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Riana’s TV Show: Lessons in Life & Love

TONIGHT! JAN 12th –  7:30 PM EST/USA – See my TV internet Talk Show – Lessons in Life & Love – on WRPBiTV from ANYWHERE (phone, Ipad, computer)!! Just click –  WRPBiTV Link  — This debut 1/2 hour talk show features my special friend and guest, Rich Celenza, author of the eBook, WINGMAN – The Ultimate […]

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365 Lessons in LIFE & LOVE

365 Lessons in LIFE & LOVE © .…by Riana Milne; Daily tidbits of Motivational Goodness     (Jan 1 – 5) This new year, I am writing 365 Daily lessons about Life and Love that inspire hope, motivation, growth and positive change in all areas of your Life. Started Jan 1st, 2016 for my Facebook fans at my facebook […]

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Reflect on your Year with Gratitude & Positivity!

   Reflect on your Year with Gratitude & Positivity! It’s important to reflect on your past year with Gratitude and Positivity for the lessons you’ve learned, and the people you have met as this year comes to an end. Think of the many blessings you have received, and look to live in 2016 with greater wisdom. Every new day is […]

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Single & Sad this Holiday Season?

Single & Sad this Holiday Season? It’s Time for a Change! With Thanksgiving coming next week, then Hanukkah and Christmas immediately after, many couples and families are abuzz with Holiday cheer. Some Singles are able to navigate the holiday smoothly by making plans that include travel and friends, but many others get depressed, lonely, anxious, […]

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