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Coaching is designed to help you set and achieve goals to improve your life in one or several areas. Unlike Therapy or Counseling which is focused on improving a mental illness, Coaching is meant to meet you where you are in life, and propel you forward into a life you desire, maximizing your full personal and relationship potential, so that you live a life beyond your dreams!

Riana offers three Coaching Programs, but keep in mind EVERY program is customized for YOU after she has a FREE 30 minute Coaching Stragety session with  you. See the side panel on this page for each program’s details. Below is a brief summary – 

Individual Coaching for Personal Growth & Achievement

A Life Coach takes where you are now, and discusses your dreams for your future. Together, a plan is developed using a goal setting method that has been successful for women, men, and adolescents of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances for over thirty years! Together we explore your personal goals and make them happen!  We explore how you can be your best self – to be genuinely happy both personally, and within all your relationships. Life is too short to feel stuck, bored, anxious, depressed, addicted or unhappy. Life Transitions are hard – but you can change your life to feel amazing and energized each and every day! So whether you are a teen going through social or emotional hardships, a high school student preparing for college, a college graduate preparing for the work world, someone coming out of a hurtful relationship, experiencing a bad breakup or loss of a partner, or – reinventing yourself after a job layoff, or looking for an emotionally healthy, life-long, evolved love – there is a way to make painful feelings and transitions become a pleasurable new start in a life you will LOVE! Let Riana show you how!

1) LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – Having the Life You Love!       

Life Coaching for Adults and Adolescents

Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, stressed, depressed or full of anxiety? Losing sleep because you worry so much, or isolate yourself due to shyness and uncertainty?  Success and happiness are limited by what we tell ourselves, how we think and what we believe. Learn the Watch Me!™ Positive mindset…a transformational approach to personal success and happiness. Heal all emotional wounds and increase confidence to feel empowered, as you prove to yourself that you can reach your goals and dreams with a balanced life of purpose, peace, excitement and optimum success – at any age!

I’m currently 17 years old, and I have struggled for about half my life with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and family issues. It wasn’t until about a year ago, I started on a positive path, thanks to my Coach, Riana Milne. My conditions suddenly worsened about a year ago and I knew it was finally time for me to see someone. After appropriate research to find a good Coach, I went with Riana. From the moment I met her she made me feel extremely comfortable and made me feel as though I wasn’t in this alone. On my first visit, I was able to share my story with her, something I had never done with anyone. Simply because it was extremely hard to talk about and I didn’t want people to think I was crazy. With the aid of Riana and another doctor she referred me to, I have been on a slow but successful road to recovery. Riana gave me ways to reduce my stress in addition to advice to deal with friends and family. Not only has she helped with my mental conditions but with everyday life. It has also been a hectic year trying to apply for college and scholarships while maintaining my grades and obtaining a job. She gave me tips and was able to lead me every step of the way. She also continues to impress me with all she has accomplished in her life. I would recommend Riana Milne to anyone seeking any type of assistance to get through whatever your difficulty might be!”  Ally M  Jan 2015

Relationship Concerns for Singles and Couples    

(Two Programs available)

A Relationship Coach can help you if you’re having a difficult time in your relationships or having a hard time finding someone special to love. When your relationships are happy …. You have a Happy Life! I will look at your past history and triggers that may attract you to Toxic partners, and help you safeguard your heart so you will no longer be attracted to emotional manipulators. If you happen to meet one, you will know instantly! You will know all the red flags before dating, and become your best self so that dating is not difficult. Women will become a man magnet without even trying, and men will attract a healthy, beautiful woman when he knows what to look for beyond outer beauty, to create lasting love. You will learn the secrets to having that fabulous relationship you desire, or have wonderful dating options making it fun and less stressful.
Relationship Coaching covers many areas, including – Relationship problems for married couples, singles, friendships, siblings, seniors, gay & lesbian, business coworkers, parent/child, loss of partner, and other such relationships issues.

