2. 10 modules over 10 weeks or 3 months
  3. LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose & Success – eBook (290 pgs)
  4. LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love you Deserve – eBook (424 pgs)
  5. 125 pg eNotebook – Beyond Your Dreams Living & Loving – with time, tested interactive worksheets for education, growth, goal-setting, personal insight and transformation
  6. Unlimited emails to Riana during the entire program
  7. Facebook private community page for meeting other Emotionally healthy, Evolved Singles who are learning what you are
  8. Riana as your Coach, no substitutes or Jr. Coaches! 15 years Experience & Advanced Training as a Certified Life, Love & Relationship Coach
  9. Bonus webinars/seminars for all of Riana’s coaching clients you can join even after your Group program ends; notification by email

Fee: Call me to discuss pricing options & plans Ph: 201-281-7887

   IMG_0118    10 Coaching Modules Include:

1. Assessing Where you are Today – You Can’t Change what you Don’t Understand

  • Your Checklist of Concerns
  • Anxiety, Depression, Self-esteem, Emotional Abuse scales
  • Personality & Self Profiles
  • Emotional assets, Relationship Readiness Quiz

2. Goal Setting – Gearing Up for Greatness – Finding the Motivation to Change

  • My Life Vision Statement and Overall Plan
  • Wheel of Life; Charting your Life Spheres
  • Defining your Goals to raise your Life Satisfaction Levels
  • Out of the Box Thinking for Solutions & What you can do Right Now

3. Just Do It! Goal Setting for Personal Growth and Success

  • Begin the Dream and Plan for the rest of your Life – Overall Goal setting
  • Mini Goals for Personal growth – charting one day, week, month, year at a time
  • Motivational Thoughts to Inspire
  • Diet for weight loss & Improved Health tips

4. The Secret of the 5 D’s – Desire, Determination, Dedication, Devotion & Dare to Dream

  • How can the 5 D’s Work for You?
  • Enjoying Life’s Journey, Moment by Moment
  • Handling and Staying Calm During Difficult Transitions
  • Being a Leader – Finding your Purpose, increasing Focus, doing Meditation

5. A Sense of Spirituality is Essential

  • Why Spirituality is Essential to Feel your Best
  • A Summary from The Secret DVD (movie by Robyn Burns)
  • Reflection – How can The Secret & Law of Attraction work for You to Change your Life?
  • Changing a Negative Mindset; and having a Conscious, Positive Mind-set

6. Learning from Life’s Lessons – Finding the Good from the Bad

  • Getting Through Difficult Times; Creating a Plan B
  • The 4 Essential Questions about Choices and Actions – that can Change Your Life
  • What Inspires You & Brings You Purpose? What Affects Your Destiny?
  • What Creates Happiness – How you can Have it Now

7. Achieving Balance in Life

  • Understanding your Self, Life, and Couple Triangles
  • Life Balance – Balance Triangles for within the Self, for Couples (if dating)
  • Six areas of Life to Monitor
  • Permission to Say No, Creating Stronger Boundaries

8. Preparing for Dating & Love – Understanding Yourself, Beliefs about Love; Your Requirements & Needs (17 areas to cover – a few include):

  • Your Single for a Reason – Your Relationship Story; Identifying Childhood Triggers that Sabotage Love
  • Co-Dependency, Love Obsession, 3 Stages of Love, What do you Need to Feel Love?
  • Your Relationship History, Patterns & Behaviors – What you Need to Change to Have a Conscious Relationship
  • Uncovering Hidden Beliefs, Identifying Values, Life Purpose, Relationship Requirements, Needs & Wants
  • Your Relationship Criteria, What you Need to Improve; Goals for Living & Achieving Your Vision

9. Starting to Date – Rules for Finding that Perfect Partner & The Evolved Relationship (25 areas to cover – a few include):

  • The 7 Master Skills of Relationships, 5 Truths about Conscious Dating, 14 Dating Traps to Watch for
  • How to Find your Mate without a computer, writing the Perfect Online Profile, Identifying the Ideal partner for You
  • Rules for Effective Communication, Conscious Dating Plan, Flirting 101, Relationship Skills & Attitudes
  • Your Practice Plan – Smart Goals for Dating, Choice Questionnaire, Red Flags Checklist, Relationship Status Questionnaire
  • Conscious Dating for Single Parents, Strategies for Radical Intimacy and Great Sex, Tips for a more Passionate Sex Life

10. Post Coaching Summary, Advice

  • Final Relationship Readiness Quiz, what’s left to be done for each student
  • How to end a Dating Relationship with Integrity that is not Right for You
  • Keep Growing – What to do Next
  • Comments and Questions from your Personal Journal


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In Love & Light


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