posted on November 18, 2013

Make the time to Focus on New Dreams, Goals and a Better You

Beginnings are wonderful things – they’re free, full of possibilities, and everyone gets a new one every day. What will you do with yours?


“You must begin wherever you are” – Jack Roland

“What you Believe, you Will Achieve” – The Secret 

“What Did You Do Today?” EPIC – (Every Day People Initiating Change), Alexi Panos


Since 2008, there have been heavy financial burdens on many marriages and families, and had many Singles struggling to make ends meet. At any time, you can create for yourself, a new start – with the start of fall or spring, a New Year celebration or on your birthday. Yes; new beginnings can happen any time you are determined to make a change for yourself, your relationship, or marriage. Your Personal New Year, the date you choose, is a time to personally reflect on where you are presently and where you want to be currently, and in the future.

It’s a time to become honest with your personal concerns and create a solid plan for change. Ask your friends, partner, or spouse for their love and support as you embark on this change, and be willing to start slow and negotiate where you need to. Is you are in an exclusive relationship then together watch the DVD of The Secret by Robyn Byrne. The movie shows many examples of thinking about, believing, praying or meditating with focusing on your specific goals of what you desire. The Secret teaches; “What you Think About, Comes About” so meditate or pray on exactly what you want for you and your partner – every day, twice a day.

But be certain to start with an “Attitude of Gratitude” because when you start with Thanking God or your Higher Power for your many Blessings, it makes you reflect on what you DO have in life, not what you don’t have. If you still can’t find any Blessings or think negative thoughts about how hard things are, watch the video on my daughter Alexi Panos’ charity, EPIC at www.epicthemovement.org; to see how fortunate you are! (The charity puts water wells in Tanzania Africa, where village women and children have to walk up to 5 miles a day for a bucket of dirty stream water for their family’s daily use.)

After giving Thanks for your Blessings, Ask for what you want. Every Day, twice a Day – and watch what happens! The Secret has worked for me, for many Singles and for couples that work the plan together. Be determined to read more motivational books this new year, become more spiritual, learn about and become more holistically healthy – by exercising, eating healthy, getting 8-9 hours of sleep, taking vitamins & laughing more.

Vow to be more affectionate & romantic with your partner. Be completely real and honest with them and calmly and lovingly discuss changes you want made in your relationship or talk about things that have been bothering you.  It’s is very important to discuss these things and not keep them bottled up inside.

Keep the “team” concept and stay away from blaming statements when discussing what you need. Talk about the changes YOU are willing to make to help your relationship. If the discussion becomes too difficult, contact a Certified Relationship Coach or Professional Counselor to help your communication be more effective and loving for mutual change.

Remember, if you are not happy with yourself personally, you could be taking out your frustrations by nit-picking at your partner. So ask yourself, are you reaching your goals and dreams, or are you angry that you have put your plans on hold – to support your partner, raise your children, or because your finances are tight?

Start by doing some self-focusing and soul searching then approach you partner with your needs and concerns. Don’t put your life on hold – “You must begin wherever you are.” Ask yourself, “What did I do Today?” to help reach your goals and dreams. Then believe – “What you believe you will achieve!!”  And – enjoy the journey!

Meditate or Pray on your Goals every day, twice a day, starting with an Attitude of Gratitude!



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