“I came across Riana online and was intrigued by her professional expertise and blog of where she started her journey in helping people. I was really touched by what I read and decided to give her a try. I hadn’t really felt a connection between a few other Coaches I have been to. Instantly, when I sat down and met with Riana, I knew that I had found my Coach! She is sweet and caring and provides great advice and asks the questions that need to be asked and also guides you with answers you may not want to hear or be ready for. I have been enjoyed opening up to her and becoming a better person for it and I am forever thankful. She is an amazing woman and an inspiration! I was able to leave a long-term Toxic relationship and am now dating an amazing, successful, loving man. Thank you so much Riana! XO”    Erin L   January 9, 2015

1) Dating to Mating – Success Strategies for Finding Lasting Love   

Coaching for Singles        

Tired of doing all the right things and still attracting or settling for the wrong partner? Stop the dead-end relationships that leave you unfulfilled. If you simply can’t find love, are newly divorced, or just experienced a hurtful break-up or loss of a long time partner, know the strategies and gain the confidence to reinvent yourself to become a successful single before dating. You’ll know exactly what to do, who to avoid, and how to attract the ideal partner for a life-long love and healthy, safe Evolved relationship.

“Riana was an essential part of helping me to heal myself and to rebound my family after a very difficult divorce. After 5 years of trying to do this for myself, it wasn’t until I hired a Life Coach, Riana Milne – to really speed up the process. I’m so glad I chose to do the Coaching vs. Counseling – which helped my entire family. 
         My son had failed to launch, getting lost while he tried to help his mother move on, and now he is totally on the right track, back in school and working hard earning great income. My daughter was angry and didn’t want me to move on, and had a difficult time accepting anyone I chose to date. I was choosing the wrong type of woman, spinning my wheels and ending up depressed and just immersed in my work. Today, my life is totally different, and it’s wonderful to see my kids so happy and successful. I have an amazing woman in my life that I will be asking to marry. If you are thinking of hiring Riana, don’t hesitate! It is well worth the investment to personally feel – and see my children feel – so happy!”   Johnny B  January 24, 2015

2) Relationship Rescue! – Taking Love from Toxic to Terrific      

Coaching for Comitted or Married Couples

Are you questioning whether to stay or leave your Relationship? Or, are you hoping to get the spark, love and friendship back in a relationship that has turned toxic? Understand the critical issues that plague troubled relationships and turn toxic behaviors and unhealthy patterns into a healthy, loving, safe, and Evolved Relationship that can be better than ever! Learn to communicate your needs, requirements and sexual desires to your partner in a comfortable and supportive way so that you will both be happy. Stop blaming behavior and learn to listen with an open heart, creating the emotional closeness needed to have a more fullfilling, loving union.

“I found her by the grace of God. Riana saved our marriage! We now have a better marriage then we thought we could ever have. She has taught both my husband and I how to really love each other and communicate our feelings. Riana also helped us with other issues that were destroying our marriage…and got through to my husband which I never thought would happen. She saw me many times alone and really helped me to understand myself. My husband actually looks forward to going. We know if we slip we can see her and we come out of her office feeling renewed. Thank you Riana!”  Laura A.  January 27, 2015

Other Concerns: These issues will become a part of your customized Coaching program under Life, Singles, or Couples Coaching 

Family Coaching

Relationship Coaching works wonders in creating family happiness when it is full of discord. I have seen families change drastically in their ability to communicate and show love to their children who are acting out in defiance or who have become young adults trying to transition in today’s difficult world. The stress is high, and parents often don’t know how to be the supporting force that their child or young adult needs at various life transitions. Let me help build the family dynamic that creates love and peace so that everyone can flourish personally and within the family system.

“Riana is amazing! She has helped our family through turbulent waters on many occasions. Riana has a gift at connecting and making you feel comfortable opening up to really identify the problem and then offers practical ways to work through the issues. I trust Riana with my most cherished treasure- my family, and highly recommend her to anyone!”  Glen M

Job & Career Success Coaching

I started teaching at Gannon University in my young twenties courses such as, “How to Sell Anything Successfully,” and “Marketing and Promotions for any Business.” I helped to create a package that would promote my client in the best way possible. Often called a “brag book” or Resume Kit, I show you how to prepare one to land the job of your dreams. Although there may be a tough job market today, I know the tricks that can get you in the door and hired, even after submitting a resume on computer websites. I coach you how to be confident and promote your talents so that a prospective employer will chase you after the interview to hire you above everyone else (this happened to me for a School counseling job and two Therapy jobs!). A Career Success Coach can also pin-point the best career path for you, when you are uncertain what to do, or help you transition into a whole different career. I have helped hundreds of high school kids learn how to interview for their first jobs, learn how to build a college presentation package, as well as help college students find their way into their dream jobs.

