posted on November 10, 2013

Congratulations College Graduate! Now what?

There is nothing like the feeling that “You did it!” Congratulations, you finished college and received the diploma that you worked so hard for. No matter your age, this is certainly a milestone in one’s life. This also starts a major life transition; as you dream of things to come, and yet, worry – where will this all lead me? Great paying jobs are still hard to acquire, and many companies have eliminated benefits, or only hire part time employees. So where do you go from here?

First, get recommendation letters from your favorite professors and internships. Second, get your resume on all the top search engines and look daily for jobs. Third, look for work outside your local area, as the cities will have the most opportunities at the best salary. Fourth, contact people your family knows and ask if there is a position at their company that matches your skills. Ask to meet to discuss your resume, credentials, and ideas. Fifth, for the positions you really like, drop by and ask to talk to someone in HR. If you can’t see them, leave your professional resume kit at the reception area and get a business card and a name as to whom you can follow up with.

Avoid coming home and getting stuck doing a local job at minimum wage. Don’t use the summer to “just relax;” now is the time the real work begins! If you need help, hire a Job coach to get you focused and to help put your amazing resume package together.

Because of this transition, anxiety or depression can set in if you can’t find work. You could be overwhelmed with college loans. Sometimes, this change in emotion causes one to self-medicate with alcohol or other substances, or makes you moody with your loved ones. See a counselor if you need help. Your parents may have adjusted to being home alone, but if you do move back in, don’t expect mom to do your chores. You are an adult now, so shop, cook, do your laundry and clean up after yourself. Offer to pay rent; but ask your parents to put this money aside to save for you to move to your own apartment when you find the right job. While you are looking for that ideal position, work several jobs to earn as much money as you can, so that if a move is required, you will be ready to go.

Your twenties is a time to be brave and go for your dreams! Don’t worry about having a love relationship now; instead, focus on you, your personal goals and starting your career. Think outside of the box, and get creative! All you need is the idea and dream, focus, organization, and guts to go for it! Discuss your ideas with everyone who can be supportive, and keep these positive relationships in your life as you proceed on successfully through this transition. Good luck!

Riana Mine is a Marriage/Family therapist at Therapy by the Sea, a Certified Relationship Coach, author, and motivational speaker in Egg Harbor Township. Her column, My Relationship Coach will discuss the relationship you have with yourself and others. Her free App: My Relationship Coach offers more articles and her book, Live Beyond Your Dreams addresses various relationships. To learn more or suggest a topic, go to www.RianaMilne.com or email RianaMilne@gmail.com



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