posted on May 19, 2013

Do Men Want Exclusive Relationships Today?

Repeatedly I hear ladies remark that men just don’t want exclusive relationships today. Both men and women suffer from the anxiety of what legal and financial complications were caused by divorce; but both do still yearn for the closeness of one special person.

It’s hard to have the ability to trust again, and risk getting close. However, both find work alone is not enough for personal fulfillment. Many men yearn for the closeness of a good woman, and for the love that they crave in life. Just look at the numbers of men on dating sites screaming for a “soul mate!” Although many men say they enjoy and intend to remain single, when that “right woman” comes along, they are more then ready for an emotional commitment. Men tire of serial dating too.

There are different levels of attraction for a man; the first being physical. Ladies, you absolutely must look your best – how you dress, style your hair, wear your make-up, and stay physically fit – it makes a huge difference. I know this sounds shallow, but men are the hunters and this will never change – physical attraction gets his attention.

To create a deeper emotional level with a man to get beyond the casual dating stage not only includes that initial great first impression, but the fact that the initial attraction continues to effect everything he begins to emotionally feel about you. However, a man has to be ready in life for the second level of attraction and a deeper relationship – and this has nothing to do with you. He may not feel ready for many reasons – some of the most common – he’s building his career, he is not financially where he wants to be, or he wants to purchase a home first. Also, he still may not have healed from his prior relationship.

However, men DO have a need to connect – they too like a hug at the end of the day. They love a bond with a special woman he can be proud to call his own. But men are particular about their type and what attracts them. Many men enjoy “being players” for a period of time – but then one day wake up feeling lonely and yearning for more – at that moment they are ready to connect. Remember, men’s desire for an emotionally exclusive relationship and their degree of readiness is something within them that makes him ready at a particular time. But when he is ready, will you be? If your life is in order and you are always your physical best self, a connection can happen when you least expect it!



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