posted on November 18, 2013

Increasing Your Odds for Finding Your Life Partner

1.  Review Stats of Dating

2.  Define exactly what you are looking for in a partner – Coaching worksheet

3.  Do the Relationship Readiness sheet – correct the areas where you are not quite ready to receive a partner in your life.  As you are working on these items, increase your circle of friends.

  • Attend Singles Groups, do online Dating sites – go date!
  • Go to dance parties nights or clubs with a friend
  • Join a special interest group (educational or cooking classes, workout/dance group; sport activities (golf, biking — something you are TRULY interested in.)
  • Join your Professional groups – Chambers, BNI, Civic, Volunteer groups

4.  Use this time where you are not obligated to another so work on something you have been wanting to do for awhile!  Take your focus off of “meeting someone special.”

  • Take the time to start or expand a business or work on a special project around the house you have been putting off.
  • Dedicate yourself to a healthier diet and regular exercise – get down to your ideal size
  • Travel to wonderful exotic places with a good friend – or even alone!
  • Read more – expand your mind with spiritual, positive messages to improve your attitude and outlook on life.
  • Build up your savings & cash reserves, save for retirement, pay off all debt and loans.
  • Fall in love with yourself! Learn to appreciate all your positive qualities. People can “read” your attitude, and your confidence levels. So get Positive!
  • READ & STUDY – Come to really know what a quality, evolved relationship IS. Book suggestions are on my website and in the Reference section of my books.
  • See the DVD – The Secret & understand the Laws of Attraction

5.  Inform your friends and good business associates that you are looking to meet someone special. Ask if they know anyone nice for you. If they ask, “What are you looking for?” Be ready with your answers.

6.  EVERYONE YOU MEET – ANYWHERE – is a possible match for you. You will find that special person when YOU STOP LOOKING! Whether you are in the food market, on the beach, at a street fair, grocery shopping, etc – every time is a good time to meet THE ONE.

  • Make a pact to say hello to every stranger you encounter – just a friendly Hi, how are you?? Be sure to smile (and whiten those teeth!)
  • ALWAYS look your best, even when at a casual outing, ladies – use makeup!
  • Love is SIMPLE – when it happens, it happens quick and flawlessly.
  • There are no games or dumb rules – like waiting 4 days to call the woman
  • Women won’t need to chase an interested man – he will be chasing her.
  • Chemistry will be automatic – between the both of you. No one will “Grow on you” over time. Don’t try to talk your self into thinking this is “The ONE.”
  • Love is a numbers game – you have to be out there meeting a lot of people. Dating a lot is OK – but don’t waste your time dating those who aren’t right for you.
  • Be strong and verbal – Tell the person who is not right for you – you are a great guy, but I think we are looking for different things – or – we aren’t quite a match – or – I think we are best being friends. If they get mad at you, you have seen a red flag of their lack of maturity. If they say, “No problem, let’s be friends “– that’s ideal – as you have made another friend.
  • Knowledge is Power. Get Relationship Coaching for your best advantage!

ATTITUDE and POSITIVE OUTLOOK is EVERYTHING! People sense your attitude and stress levels – they sense neediness and desperation.  People are attracted to fun, outgoing people who have their life together & who know and like what they are! Fall in love with yourself first! Have the attitude that you don’t NEED someone, you DESIRE someone special in your life.



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