As a Talent Agent and Manger, I helped people achieve their dreams in the talent field since the age of twenty-six; and managed my younger daughter’s career that brought her three songs on multi-platinum CDs as well as an extremely successful model and TV Hosting career. Auditioning for a talent job is similar to making the cut for a professional sports team – and it takes “The Winning Attitude and Watch-Me mind-set” to excel in athletics as well! So I Coach actors, models, singers, dancers and athletes as well as new college graduates to become successful and confident in their chosen careers.

“Riana is an Earth Angel who was brought in my life during a difficult period following a divorce. First, her two books Live Beyond Your Dreams and Love Beyond Your Dreams, coupled with Riana’s generous; supportive coaching techniques, led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes. Next, it was because of her incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express her understanding and direction that I gained the strength needed to move forward from a job I hated. I would highly recommend Riana to anyone who is lost or for whatever reason is seeking counseling or coaching.”    Lisa S   January 9, 2015
Call Riana on her Coaching Phone line (201) 281-7887 to discuss program fees and payment plans or email her at RianaMilne@gmail.com.    30 minute Complimentary planning session included.

Important notice for All NJ Coaching and Therapy Clients

I am no longer in NJ, as I work full time in Florida at Therapy by the Sea; 15300 Jog Road, Suite 109, Delray Beach, FL, 33446.  Office Phone: (561) 701-8277

Cell Phone: (201) 281-7887  Coaching Email: RianaMilne@gmail.com

You all may become COACHING Clients, because most insurances will not let me continue to “see you” while you reside in NJ, if I am personally located in Florida. However, I became a Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach to keep continuation of service fairly easy for you all (done through SKYPE, phone, and email)! Online Coaching is fun and super convenient for you!

This Coaching option is available to ALL of you! Please contact me for details and at any time if you are interested in this option. I AM HERE FOR YOU, even though I live in the land of the sun! I sincerely hope I can continue supporting your growth, through the FABULOUS, Coaching model!

For those of you who have had me as their Counselor know that for fifteen years, I have done therapy with a Holistic, Motivational, Inspirational and Goal directed approach. I have always used a Coaching, Solution-focused model (not the quiet therapist!), and it really helped my clients to reach their major goals, to confidently make important life decisions, and the boldly move forward to be their best selves.

In 2009, I took over 3000 hours of Life and Relationship Coaching education, and weekly classes to be Certified as a Relationship/Life Coach for Singles, and in 2010, as a Relationship/Life Coach for Couples. I have merged my 15 years of psychotherapy and coaching education to become a full time Life, Love and Relationship Coach for clients world-wide.

Already having many clients around the world under this model, they just absolutely love it! The Coaching programs I offer includes many holistic experiences for growth and educatioin in mind-body and spirit. You receive my books, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success, and/or LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free from of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve (both now selling in Barnes & Noble stores, in eBook (kindle and nook) and on amazon.com.  Along with the 3 and 6 month programs, you get an inter-active 100+ pg notebook with time-proven, transformational and educational worksheets that really helps you grow, learn, and excell. The results in my client’s lives have been amazing! Read each program in full to see all the great bonuses and VIP Days I offer! This is a Coaching Program series like NO other!

This website offers tons of free videos, articles, mini eBooks, a FREE 30 minute Coaching strategy session, and FREE Chapter downloads of both of my books. Please enjoy them all, and I welcome your comments! 

My free App, My Relationship Coach, which launched in December 2012, was the beginning of my Coaching career. Many of my therapy clients have been enjoying the free App for smart phones and Ipads; along with the many articles, so please, do download it and enjoy! Thank you in advance for recommending me and sharing my videos, links and app with your friends, and those you love!

With deep Respect and Gratitude, Riana

Please call me with any questions – 201-281-7887; or email me at RianaMilne@gmail.com Thanks!