posted on November 10, 2013

Relationships with our Veterans

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As Memorial Day approaches, now is a time to reflect on the relationships we have with our loved ones who are serving our country both at home and abroad. Thinking back to the day when my father served as a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force during the Korean War, all he and his fellow soldiers had for communication was the written word and letters, to help keep their love alive while they were away months at a time. With the art of the letter, one had to use his imagination and creativity to touch the heart and soul of his spouse, or express reassurance to an anxious son or daughter. Those encouraging words help a soldier to fight with courage, valor and purpose; knowing that their mom, dad, or partner is proud of them while they wait here for their return to America.

As my niece and two nephews (Shane, Ryan and Flynn Luurtsema – children of Bobbi Milne of Egg Harbor Township) serve our country today in the Army, they have been to Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. I amazingly see their posts on my Facebook from around the world. I was so surprised when Ryan called me out of the blue from Iraq just to say hello and because “he missed his favorite Aunt.” I was terrified something was wrong when I saw his number pop up on my cell phone. Yes, we who are at home miss and constantly worry about you. But hearing anything from our soldiers – whether by letter, text, SKYPE, phone or Facebook, it connects our hearts to you. The “new age” technologies certainly help us all stay connected (even if sporadically depending on the country) and improve the bond of our love relationships. We are so proud for the choice you made to serve our country as you do.

Let’s remember all of our Veterans and our local civil servants this Memorial weekend, and get out of the mindset that Memorial Day is about sales, barbeques and parties. It should be a day of reflection, prayer, and gratitude for our Veterans and hometown heroes past and present.

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