posted on November 19, 2013

Sexual Passion

Sexual Tips from Adult Movies and Romance Novels

1)    Keep Sex Fun!

Have a great time and don’t take things so seriously! Laugh, joke and try silly moves or dress in costumes and do some role-play to keep things exciting.

2)    Take your Time Orally!

Your partner will enjoy the time that you dedicate pleasing her orally and will hopefully she return the gesture. When she does, don’t expect your partner to be a porn star for oral, and certainly do not push her head on to you, forcing her down upon you. It will be the last time she will want to please you that way! Let her be in charge, and find her own rhythm. However, it is ok to lovingly request other ways you want to be licked or touched.

3)    Don’t Work – or Push – so Hard!

Don’t think you are a macho man by hammering away at your partner as hard as you can. No robotic, mechanical sex for us! In adult movies this is purely for show. Women prefer and often need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, so rapidly going in and out of her isn’t the main goal, fellas. Mix up the sexual positions, and make sure she tries it on top, groin to groin, where her most sensitive areas will be hit, giving her and you – the stimulation you both want.

4)    Don’t make her Feel like a Porn star, or “female sex object”

Believe me, your partner will not want the pressure to perform like a porn star, nor does she want to do many of the acts the girls are paid to “look like they love.” Touch her with respect and treat her with loving kindness. Remember that your partner is a living, breathing person – she’s not just there as your play toy. Be actively present, talk to her throughout sex, keep your eyes open, kiss her and interact. Don’t just stare at her during sex and treat her like a sex object, making her feel she could be “just anybody.” Certainly ask if she would like to try something new, just don’t surprise her with it or force it upon her. That is not sexy!

5)    Mutual Pleasure

Take turns giving and receiving oral sex, and also doing that in a 69 position gives mutual pleasure to each at the same time. It also adds variety to sex; and both of you should continue to try to do new techniques to intensify the passion. Mutual masturbation – stroking each other simultaneously or using your hands on yourselves at the same time, is exciting to do and watch. This very visual act can help you learn exactly how your partner likes to be touched.

6)    Get it out of the Bedroom.  Women become bored too!

Think of the romance novels and movies and try sexual passionate moves in places other then in bed – in a car, the woods, at a dance club, restaurant, on the beach, in the ocean, on a balcony, etc. Be careful, but a bit risky can be sexy. Try making advances mid-day to night, and out of the home, when your woman’s body is more awake and ready for sex; mornings are usually her least favorite time!



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